25 Youth Players Selected for Intensive Training

A combination of players from the two finalists of the Alphonso Armah Youth Tournament at the ATS.

Following the climax of the Alphonso Armah Youth Tournament held on December 27-30, twenty-five (25) players have been selected by the technical arm of the organizing committee for intensive training.

According to the chief organizer of the tournament, Ansumana Keita, the 25 players will undergo basic skills and technical trainings as part of its continuous efforts to promote grassroots football in the country.

Players selected include: Goalkeepers: Yakuba Jallah (Cece United), David Kollie (CT United) and Albert Kouh (Discoveries FC);

Defenders: Blessing Kieh, female  (Monrovia Football Academy ), Leo Zinnah (Monrovia Football Academy), Natus Swen (Sam Johnson Foundation), Marcus Gayflor (Cece United), Moses Toe (Monrovia Football Academy), Peter Morrison (Sam Johnson), Isaac Harmon (Cece United) and Patrick Wolo (Sillah Academy);

Mid-Fielders: Hassan Ahmed (Cece United), Samuel Mayson (Sam Johnson Foundation),  Clifton Jones (Cece United), Moses Saah (Discoveries), Boakai Keita (Sam Johnson Foundation), Peter Hallie (Cape Mount Academy) and Simeon Quaye (Monrovia Academy);

Forwards: Theovarney Freeman (CT United), Emato Johnson (CT United), Delton Kollie (Cece United), Sideki Jabateh (Discoveries), Robert Mulbah (Zodiac), Prince Toe (Monrovia Football Academy) and Dawho Kamara (Monrovia Football Academy).

The technical arm comprises of coach Benjamin Seedee, coach Robert Lartey, coach Abraham Sese, coach Varmah Kpoto, and Nathaniel Sherman (Goalkeeper trainer).


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