Petition to All the Political Parties in Liberia

Grand Gedeh County flag

Petition to All the Political Parties in Liberia

We the concerned Grand Gedeh citizens in the diasporas have petition the President of Liberia, Dr. George M. Weah through his Minister of Internal Affairs, Hon. Varney Ali Sirleaf, requesting the President to deport the Burkinabe and non-Liberians that have illegally entered and still entering Liberia through Grand Gedeh County. That petition has been published since October 20, 2021 by one of the leading newspapers, the Daily Observer in Monrovia, Liberia.

As we must now realize that President George M. Weah does not usually respond to issues of serious national concern. Perhaps, this will be one of his legacies. We believe that he thinks he will be guilty if he says anything or he is just a public defiance.  We want to give you two examples of what Presidents William V. S. Tubman and William R. Tolbert did during their tenures in office that prevented what would have been the national catastrophes.

In 1968, President Tubman accused the former Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary, His Excellency Henry Boimah Fahnbulleh, Sr. of wanting to overthrow his government.  As we know now, the only weapon that any Ambassador has is Diplomatic Immunity.  President was well aware that Ambassador Fahnbulleh did not have a weapon, yet he arrested him anyway. 

Ambassador Fahnbulleh was assigned in few East African countries.  To us the indigenous, Former Ambassador was a rising star who may become the first native President in Liberia.

President Tubman’s accusation was not sitting well with the students at the University of Liberia and they marched to the Temple of Justice and began to clap for Ambassador Fahnbulleh when he was speaking.  The following day, President Tubman sent his Speaker of the House Representatives, Hon. Richard A. Henries, Vice President William R. Tolbert and Post Master General, McKinney Deshields to the University and they warned the students not to go the Temple of Justice to clap for anybody, particularly, Ambassador Fahnbulleh.  They said, we quote, “we are all in the same boat and do not let it capsize.  This is what we believe a good leader can and should do to clear the air of the shadow of doubt.

In 1971, when William R. Tolbert became a President, he went to Tubman’s High School to speak to the students.  While he was speaking, he was told that the University of Liberia students are demonstrating against the President of the University, marching to the Executive Mansion.  President Tolbert rushed to the University campus himself, talked to the students, thus, stopped the demonstration.  This is what we believe a good leader can and should do for his nation.  Of course, these two examples end-up in national disastrous for the Liberian people, heretofore.

Therefore, and in the light of these, we are appealing to all the Political parties in Liberia to prevail on President George Weah to give us any reason/reasons why these illegal Burkinabe and other non-Liberians are in Grand Gedeh County alone?     

Grand Gedeh farm and forest land that these illegal aliens are freely occupying and destroying today, are for the State of Liberia.  The land is not for any individual or Government official to sell to illegal aliens.  Even, if the President of Liberia desires to sell any land in Liberia, he/she should and must involve the other two branches of Government.

What is going on in Grand Gedeh County today is not only the selling of the farm and forest land but the selling of Grand Gedeh County to the state of Burkina Faso, no doubt about it.  It means, Liberia minus Grand Gedeh County if one f you will be so lucky to win the general election in 2023.   

These illegal aliens are driving the beautiful wildlife and also changing the beautiful climate from November to February that look like Autumn and creating arid land in that county. 

Ladies and gentlemen, we want to give you a little hit of who these illegal aliens, particularly, the

Burkinabe are. When they come to you to look for a piece of land to plant something like coffee, cocoa, yam or cavassa, they will act friendly as your relative could.  When you give them the piece of land without payment, they will also tell you that they will work on your land for free.

When one of your family members go on that piece of land you gave them to fetch water, cut piece of wood, etc., the Burkinabe will beat your family member unmercifully or kill him/her.  They will only like to enjoy your hospitality but you and your family must not.

Ladies and gentlemen, please let’s put our differences and hatred for each other aside and help the Grand Gedeans regain their forest and form land.  You may not be aware that Grand Gedeh citizens are below poverty line and are 99.9% unemployed presently in Liberia.

Kind Regards.  

Very respectfully yours,

Honorable Sampson L. Diahn
Chairman, Former Assistant Minister of State for Presidential Affairs, U.S.A

Madam Wachien Beh
Co-Chairlady, U.S.A.

His Excellency Harold G. Tarr, Sr
Advisor, Former Liberian Ambassador, U.S.A

Hon. Edward N. Slanger
Coordinator, Liberia

Mr. Festus Diahn Zeon
Liaison Officer, Liberia

Mr. Isaac Dweh
Member, U.S.A