Rep. Kanie Wesso Petitioned to Run for Senator

Chiefs and elders in Gorwulala district in Gbarpolu County have petitioned Representative Kanie Wesso

Chiefs and elders in Gorwulala district in Gbarpolu County have petitioned Representative Kanie Wesso to run as a senator in the upcoming 2023 legislative and presidential elections in the county.

The chiefs and elders, through their paramount Chief Flomo Tokpah, praised the Gbarpolu county District #2 Representative for his selfless humanitarian services constantly rendered citizens in the district aimed at improving their lives and the district at large.

During their petition ceremony, held in Neakeh, Gbarpolu County, he also called on the lawmaker to allow one of their sons, Charles Loryah, to succeed him at the house of Representatives as he moves forward to the Liberian senate.

“Honorable Kanie Wesso, this is our son Charles F. Loryah. We want him to replace you, while we fight for your senate bid,” the chief said.

Meanwhile, Mr. Loryah, who was also petitioned, praised Rep. Wesso and pledged his fullest commitment to the lawmaker senatorial ambition comes 2023.

“The request made by my people today is a blessing and I know that my political, spiritual, and legal father, Honorable Kanie Wesso, will accept that I replace him in the Lower House while he is going to the Upper House. This fight is not for me or Honorable Wesso but for the people of Gbarpolu County,” Loryah added.

“But we can assure you today, that we will fight, we will push you to enter the Upper House as we go to the Lower House,” he said.

In response to the petition, Representative Wesso lauded the chiefs and elders, headed by Paramount Chief Tokpah, for their farsightedness to petition him to run for the senatorial race in the county.

Representative Wesso also expressed his commitment to the desire of his people to see him become Senator, saying: “I have been asked to run for senate by the elders and Loryah came and confirm that he wants me to run; he wants to become  Representative.”

“I will accept the request. I will go home to the Belleh land and tell my people, I have been asked by the elders to run as a senator,” he added.

Rep. Wesso also noted the organic law of the country gives every Liberian the opportunity to run for any higher seat as he or she wishes “but, with courtesy accorded me by my incoming successor Charles Loryah, I will give him the needed support that if you see me go, then you will go.”