Pleebo-Fish Town Additional 7,332 Households To be Electrified

Pleebo-Fish Town Additional 7,332 Households To be Electrified

By Edward D. Stemn

Following the arrival of 41 pieces of 250 kilowatt transformers in Maryland County, about 7,332 households between River Gee and Maryland Counties are expected to be electrified by ALPHA TND LTD.  

ALPHA TND LTD Program Manager, Anil Gaur, said that all materials needed for the project are now procured.  Manager Gaur said streetlights, transformers, light poles, meters and power cables, among others, are being imported into the country.  

Meanwhile, the Indian Firm has completed roadside clearing in the concession areas of Cavalla Rubber Corporation (CRC)/ Maryland Oil Palm Plantation (MOPP), and commenced the planting of light poles on Maryland-River Gee highways. The Pleebo-Fish Town corridor is a component of the Liberia Energy Efficiency Access Project (LEEAP), a US$31.8 million project jointly funded by the African Development Bank (AfDB), the European Union (EU) through the Government of Liberia.  

The Liberia Energy Efficiency and Access Project also includes the construction of 66KV double circuit transmission lines from Paynesville to the Roberts International Airport (RIA), the construction of two new substations (66/22Kv and 66/33KV), the construction of medium and low voltage networks in communities along the ELWA – RIA corridor.  

The project, which seeks the extension of the existing power lines from Pleebo in Maryland to Fish Town in River Gee, will connect private and public buildings, including business centers in 24 communities in the two counties.  According to our Maryland County Correspondent, over 200 local residents of the two counties are currently benefiting from employment directly through contracts and other services.