Solway Mining Urges Sympathizers to Remain Calm

The Management of Solway mining INC. appreciates all the concerns and supports from all its sympathizers, well-wishers, the affected communities, Nimba county and the media.

At this stage of the process, the company and the government of Liberia are in serious discussions concerning the Mineral Development Agreement (MDA), and this stage takes time and involves a whole lot of process.

The management is kindly asking all the above-mentioned parties to remain calm and patient as the government is handling the process along with the company to make sure all Liberian investors’ interests are met. We are asking all our sympathizers to please reach out to the CEO and senior management with all their concerns, we will not appreciate statements or press releases that are not sanctioned and signed by the CEO.

The MDA process takes time. The CEO of the company and government are in such conversation, we will appreciate all to be patient and trust the ability of the Management in handling all information for public consumption.  We believe and expect that the government is doing all in its power to protect the interest of Liberian investors, and only statements signed by the Management will be considered as the official position of the company. 

Signed:  The Management, Solway Mining INC.