Orange Liberia Receives 3 Prestigious International Awards

… Including the 2021 Award for Fastest Mobile Network from Ookla®

Orange Liberia has been recognized internationally for outstanding service and performance as the company walked away with three prestigious international awards including Fastest Mobile Network, Best Mobile Coverage, and Best Mobile Network from Ookla.  

 The Speedtest AwardsTM are an elite international designation reserved for fixed and mobile providers in a particular market.  The awards are based on user-initiated tests taken on Speedtest® by Ookla®  and confirms Orange Liberia’s superior performance against its national competitors in Liberia. 

The awards, which were presented at the Mobile World Congress held in Barcelona on March 2nd and were received by the company’s Chief Marketing and Communications Officer Mr. Julien Paquier and Madam Joselyn Karakula CTIO for Orange Middle East & Africa. Over 60,000 participants and 2000 companies from over 183 countries are physically in attendance at the Congress, which is considered the premier telecommunications conference in the world. 

An elated Mr. Paquier said that the awards were a testament to the high level of investment, passion, and dedication that Orange had put into its telecommunications infrastructure since the company arrived in Liberia five years ago.  “When entering the Liberian telecommunications market, we immediately invested millions of dollars and thousands of man hours to significantly improve our network and coverage.  We didn’t do it because of recognition, but because we felt that Liberians deserved only the best. It is truly exceptional that the investments we made are now being recognized both at home and around the world,” Mr. Paquier stated. 

In a detailed report Ookla stated that to determine how Orange Liberia was selected to win Best Mobile Coverage in 2021, the company’s reach and quality of service was measured against its national competitors.   The report showed that Orange Liberia’s Coverage Score was 785 whilst its closest competition achieved a Coverage Score of 300. This translates to more people in more parts of Liberia having access to Orange Liberia’s services including its highly advanced 4G network. 

To determine the winner of the Fastest Mobile Network, Ookla measured the speed of Orange Liberia’s uploads and downloads speeds against those of its competitors from January – December 2021 based on user-initiated tests. Orange Liberia achieved a Speed ScoreTM of 24.77 with median download speeds of 25.23 Mbps. 

Its closest competitor achieved median download speeds of 10.55 Mbps during the same period. In Monrovia, Orange Liberia’s network attained median speeds for downloads equalling 26.46 Mbps compared to 12.03 Mbps for its closest rival. “These awards finally and decisively bring the question of who has the best mobile network and internet service in Liberia to a close. Clearly, Orange is by far the leader in this field and the world has authenticated this position,” said one observer. 

Mr Paquier stated that the awards were being dedicated to the people of Liberia.  “This award is not for us, but for the people of Liberia and our subscribers who have given us the motivation to push and work hard to achieve high standards. We dedicate all three of these awards to them,” concluded Mr. Paquier. 

Orange says it has made significant investments in improving and expanding its infrastructure since entering the Liberian telecommunications landscape.   Most of the investments have been in infrastructure to improve coverage and quality of service.   The company says it will continue to invest heavily in its network and has outlined significant corporate social responsibility plans to support various major humanitarian projects aimed at supporting the Liberian government’s pro-poor agenda for prosperity.