21 Coaches End One-Day Seminar on Athletics

Twenty-one coaches attended the one-day Technical and Anti-doping Training, organized by TRAFICAL with support from the LAF.

Playing sport makes people healthy and is good for communities and therefore engaging in track and field is healthy, the Liberia Athletics Federation (LAF) believes.

Therefoe, in collaboration with schools, universities, and communities the Federation has organized beginners and advanced training, clinics and competitions to promote health and develop the sport.

On Saturday, March 17, the President of LAF, Mulbah Zaza told coaches during the Technical and Anti-doping Training that a ‘new day has dawned’ and the LAF is positive of getting budgetary support from the government through the innovations of Ministers Zeogar Wilson and G. Andy Quamie. He didn’t disclose how much it would be.

Mr. Zaza maintained that track and field is the world’s oldest sport. According to him, track and field events have evolved over thousands of years since the Greeks invented the sport with the first Olympics.

The LAF boss said his administration will continue to focus on schools, communities, and clubs because playing at school or in a local club is the first step to compete at the highest level.

He frowned on students who turn their backs on the sport after leaving school and, as a result, cease to fulfill their sporting potential, and they lead less healthy lifestyles.

“We want to get more people to play the sport from a young age and help them keep playing throughout their lives, no matter what their economic or social backgrounds are,” Zaza told the Daily Observer.

He urged the government to give more budgetary support to federations and associations that are active in their obligations, including helping 17- to 25-year-olds to keep playing the sport.

Zaza stated that with support from the government, sporting federations or associations can expand school athletics programs to increase opportunities for more young people to play competitive sports.

For his part, the LAF’s Vice President for Technical Affairs, Frederick Krah, said the “LAF will be more organized than ever before and aggressive in promoting the game across the country.”

The Chairman on Technical Affairs, Coach Frederick Massaquoi and the Acting President of the Track and Field Coaches Association of Liberia (TRAFICAL), Bill Sheriff, also encouraged track and field coaches to remain passionate and determined to develop the game.

Twenty-one coaches attended the one-day training. Mr. Gabriel W. Coleman, the president of Empowerment Athletic and Culture, attended the program and vowed to partner with the LAF.

Mr. D. Winston Cole, Sr. discussed ‘Injury and Prevention;’ while Coach Frederick Massaquoi lectured on ‘A Dream Team and a Dream Coach.’ Mr. Emmanuel Argo gave a presentation on Anti-Doping. The training was organized by TRAFICAL with support from the LAF.

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