Pres. Weah’s Assistance to Ganta Warehouse Victims Erupts in Confusion

President George Manneh Weah

Confusion is said to have rocked the distribution of the package given to those whose properties got destroyed in the recent arson attack on the warehouse in Ganta during the course of the land dispute.

According to some aggrieved traders whose properties were destroyed in the warehouse fire, President Weah called on the warehouse owner, Morgan Kerdiah and gave him US$3900 to be divided among them to keep them up until the issue can be fully investigated.

Rose B. Dahn, one of the affected traders who deals in footwear, explained that since the President gave Kerdiah the money to be divided among the aftermarkets to hold their heart until the issue can be fully investigated, he is yet to give them a share of the money.

Rose, who is currently doing nothing and suffering from foot injury said, "since Kerdiah took the money he has yet to give us anything.

"Morgan has the money and we are suffering," another lady believed to be pregnant shouted.

"See my condition, I was selling used clothing and we expect Morgan to divide [the money] among us so we turn around to pay our club dues or sustain ourselves," Ophelia Martol, one of the affected and used clothes sellers.

The aggrieved marketers said due to Kerdiah failure to find them a package of the money, they took his complaint to the City Mayor, where he was invited and asked to pay those who are affected.

But, Morgan remained hesitant to respond to the request, leaving the city mayor to forward him to the police station, where he was interrogated by police.

When contacted by the City Mayor’s Office, his assistant, Africanus Dolo, confirmed the saga, describing Margan's refusal to divide the money among the affected as being 'selfish'.

Mr. Dolo said the money was given to Morgan not as compensation for the destruction, but to upkeep those who lost their properties.

According to Kerdiah, when he was asked, he said he gave US$500 to a lady whose lapper bale went missing in the warehouse longtime ago before the warehouse was burned and also gave some to some unknown people.

"We asked him to bring back the US$ 500, so we can divide among those who are yet to receive it, but he refused and so the City Mayor got vexed and took him to the police," he added.

When contacted, Mr. Morgan Kerdiah on May 19, 2021 at the police station, requested for time to respond to the allegation but, up to press time, he is yet to respond. 

"I was in discussion with those who were affected the whole day, this is why the press did not hear from me," he said. 

However, Mr. Kerdiah was released from the police upon the instruction of the Supt. Nelson Korquoi, telling the police that the money was given to Kerdiah alone and not everyone whose goods got destroyed.