‘Police Are Not Superhuman’

Headquarters of the Liberia National Police.

Deputy Inspector General for Crime Services at the Liberia National Police (LNP), Prince Mulbah, has rejected claims by individuals who believe that the police should at all times protect its citizens.

Instead, he said Liberians should encourage members of the joint security and the police actors and not to blame them for deaths occurring in the country. 

“I am the first target. I need to be protected. If I return home, disarm myself, start to sleep in the middle of the night, and walk into my bathroom, an intruder will attack me and result in my death. Will you hold Patrick Sudue, LNP's Inspector General, responsible,” he asked.

“What you can do,” he said, “is to encourage Sudue and actors of the joint security to put heads together not to blame them for that death, because we are human. We are not superhuman.”

Since the sons of two former Liberian presidents, Rev. Dr. William R. Tolbert III, Mr. John Hilary Tubman and Ms. Maude Elliot, the female Immigration officer, were found brutally murdered in their respectives homes with similar cuts on their bodies, the police have received backlashes from the public. 

Some believe the police primary objective is to protect lives and property and so with the news of the deaths of these prominent citizens it is a clear indication that the police lack the ability to protect its citizens. Meanwhile, the police have continuously lamented the lack of logistical and financial support that has impeded the function of LNP.

According to the LNP deputy inspector till now there are some communities that do not have the  presence of police officers but, whenever there is an incident, the police solely relies on the cooperation of community dwellers to dig out the facts.

“We are not everywhere. There are some hard-to-reach areas but we depend on the community people to get us aburst to what is happening in the community,” he said.

Mulbah made these remarks on Thursday, November 11, 2021, at the regular press briefing organized by the Ministry of Information, Cultural Affairs and Tourism (MICAT) in Monrovia. Giving an update on the deaths of Mr. John H. Tubman, Rev. Dr. William R. Tolbert III, and Madam Maude Elliott, he said the police are investigating family members and relatives of the deceased, along with other possible suspects and all facts will be provided.

“The family of Dr. William R.Tolbert, III is being spoken with. We are zeroing in on possible suspects and hopefully, you will get the facts.  These cases must be solved before we get to Christmas or New year,” he said.

To reduce the wave of insecurity among Liberians, Mulbah said the joint security has set up a 24/7 command center. “We have a 24/7 command center. The attorney general of this republic is also part of that. He pays a visit every night to that command center.”

Following the fourth murder in a series last year, involving three officials of the Liberia Revenue Authority and the head of Liberia’s Internal Audit Agency, the President of Liberia, George Manneh Weah, called on citizens to install Closed Circuit Televisions (CCTVs) in their respective homes as a means of helping the police with investigations. According to him, although the government will do all it can to provide security, every Liberian should be their brother’s keeper.

Certainly, no one is taking these mysterious deaths lightly. Folks are either gravely concerned due to fear or by reason of proximity to the deceased.