President Weah Gives Emmanuel Tuloe A Handsome Reward for His Honesty

President George Weah and Emmanuel Tuloe at their meeting. 

President George Weah has promised to bestow upon Emmanuel Tuloe, the 19 -years old who found US$50,000 and returned it to the rightful owner, one of Liberia's Highest Orders of Distinction.

In a meeting with Emmanuel, President Weah also offered the lad a scholarship to attend any school of his choice in Liberia, all the way to the level of a Master’s Degree.

"This scholarship is personal from me and my family, and will be valid whether or not I am President of Liberia," President Weah said.

"I want to inform you that, at the next national investiture ceremony, you will be recognized and honored with one of Liberia’s highest Orders of Distinction for your honesty," President Weah told him. "Additionally, I am hereby presenting you, herewith enclosed, an amount of Ten Thousand (US$10,000.00) United States Dollars, as well as two (2) brand-new motorcycles for you to improve your circumstances and sustain yourself financially."

Eighteen-year-old Emmanuel a week ago became a national hero after finding the above-mentioned money on the road and returning it to its rightful owner in northeastern Nimba County. According to him, he was driving his motorcycle taxi on a highway when he saw a bunch of money wrapped in a plastic bag that had dropped unnoticed.

​ “I was afraid because it was plenty; and so I brought it home and gave it to my aunty to keep until the owner could ask for it,” Tuloe told The Associated Press.  ​That day, Musu Yancy, the businesswoman who had lost the money, went on the radio “crying for her money and appealing to anyone finding it,” he said. So he took it to her.