Over US$1 Million Medical Supplies Arrive in Liberia

The first two containers carrying one million dollar worth of medical supplies towards the fight against the deadly COVID 19 disease arrived in Liberia from Help Liberia with support of several partners.

The COVID 19 pandemic first entered Liberia in March of 2020. Caused by severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2), the disease has claimed over 5 million lives since first being announced, with Liberia seeing nearly 300 deaths to date.

While Liberia, like countries around the world, grappled with solutions towards saving lives, Representative Naquetta Ricks and Liberian philanthropy Ebenezer Norman collaborated towards a solution through their organization Help Liberia.  

With the new COVID variant Omicron now a threat across the world, Ricks hopes that this donation will go a long way in saving the lives of Liberians.

 "At a time when fears of the Covid-19 Omicron variant is looming, as the World   grapples with controlling the pandemic, and a majority of  African countries remain unvaccinated due low prioritization from western nations, this donation is a huge step toward securing life saving medical supplies and equipment for the Liberian people."

Norman, speaking on behalf of Help Liberia believes the onus is on Liberians to give back. 

 He said, “as our country continues to recover from the many atrocities, all of us can find small ways to give back to our country. I look forward to a better and bigger Liberia.”

According to Help Liberia, they were overwhelmed by the outpouring of support towards a successful delivery of the Project. 

“We are proud of this bipartisan effort,” said Rick, “that includes private, public, and Non Profit Organizations who are looking out for the interest of Liberians.  Partners included The Ministry of Health, NASSCORP, National Aviation Services, Musa Bility, Senator Yonblee Karnga Lawrence, Senator Darius Dillon, Henry Costa, Stanton Witherspoon from Spoon TV, and the Alex Cummings Foundation.

Speaking on behalf of the Ministry of Health, Dr. Wilhemina Jallah said “After the Ebola and COVID-19 disasters, Liberia remains increasingly dependent on donor assistance to meet the equipment needs of the health care sector. To achieve our objectives of reducing maternal and neonatal mortality, we cannot do this alone, we must collaborate with like-minded organizations, and the private sector, to respond timely to the healthcare needs of our Country."  

"In this light, Liberia has partnered with Help Liberia Now, a local non-profit organization, for the strengthening of our health system. This donation of much needed medical equipment and supplies will positively impact our healthcare system by assisting us to achieve our mandate to save lives," She added. 

The National Social Security and Welfare Corporation (NASSCORP) responsible for the welfare of employees in both the public and private economic sectors of Liberia also supported the initiative.

  Dewitt Von Ballmoss, Director General of NASSCORP called the Project a ‘noble gesture’  and “As a good Corporate Social Institution, NASSCORP when asked to assist a great Institution as 'Help Liberia Now' to bring in much needed medical supplies and equipment to benefit Liberia as a whole, whole heartedly reached for the opportunity to be a part of this noble gesture. NASSCORP is happy to partner with Help Liberia Now."

Beyond the Government of Liberia, political leaders and supporters from the private sector worked together towards the successful delivery of this much-needed project. 

 Alex Cummings Foundation in a statement said “We (CAF) are happy to be partnering with Help Liberia Now in providing much needed medical support to clinics and hospitals in Liberia. Within our means and areas of focus, we will partner with all well-meaning organizations that are positively impacting our country and people. Thanks to Help Liberia for this effort.”

The shipment of the supplies to Liberia was also supported by the Colorado-based national  Aviation Services, a company working towards expanding across Africa. 

Hassan El-Houry, the Group’s CEO stated  “As we expand our presence in Africa, NAS is mindful of its responsibility towards the local communities we work with. By collaborating with Project Cure and Help Liberia Now we are pleased to support the shipment and distribution of valuable medical supplies to hospitals across Liberia. Liberia is an important operation for us and this was a great opportunity to be able to give back to its people while continuing to develop its aviation industry.”

For their part, the Ministry of Health has committed to receiving and working collaboratively with Help Liberia Now for effective delivery of the donations across Liberia. 

 “We thankfully receive these donations and promise that they will be used to the benefit of Liberians seeking healthcare services. We thank you for your kind assistance, and look forward to working closely with Help Liberia Now, a trusted partner, to meet the aims and objectives of the sector,” said Dr. Jallah.

Ricks and Norman's delivery plan will provide reach to all fifteen counties beginning in Montserrado and then reaching out to all other counties.  

For press inquiries on Help Liberia Now, please contact Hesta Baker at (+231) 776 812 314.