2015 Liberia Marathon: From Freeport to SKD Complex

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Since the outbreak and the purge of the Ebola virus, the dismal performances of our athletes have not attracted crowd at any sporting event, but it’s expected that the 3rd Liberia Marathon will break the ice.

It will not only be Liberians – foreigners, including expatriates would also make the crowd – including active, inactive, amateur, children and the wheel and crutches athletes.

This 2015 Liberia Marathon – will be celebrated under the theme: “A New Beginning,” which will take place on Sunday, November 8.

Race Director Eunice Dahn said the long awaited Liberia Marathon represents the first major -post Ebola- sporting event in the country and would serve as an indication that the Ebola Virus will not defeat us.

“The Liberia Marathon 2015, taking place November 8 is a special race. Being the first mass sporting event after the Ebola outbreak, Liberia Marathon is a great symbol for a new beginning,” Ms. Dahn said.

The launch is expected to be followed by the registration, with non-Liberians paying US$45 for the half marathon (Freeport to SKD Sports Complex) and US$35 for the 10km (from JFK Hospital to SKD Sports Complex).

Race Director Dahn said there will be 22 cash prizes – eight prizes for half-marathon, from 1st to the 3rd winners and a Patriot Prize (exclusively for Liberians) for each category as well as for the 10km, and the wheel chair and crutches category has three separate winners.

Considering the impact of the marathon (running long distances), which will be a great way to get into shape, and is incredibly effective at making one healthier.

The Liberia Marathon is the only official long-distance road race in the country. It is an extraordinary civic event, reflecting the endurance Liberians have shown in the past and the country’s successful efforts towards development.

It provides Liberian athletes with a unique chance of participating in a competitive running event of international standard.

“While it may not be everybody’s favourite form of exercise, but knowing what it can do for one’s life, your life, it just makes me look at running in a new light,” said Kelvin Sebwe, former Lone Star player and participant of the 2013 Marathon edition.

“When I run I feel good, I feel joy in my heart and it makes me strong,” Joy Kollie, 2013 Marathon Female Patriot winner, said.

“Believe it or not, running is actually a great way to increase your overall level of health. It helps reduce the risk of having a stroke and it’s the best form of exercise for losing or maintaining consistent weight,” Joel Massaquoi, a participant in the 2011 and 2013 Liberia Marathons, said.


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