Public Confidence in LNP Is Up, NAYMOTE Says

The leadership of the Liberia National Police (LNP) has embraced and welcomed a new survey report from NAYMOTE which now rates the LNP as one of the most trusted national security agencies in Liberia. 

The NAYMOTE survey report, now in its seventh edition, assesses citizens’ perception of the quality of governance in Liberia. This year’s report is based on a survey administered in July and August 2021 to a sample of 3,220 registered voters (women 56.2% and 43.8% men) in 46 electoral districts (63% of total districts) selected from the 15 counties.

According to the NAYMOTE 2021 Survey report, the LNP now enjoys a 71% approval score after a rigorous sampling of views on citizens’ trust and confidence in the operation of the National Police force. 

According to the report, this score of the LNP is a huge progress made in the way Citizens view the operation of the LNP as compared to 2019, when the LNP performed sub-par in that year’s edition of the survey, scoring 51% from the sampling of views conducted with a cross-section of citizens. 

In reaction, the Inspector General of the Liberia National Police has expressed gratitude to citizens across the country for their expression of trust and confidence in the operation of the Liberia National Police. 

In a release from the LNP, IG Patrick Sudue dedicated this year's survey result to the gallant men and women in blue for their sacrificial services in maintaining the peace and stability of the state, since the departure of the United Nations Mission in Liberia (UNMIL). 

It may be recalled that this year, the Police knocked down some armed robbers in various communities in Monrovia and intervened to bring calm to Ganta, Nimba County amid land disputes that left a warehouse burned.  Four were arrested in connection to the arson attack and sent to Sanniquellie for trial.

In the release expressing the Police Chief’s euphoria, he assured the citizens and residents of his leadership’s unflinching commitment to protect the peace and stability of the state, while respecting the fundamental rights of citizens. He pledged to exert more effort in enhancing community-police relations, which he described as the most effective approach to modern law enforcement. 

Speaking further, IG Sudue applauded NAYMOTE for its tireless efforts in microscoping the operation of the Liberia National Police through Citizens’ participation. He expressed commitment to doing more to enhance and maintain good relations between citizens and the Liberia National Police. 

The Police Inspector General added that the LNP’s achievement in the NAYMOTE survey coincides with his leadership’s current work with the Carter Center in advancing Liberian Police Accountability and Citizen Trust (ALPACT), funded by the US State Department’s Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs. He added that this project seeks to raise awareness of the complaints and commendation mechanisms among senior leadership, officers and the public.

According to the NAYMOTE report, 48.3% of respondents were between the ages of 18 and 35, meaning that younger people mostly participated in the survey. 

“This trend aligns with the fact that young people constituted a little over 65% of the total number of registered voters in the 2017 elections,” the report said. “Over 35% of respondents were between the ages 36-50; while 16.1% were 50 and above.” 

However, the 2021 report notes that “78.4% of respondents think the country is going or somehow going in the wrong direction, while 20.5% think the country is going or somehow going in the right direction. In the 2019 survey findings, 82% of respondents said the country was going in the wrong direction. This suggests a slight decrease in negative perceptions of the management and governance of the country. When asked about the economy, 87.3% of the respondents described the current economic conditions in the country as very poor or poor, as compared to 89% who described it as very poor or poor in the 2019 survey report. 

“Sixty eight percent (68%) of respondents said they are very satisfied or satisfied with the way democracy is working in the country, while 30% said they are not satisfied; 2% said they don’t know. In the 2019 survey report, 57% of respondents said they were very satisfied and satisfied with the way democracy was working in the country. This suggests a sharp increase in citizens’ level of satisfaction with the quality of democracy in the country. 

“Over 72% of respondents described government information sharing with the people as poor or very poor, 26% described government information sharing as very good and good, while 1.1% said they don’t know. 78.3% of respondents described the performance of elected and appointed officials making decisions for the people of Liberia as poor or very poor, 13.5% said fair, 7.1% said good or very good while 1.1% said they don’t know.”