This Must Claim Pesident Weah’s Urgent Attention

T.Q. Harris, Jr.

By TQ Harris, Jr.

I could not in good conscience vote for Mr Charles Taylor, and did not only refuse to vote for him; I also ran against him as a candidate in the 1997 Special post-war election.

I could not in good conscience vote for Madam Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf, and did not vote for her in both the 2005 and 2011 elections.

Instead, I voted for Mr George Weah as Vice President in 2011 and President in 2017, believing he would lead the Liberian RISORGIMENTO. If he is incapable of handling this responsibility, We must move on for the good of the country.

Considering all that the people of Liberia have endured, Stagnation and Regression are not a part of our vocabulary.


Governing by Mandate rather than Consultation is unacceptable.
Attempting to undo all that was accomplished in the past 12 years is unacceptable.
A depressed economy is unacceptable.
A depreciating Liberian Dollar is unacceptable.

Not having a Plan to reduce Unemployment is unacceptable.
Not having a Plan to stop armed robbery and other criminal attacks is unacceptable.
Not having a Plan to address Food security is unacceptable.
Not having a realistic Plan to tackle Corruption is unacceptable.

Conducting bi-election that creates the need for another bi-election is unacceptable.
Setting election date outside the Constitutional timeframe is unacceptable.
Postponing National Census unconstitutionally is unacceptable.
Constitutional Amendments through Legislative Resolutions is unacceptable.

Refusing to make Personal Asset declaration public is unacceptable.
Refusing to abide by the Code of Conduct for Government officials is unacceptable.
Refusing to support a War & Economic Crimes Court for Liberia is unacceptable.
Refusing to meet and Discuss critical issues with Opposition Parties is unacceptable.

Removing Non-Coalition members from Government jobs is unacceptable.
Pitting Liberians against one another is unacceptable.
Appointing unqualified persons to key positions in government is unacceptable.
Making Unrealistic Promises like building a New City in the Swamp is unacceptable.

High Cost of Food, Transportation and Drinking Water is unacceptable.
High Exchange Rate that sinks Liberians deeper into Poverty is unacceptable.
Talking Pro-poor but not acting Pro-poor is unacceptable.
Increasing Hardship within the country is unacceptable.

Putting up the country’s Assets for questionable Loans is unacceptable.
Taking the country Down the Wrong but familiar Road is unacceptable.
Failing to uphold the Dignity of the Liberian Presidency is unacceptable.
Failing to constructively engage Liberia’s Development Partners is unacceptable.

It’s high time President Weah Listen, Learn and Lead. For he now holds in his hands the Hopes, Dreams and Aspirations of an entire nation. This is serious business!


  1. Harris, you just shut-up and stop making a clown out of yourself. You are simply not fit to become president. Go and find some nursing home for your retirement.

  2. Mr. T. Q. Harris you are lying. You never ever voted for George Weah in any election. You are one of those stupidly believing footballers in Liberia are a underclass; and so should never become president. Now that Weah has won, you want to lie that you supported him to become president. Stop lying.

  3. Is he using his own ideas politically to solve our country problems since he is qualified as footballer? You Matilda Witherspoon.

  4. Ditto! Mr. T. Q. Harris. You summarized exactly what many Liberians are feeling and thinking about this obvious mistake of an administration. This administration has shown over the last seven months to be not only incompetent and clueless in handling the affairs of our country, but dull and especially unwilling to learn at that. That’s one great tragedy we are cursed with.


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