30 Coaches in Technical, Anti-doping Clinical Saturday

Frederick Massaquoi, chairman of the LAF’s Technical Committee

At least 30 track and field coaches from communities, schools, and clubs of the Liberia Athletics Federation (LAF) are expected to benefit from a re-modeled one-day Clinical and Anti-Doping Training for the first time in three years.

The training will be held on Saturday, March 17 at the headquarters of the Liberia National Olympics Committee (LNOC) on Randall Street, Monrovia from 9 am – 6 pm.

The chairman of the LAF’s Technical Committee, Frederick Massaquoi said the clinical will cover three topics: Injury and Prevention; Anti-doping and the Dream Coach and Dream Athletes.

The IAAF Level 1 Coach will teach ‘The Coach’s Dream and Athlete’s Dream,’ while Mr. Winston Cole will lecture on ‘Injury and Prevention’ and the Chairman on the LAF Medical Committee, Mr. Emmanuel Argu will speak on ‘Anti-Doping.’

Coach Massaquoi, the prospective Certified IAAF Level 1 lecturer said the training will help further develop the coaching knowledge. He indicated that they will learn basic training and techniques for all common track and field events whereby a coach can fulfill both he and the players’ dream.

He said also that during the training coaches will learn that they may have a significant role in an athlete’s decision to use, or not to use, performance-enhancing substances and would assess coaches’ awareness of doping practices, coaches’ knowledge of anti-doping control systems (random testing, out of competition testing, the biological passport and the athlete whereabouts system) and coaches’ involvement with anti-doping education for their athletes.

Coach Massaquoi stressed that coaches will be provided preventive measures for their athletes. “We will develop a professional development plan to ensure that knowledge remains accurate and current and it may be required twice a year if we get the needed support,” Coach Massaquoi said.

Over the years, the LAF has registered seven clubs and has established racing teams in communities and schools across the country. The LAF also has 6 national teams and individual athletes which have participated in international events and earned gold, bronze and silver medals.

Some of the events Liberian athletes have participated in include sprint, hurdle, relay, jumping, throwing, and endurance.


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