Robert Moore Memorial School of Health Sciences Holds 3rd Graduation

The new building to host the training programs of the Robert Moore Memorial School of Health Sciences is nearly complete.

Robert Moore Memorial School of Health Sciences will on Sunday, January 28, hold its 3rd graduation ceremony, a significant milestone as the school strives to provide quality education to young people in the face of challenging healthcare delivery services.

An extension of Robert Moore Healthcare Center, the school has been making a positive impact by addressing the need for qualified healthcare personnel. The school, currently operating within the healthcare facilities owned by Mary Kieh, a Registered Nurse (RN) and her husband, Mark Kieh, a medical doctor, is dedicated to meeting the healthcare needs of Johnsonville and nearby communities.

The couple’s motivation to establish the healthcare center stemmed from a personal tragedy when Mrs. Kieh lost her brother, Robert Moore, due to the unavailability of proper healthcare facilities in the community.

Regarding the graduation ceremonies, Mrs. Kieh said that it serves a dual purpose of celebrating the achievements of the students and raising funds. The funds will contribute to the completion of the newly constructed building that will accommodate the training programs of the school.

“Presently, the school is running a Nurse’s Aide Training Program while construction of the building that will house its full Program is ongoing,” she said. “When completed, the school will have a professional nursing program, a midwifery program, laboratory technology, pharmacy and dispensing program.

“The graduation ceremony will be beyond the issuance of certificates and other accolades. We will also raise funds in order to complete the work on the building in which the training of more healthcare workers, many at the diploma level, will be carried out,” she said. 

The school aims to offer various programs, including professional nursing, midwifery, laboratory technology, pharmacy, and dispensing. Initially, the programs will be run at the diploma level and will gradually progress to more advanced levels as more resources become available.

The school has already secured commitments from experienced healthcare professionals who are eager to join the team once the building and other necessary infrastructure are completed. The four-story building will feature facilities such as a nursing library, a simulation laboratory, a cafeteria, an auditorium, and a space for corporate meetings and events.

“Initially the programs will run at a diploma level each, and will gradually advance in levels as more human resources are available to teach at other advanced levels and also as more financial resources are available to enhance the advanced level of education,” Kieh said.

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Mary Kieh, CEO and proprietress of RMMSHS

To raise funds for the completion of the school building, the management is organizing a fundraiser during the graduation ceremony, with a target of raising US$6,800. Donations can also be made through various digital platforms for those unable to attend the event in person.

“During this anniversary of the founding of the Robert Moore Memorial Healthcare Center and graduation ceremony, we will be hosting a fundraiser with the hope of raising US$6800.00. The funding, once generated, will cover the cost of purchasing and installing the aluminum windows the school needs.

Kieh emphasizes that she and her family are simply conduits for delivering quality services to the community, with the true beneficiaries being the people who receive these services at minimal cost. She urges the community and generous individuals from all walks of life to support this meaningful cause by attending the graduation ceremony or making contributions.

With the completion of the new building and the support of the community, the school aims to further expand its programs and produce more qualified healthcare professionals to meet the growing needs of the community.