The Need for Cordon Sanitaire Around Liberty Party

Atty. Isaac W. Jackson

By Atty. Isaac W. Jackson, Jr.

A serious opposition political party is a government-in-waiting. Onlookers, well-wishers, sympathizers and partisans look forward to it with hope. Such a serious opposition political party therefore ought to meet the expectations and aspirations of the people seeking alternatives.  In presenting itself as such an alternative, it proceeds to put in place leadership that promotes shared values. Integrity and accountability are often in the highest order as assets for a party seeking to provide a credible alternative.

I am not sure whether the current opposition political party has ignored this need.  However, the failure of the CPP to throw a cordon sanitaire around Liberty Party based upon Musa Bility’s ascendancy to the Chairmanship portends danger not only for the CPP but Liberia.

The hypocrisy is sickening: you mocked CDC for putting Alex Tyler on its ticket but, you’re taking a knee to applaud Musa Bility’s chairmanship of Liberty Party. 

For how long will we cast a blind eye on the sadistic and insidious activities of our friends at the expense of the forward advance of Liberia?  How can some of the CPP members who gave elaborate speeches at the just-ended Liberty Party’s Special Convention in Gbarnga cast themselves as anti-corruption czars and change agents while cheer-leading a man banned for 10 years from FIFA for corruption?  We are left to wonder whether the agenda being pursued is for a better Liberia or for personal interests? 

It is an open secret that I am experiencing difficulties with the current regime, and need friends in the opposition community. However, my love for country cannot permit me to be silent about the disgusting hypocrisy at play in the opposition community.

Honestly, I have nothing against Musa; I like him as a brother. However, owing to Musa’s recent history, wouldn’t it be wise for the brother to take a back seat in the meanwhile? The point is, even in the criminal justice system, for a criminal to enjoy parole, he must first show remorse and be contrite – none of which our brother has demonstrated.

I can understand that it is difficult to find honest politicians in Liberia. But, what about observing the barest minimum standard? Is the situation so bad that the CPP no longer cares about the truism that “a rotten apple spoils the whole barrel”? Are there many rotten apples in the CPP for which the highest standard is being debased and ignored?

If we allow the morally-depraved, i.e., conmen, rascals and crooks to triumph in the CPP, what future does the CPP then seek for Liberia?


  1. So all this pontification all over the place about Musa Bility and Liberty Party, supposed to be the same for every party and their officials? Records will show that Musa Bility’s name has come up in few cases ranging from tax evasion, corruption, etc., etc., but the naked fact of the matter is that none of those cases was ever definitive, in terms of conviction.

    And if this piety yardstick should be applied across the board for everybody of substance in Liberia without reservation, then one wonders why is someone like Urey not equally harangued like Bility? After all Urey’s name came up many times for pocketing public funds at maritime. And he too will tell you, “I was audited three times and nothing was ever found on me in any of those audits.” What’s about all officials of government whose names have surfaced in some audit report or the other, why are they not excoriated similarly? Or could it be because Bility is Mandingo?

  2. Was it Musa Bility’s Mandingo tribe or ethnic group which told him to take his corrupt criminality to the international arena by transferring 600,000 USD FIFA which was given to him for the Liberia Football Association to help in the fight against EBOLA, and he Musa Bility walked and danced ”over the pile of dead bodies from EBOLA”, and he Musa Bility wired every cent of that money into the account of his wife to purchase a house in the USA?

    You could say ”because of he is Mandingo” if he Musa had transferred the money into the account of the Mandingo Community or to the Mosques in Liberia and America where he sent the money to his wife.

    Was it ”because Musa Bility is Mandingo” that he was banned for 10 years from FIFA for stealing?

    Was it because Musa Bility is Mandingo that the Government of Liberia through the Justice Ministry has indicted Musa Bility (as RIA Board Chairman) for transferring about US$269,000 from Liberia Bank for Development and Investment (LBDI) to a bogus company, Diaspora Consulting Firm?

    You better don’t make me open Musa’s files here in the public.

    If you do not have anything meaningful to say, you better go and take a nap or find something to eat to put you to sleep and spare readers with your meaninglessness.

  3. ”Integrity and accountability” are primarily what are inter alia lacking and impossible in the CPP A TYPICAL CORRUPTION COVEN!Just imagine Benoni Urey, Musa Bility, FAKE GOVERNMENT CONTRACTS AND GHOST PAYROLL Joseph Boakai, LPRC Corrupt Yonblee Karngar, Operational Funds Nocal Darius Dillon in a corruption coven with Alex Cummings and his total stranger business they call ANC bent on selling the whole Liberian economy through privatization to be bought by these very thieves.

    The proof of this is made clear as CPP members Benoni Corruption King Kong Urey, Alex Cummings, Joseph Ghost Payroll Boakai, Kofi Corruption Contract Woods, Tiawen Bribe Asking and Receiving Gongloe, etc. who gave elaborate speeches at the just-ended Liberty Party’s CLOSED DOORS CONVENTION in Gbarnga ”cast themselves as anti-corruption czars and change agents while cheer-leading a man (Musa Corruption King Kong Bility) banned for 10 years from FIFA for corruption”!


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