“Redirect Birthday Expense to Security Sector”

ANC Political leader, Alexander B. Cummings: "What is important to me is doing the right thing, even if it costs me the opportunity to be your President."

-- Cummings urges Pres. Weah

As Liberians wake up to another wave of mysterious deaths under the administration of President George M. Weah, the political leader of Alternative National Congress (ANC), Alexander B. Cummings, has expressed fear over the mysterious deaths of peaceful citizens in their own country.

Cummings, in his statement issued on Wednesday, September 29, reflected on the current state of security in the country and the continuous trend of mysterious deaths that are currently going on.

Recently, citizens have expressed alarm of what appears to be a growing wave of insecurity in Monrovia and other parts of the country, with several bodies being discovered on the streets in various areas over the weekend near a dumpsite and how some of them have escaped death.

He said, “Fear has gripped our people and they no longer feel safe; not even in their homes. The last few days have been even scarier as bodies are found every day in our communities.

“This morning, my team sent me a video of another body found in the Soul Clinic community. Families are grieving and communities remain in shock.”

The ANC Political leader revealed that the country is fast becoming a cesspool of crime, ranging from these mysterious killings, armed robbery, drug dealing, money laundering, etc, all happening with impunity.

Cummings said his statement is in addition to the numerous past mysterious deaths of the auditors, the missing boys, and other violent crimes that are yet to be investigated or whose perpetrators are yet to be found. Even the US government has declared Liberia “prone to violent crimes”. It is clear that our security sector is understaffed, underpaid, and overwhelmed.

The latest string of violent deaths, all of which took place in various parts of Montserrado County, specifically Fiamah, Caldwell and Soul Clinic, occurred just days before President Weah’s 55th birthday, for which an elaborate celebration is being planned.

“This cannot continue,” Cummings stressed. “I am calling on the President to redirect every penny he intends to spend on his elaborate and glamorous birthday celebration, into the security sector. We need to empower our community policing and night patrol and strengthen community vigilante groups to work with the Police in each community.

“This should include the distribution of basic materials and basic training. We need to also investigate these crimes with a sense of urgency and bring perpetrators to justice. The government needs to get to work! Yet the sad truth is, they do not know how. This President and his officials are not interested in working to benefit the people but to benefit themselves.”

Cummings frowned on the current government officials that their focus is not on how to keep Liberians safe but rather how to keep their pockets full.

“Our people,” Cummings said, “are dying and the primary focus this week is a birthday party and birthday photoshoots?! This is unacceptable! The ineptitude is killing our people but no one else has to die. As we exert pressure on the President to do the job he was elected for, I want to admonish all of us to begin to watch out for each other more. My people, there is no better time than now to be our brothers and sisters’ keepers.”

According to him, Liberians must blow the alarm on any suspicious activity and immediately report to the police, adding that citizens must develop community emergency signals to alert their neighbors for help in the middle of the night. “Walk in twos or threes at night and not alone,” Cummings urged. “There is no better time than now to protect each other because, frankly speaking, this government cannot. My deepest sympathies to all of the grieving families and communities.”