31 Coaches Challenged to Make a Difference


Thirty one kickball coaches were told last Friday to make a difference in the development of their players for the sport.

Assistant Minister of Sports Murvee Gray told the coaches at a one-day seminar at the Right to Play Auditorium in Paynesville, outside Monrovia, that they play the role as leaders and therefore they must show originality and develop their players.

“Comparing you to a manger who focuses on systems and structure, your work as a leader focuses on the people you manage in your various clubs,” Minister Gray said.

He said while a manager relies on control, the leader has a long range perspective and ask questions with why and what.

Minister Gray said being leaders mean they are in a unique position to transform their players, who are mainly women, into players with courage and the ability to do what is expected during competitions.

He told them to encourage their players, motivate them, and let them aim at the horizon as they are determined to develop kickball into a national pastime.

“This is a unique Liberian game,” he said, “and you are charged with the leadership roles to ensure that it is developed and enjoyed by those who play and those who watch it.”

He told the coaches that leadership and management go hand in hand though they are not the same. “They are linked and complement each other,” he said.

Minister Gray said while the job of a manager is to plan, organize and coordinate, a leader’s job is to inspire and motivate and their roles involve both.

He said leadership includes attention to goals, by directing a group to use their individual energies to achieve something together.

The workshop, sponsored by the Liberia Kickball Federation (LKF), brought together coaches from the various kickball teams that take part in LKF’s national league.

Minister Gray used the occasion to unveiled a banner of the Boakai Athletic Club that he heads, that promotes the values of service, patriotism, patience, love for country and humanity that it believes Vice President Joseph N. Boakai demonstrates with his years of service to Liberia.


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