PYJ and Honorable Younquoi’s Claims and Counterclaims

Senator Prince Johnson &  Rep. Younquoi

Who’s telling the truth? (Part 1 0f 10)

By Kadiker Rex Dahn, MA, M.Ed., PhD


In Nimba County, the political rivalry between Prince Johnson and Honorable Larry Younquoi is almost always under discussions on various radio stations, homes, towns, and street corners of major cities. These men, who are elected officials of Nimba County, one at the County level and the other at the District hail from two of the major ethnic groups in Nimba County: Daan (Gio) and Maan (Mano). 

These elected officials’ claims and counterclaims are in no way a confrontation and serious misunderstanding between the two major ethnic groups as it has erroneously and persistently been construed. All in all, it is an attempt to speak truth to power especially when a mere individual considers himself as a supreme being.  

Prince Johnson is said to have come from the Daan ethnic group while Honorable Younquoi is certainly from the Maan ethnic group. The reason why we did not speak with certainty of Prince Johnson’s origin is that there have been statements by Prince Johnson’s closest relatives and others where it is claimed that he hails from Sierra Leone. Whatever the case, these two men are from different backgrounds and orientations. Prince Johnson is of the military and a former warlord while Honorable Younquoi is of academia, an intellectual powerhouse and a reservoir of knowledge.  

Between these two men, there are countless claims and counterclaims against each other. A group of Young Professionals under my leadership requested me to allow our Team to serve as the referee to come up with actual facts and settle the constant claims and counterclaims between the two men. We ask, PYJ and Honorable Claims and Counterclaims: Who is Telling the Truth? Our Verdict: Based on our professional analysis, documented facts and interactions with people who once were colleagues to Prince Johnson, we will argue that Honorable Younquoi is telling the truth while PYJ is lying.


Before we begin our analysis, we need to offer some clarifications as to why we refer to Representative Larry Younquoi as Honorable and refuse to apply the same standard to Prince Johnson, who equally is an elected official and senator of the County. Honorable is defined as uprightness in speech and action. Under the rules of etiquette, president, vice president, members of both the House of Representatives and that of the Senate, a person nominated, confirmed and appointed by the President usually fall under the Honorific style, we refer to as Honorable. 

An honorable person, we believe, is reformed and refined in thoughts and actions. We argue that etiquette is not written in stone that it cannot be changed especially when it is clearly disrespected, abused and violated by an individual who is also a beneficiary of such norm. Prince Johnson is a sitting senator and under the rule of etiquette must equally be called honorable.

 However, we differ and refuse because there is nothing about Prince Johnson that makes him honorable.  Prince Johnson is abusive. He abuses his citizens without regard to his status as a senator. Kadiker Rex Dahn, the head of this Professional Team is a victim of Prince Johnson public invectives. Melvin Suah, a son of Nimba County and one of the best journalists in Nimba County is also a victim of Prince Johnson’s public invectives. In 2017, Prince Johnson publicly abused Old man Peter Balon, the Chairman of the Traditional Council in Nimba County. Old man Balon publicly cried and Kadiker Rex Dahn was one of those who consoled Old man Balon. 

Prince Johnson looks down on women and usually talks to them in a degrading manner. Prince Johnson abuses women without compunction as if he is paranoid and under a severe psychosis.  Prince Johnson at one point abused Prophet Key, a social activist in his own right and without hesitation, Prophet Key returned the same to Prince’s late mother. The two men are on record for their diatribes and vituperations. PYJ refuses to tell the truth but takes pleasure in lies. Truth means sincerity while the opposite of truth is falsity. 

We maintain that what comes from Prince Johnson’s mouth must not out rightly be believed unless checked, double-checked and if possible, triple-checked for certainty. Even if PYJ was to say good morning to an individual, that person should not just believe that it is actually in the morning but must ascertain the fact. 

We just do not trust his utterances embedded with lies and inconsistencies. Knowing Prince Johnson’s character to be incongruent with an honorable man, we have no other alternatives but to conclude that PYJ has forfeited the honorific title.

According to the New Dawn publication January 11, 2021, captioned, “Larry Younquoi Envies Me,” Prince Johnson said that persistent attacks on his personality from Honorable Younquoi is due to envy because of the level of development he Prince Johnson has undertaken in the County. He further said that Honorable Younquoi has “no home in Nimba, alleging that the Nimba District #8 lawmaker currently resides in a family house with no property or development of his own.” Here again, we maintain that truth telling is anathema to Prince Johnson. 

Based on our research, accusing Honorable Younquoi of having no house or development of his own is deception at the highest level. Honorable Younquoi does have a house in his home town of Gipo estimated at US$35,000(thirty five United States dollars). Photo of the house in question is in our possession. There is a saying that he who comes with equity, must come with a clean hand. It is laughable that Prince Johnson of all persons will accuse Honorable Younquoi of not having a house of his own in his hometown. 

We stated above that Honorable Younquoi does have a house in his hometown estimated at US$35, 000 but sadly, our Team did not see any for PYJ in the town of Gomahplay, where Prince Johnson considers his home; we mean not a kitchen not to mention a house. The people of Gomahplay, Nyor Chiefdom, District #5, Nimba County are our witnesses. The town, Gomahplay once suffered for the sake of Prince Johnson. The town in question was literally burned down to ashes during the civil war and every inhabitant of the town was forced into exile. Prince Johnson, according to Forbes Magazine is a millionaire even though he was damn broke before the civil war. Prince Johnson up to present has not financially reached out to any of the children from the town with respect to offering financial aid for education or rendered financial assistance to anyone. He only visits the town during election and after election, he will not show up until the next election. 

Gomahplay is now a place called town first because of God, second, Honorable Samuel Kogar and third, the loving and strong people of the town. Prince Johnson over and again has been fighting Honorable Kogar thus all development agendas are stalled. District #5 as a result of Prince Johnson’s obstruction is the least developed district among the 9 electoral districts in Nimba County. This is the man the people of Nimba County erroneously elected twice as their senator who has suppressed well-meaning and educated citizens of the County.

Prince Johnson claimed that Honorable Younquoi has not undertaken any development project in District #8. Here, we say Prince Johnson once again has done what he does best—to lie. Based on our research, the five Chiefdoms in Electoral District #8 have all benefited from Honorable Younquoi’s personal generosity and development initiatives. These are the names of the Chiefdoms: Leasonoh, Gbannah, Gbehyi, Lao and Zahn Chiefdoms. 

The people in these chiefdoms are witnesses and will not bore our readers into giving minute details.  However, the following development initiatives are worthy to mention: Honorable Younquoi first received US$68,000 for legislative earmarked projects from the Government of Madam Ellen-Johnson Sirleaf. This amount was used for the construction of an annex for the Flumpa High School. The second in the amount of US$68,000 was also used to construct the VEE Bridge in Zahn Blower. We ask, what did Prince Johnson do with his lion share in the amount of US$474, 000? 

Prince Johnson, according to the same publication above, bragged about establishing a modern polytechnic in Nimba County. What Prince Johnson is calling modern polytechnic in our opinion is not a polytechnic at all. The public is yet to know the academic credentials of the president, faculty and up to present has not been accredited by the Commission on Higher Education. 

In fact, the structure in question, should it really be a polytechnic, in our opinion, belongs to Prince Johnson and Nimba County. Prince Johnson, according to records, received US$227,000 twice totaling US$474,000 for legislative earmarked projects. With such a huge amount of money, Prince Johnson did not undertake any public project in Nimba County. It is alleged that he converted the amount in question to the construction of the so-called polytechnic in question and his house both located in Ganta, Nimba County. 

Again, it has been stressed that in fullness of time, Nimba County will initiate and audit legislative earmarked projects received by Prince Johnson. If it turned out that Prince Johnson did not undertake any public project in Nimba County, the County would be forced to take him to court with the ultimate goal to co-own both the polytechnic and the house in question. We are told that a group of citizens from all the ethnic groups in Nimba County will lead that fight to ensure that Nimba County gets what legitimately belongs to her. 

Massacred in Nyor Bluntuo

In the same publication under consideration, PYJ was accused of enriching his own coffers, an allegation he did not answer. He was also accused of murdering more citizens of Nimba County than any of the warlords. This also, he did not answer but simply said “Larry just hates to see me.”  

Based on our research, we concurred with Honorable Younquoi. Of recent, the U.S. Government accused PYJ of being a “notorious warlord” and “enriching his own coffers.”  The U.S. Government rejected his elevation to the Chairmanship of the Defense and Intelligence Committee of the Liberian Senate. 

On the allegation of murdering more citizens of Nimba County, than any warlords, based on our research, we acquiesced. Our Team which returned from Nyor Bluntuo, a Gio town confirmed that the following individuals were murdered by Prince Johnson: With tears, we list their names: Teaton Workanua, Nathaniel Kerper, Zlanwea Cooper, Duopu Keiba, Prince Learh, Richard Deazrua, Johnson Leepeh, Peter Bleah and his biological brother Nelson Bleah, Daintee Learwon, Peter Bouye and Peter Paye whose mother, Ma Nagbeh kept crying until her death. 

A surviving member of those murdered in Nyor Bluntuo  on November 28, 2019, was quoted in Daily Observer as saying “Prince Johnson, a senator for Nimba County slaughtered his own brothers and closed relatives in cold blood, and still claims he is a savior, and at the same, killed the very people he claimed to save.” 

The allegation that Prince Johnson murdered more citizens from Nimba County than those he came to fight is the truth; and that PYJ does not tell the truth is equally the truth. WE APPEAL FOR NATIONAL AND INTERNATIONAL PROTECTIONS OF FAMILY MEMBERS WHO ARE WILLING TO TESTIFY. TO BE CONTINUED!!!!

About the author: Kadiker Rex Dahn holds a PhD in Historical, Philosophical and Social Foundations of Education from the University of Oklahoma. He is a member of the North America Scholar Consortium, membership with the Highest Honor. Contacts:;