Police in Maryland Arrests Notorious Criminal

The Liberia National Police, Maryland County detachment, has arrested suspect Samuel Toe, a notorious criminal following a rigorous search launched in Pleebo, Maryland county.

Samuel Toe was arrested on June 26 at around 5:00 p.m.  According to Inspector Jammie Kaydor of the Crime Services Division at the Pleebo Police station, Toe had been a wanted criminal in and around Pleebo City, due to his alleged involvement in the robbery, aggravated assault, hijacking, and theft, among others.

Kaydor noted that suspect Toe is undergoing investigation by the crime services department of the LNP in the county. “Suspect Samuel Toe, on April 24, allegedly terrorized the home of victim Bob Morris Weaj and held him, hostage, in demand of money,” Kaydor further explained.

According to the inspector, suspect Toe, also known as Sammy, allegedly struck Bob Morris Weah on his body with a cutlass, causing the victim to sustain serious bodily injury. Toe made away with US$650.00. Since the incident, Toe escaped and has been on the run until June 26, when was arrested by the police in the county.

“It is recorded that Samuel Toe also robbed a motorcyclist and stabbed him on his forehead and took away his bike and money, valued L$67,000.00, and escaped,” Kaydor said. He also pointed out that the suspect was seen breaking into various homes in Pleebo and made away with several valuables, “As it stands, he is currently in police detention and will be charged accordingly and sent to the court with evidence.”  

Pleebo City, the third most populated city in Liberia, is now becoming notorious for criminal activity due to having become densely populated. It can be recalled that on May 23 Emmanuel Doe and James Doe of the New Pleebo community were arrested and investigated, charged with alleged robbery, hijacking, theft, harassment, and aggravated assault.  Police reports quoting dwellers said that these alleged notorious criminals have been terrorizing whole communities both days and nights.

“An alleged victim of these two suspects, 37-year-old Morris Weah reported to the police that on April 24, the same notorious criminals went to his home demanding money. They held him, hostage, took away US$775 and stabbed him on his left hand, which left him with serious bodily injury,” police reports stated.

The two suspects, Emmanuel Doe and James Doe, whose ring leader, Samuel Toe, was on the run, are now all in police custody, awaiting court trial.