Singbeh Protected by His Senate Job

Nanborlor Singbeh, the man at the center of the US$5 million economic sabotage and theft of property case.

… As his criminal trial, resumes today

Nanborlor Singbeh, the man at the center of the US$5 million economic sabotage and theft of property case, will remain in his protective position as the Secretary of the Liberian Senate, when his criminal trial resumes on Friday, September 3.

This is because the President and Pro-Tempore of the Senate, Albert Chie, has refused a request made to his office by the Ministry of Justice (MoJ) for Singbeh to be relieved of the position while defending himself against the accusation brought by his foreign business partners and majority shareholders, Martin and Pavel Miloschewsky, both Czech Republic nationals and owners of the Czech Republic run company, MHM Eko Liberia.

Singbeh was holding a 30 percent share in the company when the Miloschewsky brothers accused him and several other Liberian and Czech Republic nationals of transferring the amount of over US$2 million and equipment valued at over US$2 million, totaling more than US$5 million.  The Liberian Government is holding them to account for the foreign investors’ money.

The Czech brothers also claimed that both Ecobank Liberia and the Afriland First Bank were used by Singbeh to influence them (Czech investors) to open an escrow account there for the purpose of funding the operation of the company, which they were convinced to have transferred the money. Now the Czech investors are demanding that the banks account for the withdrawal, deposit and opening of the company’s accounts with them (Ecobank, and Afriland First Bank).

According to the prosecution, if Singbeh remains as Secretary of the Senate, he would use the same government money to fight the case, which the MoJ reminded Senator Chie that it would set a bad precedent in the George Weah administration’s fight against corruption in the public sector.

Despite the plea to Senator Chie, the Pro-Tempore refused to have the MoJ communication placed on the floor of the Senate for discussion. MHM Eko Liberia was established as a rock crushing and mining company and was expected to be operated in Margibi County.