Their Lives Matter: Reward for Arrest and Prosecution


By Dr. Daniel E. Cassell

My family and I are concerned about the growing wave of fear threatening to overwhelm our country as a result of the recent mysterious, and as yet, unexplained deaths of four Liberians, three of whom worked for the Liberian Revenue Authority (LRA), and the other, for the Internal Audit Agency (IAA). I have reached out to some members of the bereaved families to express our deepest condolences for the difficult losses they have sustained.

To me, the grieving widows, widower, children, other relatives, friends, and for many Liberians, at home and abroad, the lives and mysterious deaths of Albert, Gifty, George and Emmanuel matter. Our Liberian society risks being defined by these lives, and yet, the unexplainable deaths.

Understandably, these families are hurting. For some, they have lost the person who headed, and in some cases, held their families together. Many lives in these families will be long impacted by the loss they have traumatically sustained. My thoughts and prayers are with all of these families, and I appeal to all Liberians of faith to join in prayers for these deeply afflicted families.

As the head of my family and a father, my heart is broken knowing that as these families grieve and mourn the shocking and tragic deaths of their loved ones, they are still without the answers they need to help them heal, and hopefully bring  much-needed closure to the difficult experiences of their loss. I know that nothing we will do will dull the pains of their loss. However, it cannot also be said that we did not do all that we could, individually and collectively, to help these grieving families find the closures they need to heal.

Finding reasonable closure is also good for our society. Therefore, it falls upon all of us to do all that we can so that our country remains a safe space for all to live, work and care for their loved ones.

Indeed, no society can stop the commission of all crimes. However, no society can be truly free, and hope to be safe, where alleged crimes are not thoroughly investigated, alleged perpetrators apprehended, justice is dutifully served, and the sanctity of life is jealously protected and preserved. Therefore, as long as these deaths remain mysterious and unexplainable, the trauma of fear would envelop our society. No society can realistically thrive in freedom and justice when its people are overcome by fear.

I have therefore instructed my foundation, the Dr. Daniel E. Cassell Foundation, to offer a cash reward of Five Million Liberian (L$5,000,000.00) Dollars, or its equivalent in United States Dollars, to anyone who can provide credible information that will lead to the successful arrest and prosecution of individuals involved in any of the recent deaths of the four Liberians. May their souls rest in eternal peace.


  1. Dr. Cassell,

    Thanks for identifying with and showing genuine love and concern for the bereaved families of the Late Albert K. Peters, Gifty A. Lama, Mr. George F. Fahnboto and the Late Emmanuel B. Nyesuwa. The unprecedented abduction, torture, and murder of Mr. Albert K. Peters, Mrs. Gifty A. Lama, George F. Fahnboto and Emmanuel B. Nyesuwa has every mark and resemblance of an officially sponsored and an officially financed murder. My frank and honest advice to you and your family is this: Please keep your money and your family out of this officially sponsored and officially executed murder.

    Come what may, the abduction, torture, and gruesome murder of Mr. Peters, Mrs. Lama, Mr. Fahnboto, Mr. Nyesuwa and the Late Mathew Innis, all Auditors and Financial Experts in Liberia, has the similarity of an officially sanctioned and officially fulfilled murder. Should you have a devoted and realistic desire to commit L$5,000,000 or US$30,000 to a compelling and justice cause in Liberia, I will strongly encourage you and your family to create a Trust Account in the United States and deposit in that account the L$5,000,000 or US$30,000 to help support and educate the children painfully left behind in Liberia by Mr. Peters, Mrs. Lama, Mr. Fahnboto, Mr. Nyesuwa and the Late Mathew Innis due to their cold-hearted abduction, tortured and unexplained murdered of the Auditors by heartless and shameless criminals.

    Liberia and residents are deeply traumatized and genuinely fearful for their lives to take you and your family up on your impressive offer. Liberia’s institutions and administrators are too weak and incapable to indict, arrest and independently prosecute the killers of the Auditors so much so for anyone to come forth and fearlessly say who criminally abducted, tortured and murdered the Auditors.

    Since the Government neglected and failed to conduct an on the crime scene and after the crime scene examinations on the bodies of the Auditors, undeniably and legally, a doubt was created and as such, it remains impossible to indict, arrest, prosecute and successfully convict any would-be criminal.

    Thank you and your family so much for your impressive and caring invention.

    • “Since the Government neglected and failed to conduct an on the crime scene and after the crime scene examinations on the bodies of the Auditors, undeniably and legally, a doubt was created and as such, it remains impossible to indict, arrest, prosecute and successfully convict any would-be criminal” FOR TRUEEEEEEEEEEEEEE JAYWEH?????????????

      And you dare naively use the word “impossible”, and not even the word “difficult”, in as much as you reason as a layman reasons?

      You sound like the criminal who dismembered the body of his murdered victim and disposed of the parts in plastic garbage bags based upon his bizarre delusion that “no corpus delecti, no investigation, but then confessed when the most common circumstantial evidence unmasked his commission of the very crime.

  2. Your are not an attorney-at-law or a counsellor-at-law and therefore, I will not dare waste my time educating you about what “DOUBT” is and does during a criminal trial and in whose interest the concept of DOUBT, works when prosecuting a criminal matter!

  3. Frederick Jayweh, I am more of an attorney at law or a counsellor at law, and indeed an astute and seasoned scholar and practitioner of municipal law and international law than you can ever imagine to be! What inter alia proves this fact is your limitation as to not knowing that “doubt“ under criminal law is of fundamentally two kinds …THE REASONABLE DOUBT AND THE UNREASONABLE DOUBT! MR. DULL SKULL!

    In other words, and to further educate you, know ye henceforth and forthwith that the issue of “doubt“ in criminal litigations does not mean that no “doubt“ exists or no “doubt“ may exist as to the accused’s guilt, but only that NO REASONABLE DOUBT is possible from the evidence presented by the prosecution, but probably only unreasonable doubt!!!

    Accordingly, in a criminal litigation where the court has no “doubt“ as to the defendant’s guilt, or if their only “doubts“ are unreasonable “doubts“, then the prosecutor has proven the defendant’s guilt beyond a reasonable doubt and the defendant should be pronounced guilty. STUFF THIS EDUCATION INTO THAT DULL SKULL OF YOURS!

    And that evidence which makes possible the “no reasonable doubt“ phenomenon is the sine qua non for conviction! And that sine qua non for conviction is that evidence WE (NOT WATERSIDE LAWYERS LIKE YOU JAYWEH) astute and seasoned scholars and practitioners of municipal law and international law conceptualize as CONCLUSIVE EVIDENCE …THAT EVIDENCE SO STRONG AS TO OVERBEAR ANY OTHER EVIDENCE TO THE CONTRARY! You hear Mr. dull skull?????

    I hope I could speak Bassa to better beat this education into your “yehyeh“ head! But unfortunately for you, I only speak my maternal and paternal dialects…. Kpelleh and Gio!!!!!!

  4. You dull skull Jayweh, you are ashamed of yourself. You better go back to school. The last time when I disgraced you by exposing your ignorance of the discipline of law, you came up with this same childishness. And when we (arguendo) responded accordingly, you ran away. Besides, one does not have to be a law school graduate or student to argue whichever subject matter in an intellectual forum.

    You are here claiming to be a lawyer and you lack such elementary knowledge as “evidence and unreasonable doubt“. Is it “the name of one’s law school or name of jurisdiction“ that will assert or demonstrate for you in terms of understanding, and interpreting the law, and even advancing arguments? .No wonder, you are worse than a layman here.

    Just always know that I True Nationalist, I am more educated than you regarding any subject matter within the discipline of law or the legal environment in toto in law, and will always debunk your ignorance.

  5. I am yet awaiting your answer: Please say if you can, from which Law School you earned your Law degree and and please name the jurisdiction that admitted and Licensed you to practice Law.

    Are you admitted and licensed to practice Law in Liberia or by any of the 50 States of the United States?

    • Frederick A. B. Jayweh, you are very funny. Or to be precise, you are very clowning. You are the only person who has come on the forum with a title related to the field of law.

      And then when you make a baseless, deceptive, or ignoramus, claim pointed out by another who have asked you to prove the truthfulness, or at least the inferential justification of your claim, you say he or she should show you their license to question your baseless and or deceptive claims of idiocy. Such an act on your part has proven that you are an idiot and a hypocrite.

      And what really baffles us is that how in the world one would claim to be a lawyer and does not have knowledge of the over one hundred different concepts of evidence or the two major forms of doubts …the reasonable doubt and the unreasonable doubt???!!! And you would even think about any situation regarding the word “impossibility“, when lawyers are ready to argue for or against at will and necessity!

  6. Frederck Jayweh, you make no sense.. This is a forum for intellectual debate, One’s school, alma mater or association is reflected in their intellectual acumen in the debate with regards to relevant subject matter regarding the given news story. You are really disgracing yourself.

    That is when you make a claim and you are challenged or debunked, instead of effectively countering, or at least countering, you deviate from the subject matter and swing into totally irrelevant rants to distract attention from your ignorance of the subject matter.

    As it is here between you and Mr. True Nationalist, you brought up the subject matter of educating others on the tenet of “DOUBT” in criminal litigation. Mr. True Nationalist debunked you by schooling you on “reasonable doubt and unreasonable doubt“.

    Instead of countering or disproving Mr. True Nationalist’s counter, you are here laughably boring us with where one may have attended school of law or his or her license to practice law. Jayweh, I can tell you up front, you have become a disgrace to us Bassa people, and to others in the field of law.

  7. President-Elect and Vice President-Elect have spoken. Together President-Elect Joseph R. Biden and Vice President-Elect Kamela Harris have again brought new light and new life to United States and the world by their grace and by extension their election.

    Absolutely, It is Morning Again in America

  8. Mr. Garsuah Gbovlehn, already, I strongly believe that you are in your late 70s. Yet, you have not shown how and why Liberia and Liberians should remember you whenever you shall have departed this earth to the great beyond. Undoubtedly, I understand and believe that there are so many Liberians out there who love Liberia and want her to develop and advance on the international stage than a few of the reckless hustlers who are hopeless and cold-hearted apologists and job hunters. For the love of money, the few of you have to the regret of Liberia, and well-intention Liberians sadly sold your hearts, souls, and minds. In the EECOWAS Region, Liberia and residents are unrated and discounted because of the few criminal minds and clearly cold-hearted apologists and dealers we have in our midst and regrettably running Liberia.

    Irrespective of how well-intentioned and sound-minded Liberians outreach and approach the few criminal minds and empty apologists residing in foreign parts and Liberia to put Liberia and residents first hopefully, such lowlife hustlers and praise singers absolutely see nothing wrong with selling themselves and our dear country, the Republic of Liberia. To these criminal minds and cold-hearted traders, the pull and push factor for their associates are riches and money first. The crimes of property theft, economic sabotage, misapplication of entrusted property, capital flight, money laundering, corruption, and the heinous crime of murder, do not really matter. Professional Liberians and residents can continue to be abducted, tortured, and murdered if the checks of the few criminal minds and apologists should continue. looting Liberia from top to bottom unfortunately, does not really matter.

    Garsuah Gbovlehn, where are you and your associates when Liberia’s history is told and when your children and grandchildren should dare enquire of you? Will they remember you and your associates and fellow apologists, as mere wheelers or dealers of Liberia’s interest?

    Liberia and residents are sadly situated where they are today, because of few criminal minds and apologists!


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