Secular State Promotes Religious Tolerance

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In the midst of many actions to keep Liberia unnecessarily disunited and poverty generating. There is a call by some religious leaders for a Revolution because they say that Liberia has abandoned God and is in the pocket of the Devil. 

While it is true that Liberia needs to have a Revolution, this call by some religious leaders is a wrong call because it calls Liberia a State that is a Secular, which, according to them, means that Liberia is a Godless State. Nothing could be farther from the truth because a Secular State means that this is a State where Religious Tolerance prevails.

Liberia is a Secular State (1986 Constitution of Liberia), where internationally acclaimed Religious Tolerance prevails. In fact, the Religious Harmony in  Liberia has won for Liberia the World Prize for Religious Harmony, the Archbishop Desmond Tutu Award. This Award continues to inspire many countries to promote Religious Harmony. In Liberia, Religious Harmony is seen in the work of the Inter-Religious Council of Liberia (IRCL). Stalwarts in the work of the IRCL remain Arch Bishops George Brown, Michael Kpakala Francis, Nah Dixon, Bishop Arthur Flomo Kulah, Shiekh Kafumba Konneh and Shiekh David Kiazolu as well as Laypersons Dr. Mary Nema Brownell, Sister Mary Laurene Brown, Brother Lamar Cox, Brother Hamilton Greene and Brother Benjamin Lartey.

When our Common Creator created the world, two sets of human beings evolved: people who follow the Will of the Creator and people who follow the will of the Devil. The Will of the Creator is Spiritual but the will of the Devil is material. As long standing and widespread poverty in Liberia has become the pretext for violence, coups d'etat and even civil wars, a Revolution is needed to transform Liberia from a poverty generating State to a Poverty Alleviating State because Revolution is intended to turn a bad situation into a good situation, to turn a materialistic situation into a spiritualistic situation. 

In talking about Revolution, we should be mindful that there are people who talk but do not walk their talk. In Liberia, there was talk about Revolution when there was the coup d'etat. But the "powers that be" did not walk their talk, as the living conditions of the poor people became worse. Down the road was the Civil War when there was a lot of talk about Revolution but the "powers that be" did not walk their talk as the living conditions of the poor people became  worse.

The worsening societal situation can been clearly seen in the situation of the State managers in Liberia who continue to promote the production of raw materials mainly for export while not prioritizing value addition, resulting in poverty generation where Legislators have access to at least USD1,000 a day and their partners, in the commercial sector alone, have access to at least USD2 million a day while more than 80 percent of the people of Liberia have access to at most less than USD 2 a day (Annual Reports of CBL, MFDP, LISGIS, MC&I, ADB, IBRD/IMF). Then there is the study presenting 80 percent of the people of Liberia concluding that Liberia is moving in the wrong direction (Afrobarometer, 2020).

Revolution is needed to change the bad into the good. This can be done only by good people. However, good people can be elected to serve as national decision-makers only through a FAIR electoral system. The present electoral system is UNFAIR because of the following violations of the Constitution of Liberia: 1. The citizenship of some of the Commissioners of the National Election Commission (NEC) is non-Liberian; 2. Voter Registration is unclean, as voters vote across the counties where they are registered and foreigners vote; 3. The two voter registration machines brought in Liberia by a foreign partner are flawed/unworkable; 4. In 2017, the NEC Commissioner, who is an American citizen, unilaterally dismissed the use of the Voter Registration Roll in the face of the publicly stated opposition by NEC Commissioner Jonathan Weedor; the case about the American citizenship was taken to the Supreme Court of Liberia by me in the Case of Tipoteh versus Korkoya, but the  Court has failed to give a ruling on the case as of today's date; no national leader, including religious and political leaders supported the case against NEC Commissioner Korkoya and 5. NEC Representatives at Voting Centers have not been vetted.

The Revolution will not happen by just talking about it. Our Creator has given us all the means to do work and change the societal situation for the better. For example, when a person wants some food, that person does not get food by opening his or her mouth to the skies and asking our Creator to send down some food. But when the person uses the human and other resources that our Creator has made available to him or her, then food comes. 

For the Revolution to take place, the talkers of Revolution must walk the Revolution talk by using scientific knowledge to raise the awareness of the people in ways that motivate them to take non-violent actions through the Rule of Law to transform the electoral system from UNFAIR to FAIR so that persons with good records can be elected. Persons with good records are not money-driven, busy serving themselves rather than serving others. From the Bible, Saint Matthew 22: 34-40 and Quran 2:276, we know that when a person works for others to benefit, that person is acting spiritualistically but when a person works for his/her benefit alone, that person is acting materialistically.

Yes, we need a Revolution that transforms Liberia from being materially driven to being spiritually driven so that Liberia becomes poverty alleviating and not remain poverty generating. Let us work together to end the injustice in Liberia and bring to Liberia Justice for All, the only ingredient for lasting Peace and Progress.