Robert Moore Maintains Quality in Education, Service

Robert Moore Maintains Quality in Education, Service

-Hosts third Nursing Assistants Program graduation

The Robert Moore Memorial Healthcare School of Health Sciences (RMMHHSC) has committed itself to maintaining quality education and service rather than prioritizing mass enrollment of students.

The school recently held its third graduation for Nursing Assistants, with seven students who are expected to excel in their professional careers.

During the graduation ceremony, Caroline Bowah, the keynote speaker and former country director for Medical Liberia, emphasized the importance of well-trained healthcare professionals to address the deficiencies in Liberia's health sector.

 “The field you have chosen is not just a mere profession but a calling to save lives and revive lost hopes in families distressed by the poor health conditions of their loved ones,” Bowah, who is also a women’s rights advocate and a former lecturer at the University of Liberia, said.

She admonished the graduates to take seriously what they have learned and see it as a stepping stone intended for the pursuit of more wins in the profession.

“This is the beginning of your career. To have the first certificate should be a motivation to push forward and aim high. This is to qualify you to serve. Service is not just about money. Service is not just about being a boss. Nursing is not just a profession but a calling,” Bowah emphasized.

A friend of Mrs. Mary Moore Kieh and her husband Mark Kieh, Bowah pointed out that the couple’s desire to invest in not only providing healthcare services but also training people to become professional healthcare practitioners only demonstrates how much they love Liberia and its people.

“The Kieh family set up this here to help address some of the challenges that could reach hospitals. This is laudable. We know some are careless about the job and are responsible for a couple of issues but we also know that there are good doctors, nurses, and nurses’ aides,” she said.

Bowah commended the Kieh family, the founders of RMMHHSC, for their investment in healthcare services and professional training. She urged the graduates to view their profession as a calling to save lives and bring hope to families in need.

Princess Dangbe, the clinical supervisor and program coordinator, praised the graduates for their courage and resilience throughout their studies. She emphasized the significance of Nursing Assistants in the healthcare sector and highlighted the school's practical training approach.

“It has been a long journey for these students. The fact that you are sitting here and graduating today speaks to your courage, resilience, and desire to contribute to the healthcare delivery in our beloved country,” Mrs. Dangbe said.

She said Nursing Assistants are very important in the healthcare sector, regardless of where each practices.

Mary Kieh, the CEO and proprietress of the clinic and school said the facilities were established to provide affordable healthcare and education following a family tragedy. The Kieh family aims to expand the school's programs and facilities through continued financial support.

While six students received their certificates, one student was unable to attend due to funding constraints.

There have been two graduations of Nursing Assistants since the founding of the School and the third was held on Sunday, January 28, 2024, with seven students whom the school boasts of as the best who will deliver and make themselves, their respective families, the school and their communities proud.