32 for Scrabble Awareness Challenge Feb. 11-13


The National Scrabble Association will host a three-day scrabble awareness tournament from February 11-13 at the campus of the J.L. Gibson Memorial School on Gurley Street, Phillip Gibson, a member of the association told the Daily Observer yesterday in Monrovia.

Quoting the association’s president Fomba Swaray, Gibson said the three-day tournament will bring 32 scrabble players from Monrovia together for the competition.

“The awareness tournament will launch the association’s future activities,” Gibson said.

He said like any other sport, Scrabble has a fair number of followers who want to see the game improved.

He explained that scrabble players have been meeting informally and engaging each other and testing their strength.

“We have had series of friendly games recently,” Gibson said, “We played in New Kru Town and on Duport Road.” He said it is time for the association, which association is recognized as a national body by the Ministry of Youth & Sports, to take its rightful place.

“This is a word game that shows how smart an individual can be to conjure up words for the fun of it,” Gibson said. “We hope that with the forthcoming games, those who are interested can join us.”

He said like other sporting bodies with international affiliations, scrabble also has its international association and it is about time Liberian players make their presence felt in the international or continental scrabble community.

Gibson said scrabble is a fun game that can bring the family together.

“It does not have an age-limit because everyone who is able to spell can play and, of course, scrabble has its own words for the game,” Gibson said.

He appealed to interested scrabble players to visit the venue of the forthcoming challenge for further details.

“We will host regional and national tournaments in the country,” he said.


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