The Name Monrovia (Capital of Liberia) Should Be Changed


Open letter to the people of the Republic of Liberia

By J. Patrick Flomo
Columbus, Ohio
[email protected]

Monrovia, the capital city of the Republic of Liberia, is named in honor of President James Monroe, the fifth president of the United States—and a slave owner. This honoring of a slave owner is a travesty to the autochthonous and should be an abomination to the children of the settlers (the Americo-Liberians). The 1810 census record shows that 49 enslaved individuals lived at Monroe’s Plantation in Highland, Virginia.  This made Monroe one of the country’s largest slave owners (National Archives and Record Administration).   Today, we are experiencing an epiphany from the lynching of George Floyd and must join the chorus to bring down and eviscerate the legacy of the symbols of slavery—the anathema of our humanity.  It is time to change the name Monrovia.

The lynching of George Floyd by a Minneapolis White Police Officer has shed new light on the 17th-century African enslavement by Europe and the United States as its ugly legacy continues today—racism and bigotry.  Globally, the symbols commemorating slave traders and slave owners are being toppled or eviscerated, e.g., Edward Colston (Bristol, England), Confederate statues in the American South and in Congress, the Confederate Flag, the statue of Christopher Columbus (at the State House of Columbus, Ohio), etc.  This psychological trauma of black enslavement is being caught up in a vortex of the rapture of liberal Awakening.

To the Members of the Liberian Senate and the House of Representatives and the People of Liberia: We cannot in good conscience continue to honor a slave master with the name of our capital, Monrovia.  If we do, we validate a racist maxim that White is superior to Black. Others may argue that as president of the United States, James Monroe was able to get Congress to appropriate $100,00.00 (David Lamb) to fund the American Colonization Society (ACS) to facilitate the settlement of Liberia in 1820.   I suggest that Monroe’s action was not motivated by the love of humanity or his disdain for the subjugation and bondage of the African slaves. Rather, like the majority of members (slave owners) of the ACS, he was fearful of a slave uprising.

In the course of human events comes a moment when a society with an ugly past must reckon with it.  I believe, WE THE PEOPLE OF LIBERIA, must seize this moment in history to amend this ugly chapter of our history – the naming of our capital city in honor of a slave master.  Liberia is said to be the land of liberty for the free slaves from America and captured slaves on the high seas.  It is confounding and incomprehensible that the settlers and the PEOPLE OF LIBERIA today will continue to honor a man associated with the abomination of humanity called slavery.

I think the time has come for us, the PEOPLE OF LIBERIA, to join the rest of the “civilized” world to desecrate the symbols of Black subjugation.  It will be unconscionable and abhorrent if we do not seize upon this awakening of America’s and Britain’s original sin – slavery and the continued institutionalization of racism — to remove the name of a slave master (James Monroe) from our capital city.    This moment calls for a vigorous civil debate. I believe it is fitting and proper that WE THE PEOPLE OF LIBERIA change the name of our capital city.


  1. Not only should the name of Monrovia be changed, a lot of things in Liberia must be brought under scrutiny, legislatively debated and eventually changed. Examples…………

    1. The mindset that it’s okay for lawmakers to earn $15-16,000 per month in the world’s 7th poorest country is a travesty! Without questions being asked, it must change.

    2. The disgraceful practice for lawmakers to travel to Ghana in order to obtain medical treatment is a crime against the Liberian people. If you don’t earn $15,000 or $16,000 per month, you cannot travel to Ghana in order to pull a tooth. The bright and smartest kids in Liberia can be sent to the best of medical schools. That’s precisely what the Ghanaians did.

    3. The bloody seal that reads, “the love of liberty brought us here”, is a lie! If the love of liberty had caused freed slaves to have returned to what is now Liberia, the enslaved lovers of “liberty” would have allowed the native majority to have participated in the growth and development process of the country in 1847. In short, many things in Liberia must change!!!!!!!

    • Lol If Only Africans hadnt sold people to Europeans in the first place now the slave traders and trading tribes deserve the honor if city buildings being named them instead? No sir Washington held slaves no one here in America is trying to change the name of our Capital. Leave Monrovia alone.

      • Aaron Gasana, you need a rethink. African chiefs were forced at gun point and or political manipulation to let the so called white men take their fellow Africans into slavery. This was not about selling and buying slaves.

        The selling and buying of slaves occurred after the African chiefs were forced to acquiesce to the white man taking their people into slavery in the so called west for western buyers. Olu-Banke Kingś grandfather CDB King, and his white business partners used both guns and political manipulation and intimidation against the African chiefs.

        Washington is an absolute European name and has since been, and continue to be the name of the European immigrants who emigrated to America. The most powerful, most popular and dominant population in America or Washington are descendants of European immigrants who emigrated to America and founded America.

        That is the same dominant or majority status indigenous Liberians have with their capital named Monrovia. So, they are right to return to the original or aboriginal nomenclature of their capital – DUCOR.

  2. Priority, Priority, Priority…!!!!!

    P-1) Liberians need to change their character from Untrustworthy to Trustworthy.

    P-2) Liberians need to change from being Corrupt to being Transparent.

    P-3) Liberians need to change from being selfish to being communal advocates — think about the community as a whole. Stop doing everything ONLY in the interest of you and your biological family.

    That is just to name a few of the pressing priorities that Liberians should be focused on right now.
    I could go on naming — forever!

    • Warningshot, only a bunch of naive people, WOULD TAKE AS NATIONAL “PRIORITY” changing such immutable, innate, and natural, characteristics,as “untrustworthiness, selfishness, corruption, etc. (human nature) of the life of humans; natural human nature, mentality, and characteristics, which are opposed, different, and divergent, from what human beings gain or may gain from education or through social experience.

      What a people, whether nation or otherwise, should take as national priority is EMBRACING SUCH VALUES, as consent, justice, toleration, tradition, welfare, human rights, rights, freedom, etc.

      And if one should even research such values within THE HOLY WRITS, one easily finds out that these values are very percepts of God scripturalized in the major religions of our one world!

      • So, you want me to believe that God made the Liberia Untrustworthy, Corrupt, and Selfish…?
        And the same God made peoples of the world Trustworthy, Transparent, and Unselfish…?

        I refuse to accept this notion. Maybe you are defending these bad characteristics because you believe that God made you that way???

        • Warningshot, I do not “want you to believe that God made the Liberia Untrustworthy, Corrupt, and Selfish; and the same God made peoples of the world Trustworthy, Transparent, and Unselfish.” That in our view will be an attempt to impose or persuade. And I am not here for that! I am here to share. Period!

          What I am sharing with you is that you should take human nature into account, and then ask yourself is: “being Untrustworthy, Corrupt, and Selfish” ONLY CONFINED TO LIBERIA OR LIBERIANS?

          And then you are bound to see from your own experience or from the news you read about other peoples and countries that “being Untrustworthy, Corrupt, and Selfish” IS NOT CONFINED TO LIBERIA OR LIBERIANS!

          WHY? BECAUSE OF HUMAN NATURE which refers to such immutable characteristics as untrustworthiness, corruption, and selfishness embedded in all humans irrespective of nationality or ethnicity! And this is the result of living on a planet of SCARCITY AND DIVERSITY!!!

          Now, pray tell me or us: Are Nigerians, Americans, Britains, Ghanaians, Sierra LEONEANS, ARABS, CHINESES, RUSSIANS, etc. NOT untrustworthy, NOT selfish, and NOT corrupt?

          Look Warningshot, as Thomas Hobbes “fires”: “WITHOUT THE RULE OF LAW, THE LIFE OF MAN WOULD BE SOLITARY, POOR, NASTY, BRUTISH, AND SHORT!”

          Now, there are 195 countries in the world today. This total comprises 193 countries that are member states of the United Nations and 2 countries that are non-member observer states: the Holy See and the State of Palestine.

          Tell me Mr. Warningshot, or point out JUST ONE of these countries where EVERYBODY IS trustworthy, NOT SELFISH, AND NOT CORRUPT AT ALL!!!

          Is it Nigeria? Is it the USA? Is it Ghana? Is it Sierra Leone?

          • What does your gibberish about UN membership has to do with Liberians being Untrustworthy, Corrupt, and Selfish..?

            First, you pointed out that Liberians are Untrustworthy, Corrupt, and Selfish because that is how God created them.

            Now, you are saying it is Okay for Liberians to be Untrustworthy, Corrupt, and Selfish because other people of UN member countries are Untrustworthy, Corrupt, and Selfish..?

            I pity you.

  3. One major change that is long overdue is the flag. The flag in my view is a copycat by people who lacked ingenuity. I have alot of admiration for the American flag because of what it stands for. The American revolution set in motion fundamental change in politics. It is unique to their experiences.
    We need symbols that promote national unity and patriotism. It has to have significance for the people. All people in Liberia should have an input in this because it very important.
    How can one be patriotic to a copied flag?

  4. PATRICK FLOMO, change that SLAVE OWNERS´ COAT SUIT AND NECK TIE COSTUME you happily dress in everyday, and DROP THAT PATRICK NAME and then people may take you serious about changing a cityś name.

  5. This is just a waste of time talking all this rubbish about changing this and changing that. If you start changing all of those then the Nation won’t exist, already the Nation is on its back with nothing but Beggars, Corrupt State, Dumb Populace, Education Non-existent, Healthcare Non-existent, Filthy Country, Backwards Populace, Ignorant, Dumbest of Dumb people calling themselves Leaders. Leaders of what??? Those are the things really need changing. It’s amazing time is wasted talking about nonsense when real, substantive issues are at hand. Good luck on your changes see how far it will get your Pro-Poor Nation.

    Emmett Peabody

    • Ignorance is really the true original sin! If you knew better you would realize that that your Emmett Peabody name was borrowed and even imposed upon you. Your ignorance causes you not realize the fact that it is silly on your part to keep honoring your slave masters and distancing yourself from your true identity.

      Both social and scriptural teachings admonish mankind to return that which is borrowed, and or fend off that which is or was imposed upon one. Honoring ones identity (the fact of being who or what a person or thing is) has nothing to do with prosperity, or poverty, since no matter what, there will always be the poor and the rich.

      Your ignorance has been translated into inferiority complex to your slave masters – an inferiority complex as a descendant of slaves which has caused you to see the fact of being who or what you are as a person to be unimportant. This is the mark of a cursed fool!

  6. Posted at 10:38 PM EST on Friday, July 10, 2020

    I am a descendant of those who established Liberia and I live in Columbus, Ohio. However, I can say with 100% certainty that Mr. Flomo doesn’t speak for me.

    When the Americans declared independence, they retained a lot of English names ( or variants) like Raleigh, Charlotte, Bexley, New York, etc.

    Today, many of these places have lots of tourism value.

    I think we should do the same. Build on what Caroline Barnard is doing . Tourism, tourism, tourism.

    #1. Bushrod Island was named after Bushrod Washington, nephew of Pres. George Washington

    #2. Buchanan was named after Thomas Buchanan, cousin to Pres. James Buchanan

    #3. Arthington was named after Lord Robert Arthington of Leeds, England, a British contributor to the ACS cause.

    #4. Edina was named after Edinburgh, Scotland, whose citizens contributed to its founded.

    $5. Clay Ashland was named after Sen. Henry Clay and his Ashland, Kentucky estate.

    We have town names like White Plains, New Georgia, Virginia Lexington, etc. Let’s use them to generate income and jobs for Liberians.

  7. Your logic lacks commonsense, Tourists do not go on tourism primarily because of the names of those places. They tour for SIGHT-SEEING!!! So your idea about your “Caroline Bernard” is illogical.

    When the Americans declared independence” which names do you think they should have “retained”??? Indian names, prehistoric names? or names of the dinosaurs era? No! They were also Europeans with the very European culture, religion, etc. etc. Hence, it would have been illogical for them to have used foreign or invented names. Rescind that thinking immediately! Its illogical, selfish, and lacks commonsense.

    When the litany of names you listed were given to those places you mentioned, Liberia was virtually owned by a very tiny o.1 percent of people who were freed slaves who settled in Liberia. And Liberia was virtually owned by this 0.1 percent tiny group in the center of the 99.9 percent.

    Now that Liberia is not virtually or practically owned by this 0.1 tiny group of settlers or slave descendants, but it is indeed owned by ALL including the 0.1 % and the 99.9% population of the whole country, it is logically current and meets commonsense and conventional wisdom that the history of the 99.9 % population of the country be honored!!!

    In fact, the descendants of the slaves should begin changing their names from say “Walsh” to “Weah”, “Caroline” to “Baendu. Christian/European names as “Gabriel” etc. etc. to “Gayflor” etc. etc. Such cultural or traditional rectifications are bound to build and strengthen the needed treasured bonds of national unity!!!

    Again, tourists do not go on tourism primarily because of the names of those places. They tour for SIGHT-SEEING!!!

  8. Every time Renford Walsh makes a foray into a media space, he exposes some of his true colors.

    Walsh’s pink color states, “when the Americans declared independence, they retained a lot of English names” (or variants) like Raleigh, Charlotte, Bexley, New York, etc. What is the significance of English names being retained?
    For tourism purposes?
    Question: Wouldn’t it have been better for schools to have been built by Walsh’s descendants! Or, is tourism better than educating a generation of the Liberian people?

    Walsh’s blue color states, “I am a descendant of those who established Liberia and I live in Columbus, Ohio”. Well, we’ve known from scratch that Renford Walsh is a derivative of the Americo-Liberian stock. Of course, what some of us didn’t know is where Walsh lives.
    Question: Who cares to know about Walsh’s residence? Or, did Flomo say he was speaking for Walsh?

    Walsh’s green color talks about tourism.
    Says Walsh, “today, many of these places (New York, Bexley, Charlotte and Raleigh) have lots of tourism value”.
    Question: does Walsh have any evidence to prove how many non-Liberians visit any of the above named places in Liberia? So how is the tourism value calculated?

  9. Emmett Peabody,
    Every one is entitled to his or her opinion, but not the facts! To say that rubbish has been written by those of us who have expressed our opinions is disengenious on your part. For instance, the official seal of Liberia goes like this…”the love of liberty brought us here”. Guess what? A majority of us believe that the official seal of Liberia must change because the love of liberty didn’t repatriate us to Liberia. A majority of us were met there. That’s a fact.

    • Europe|Senegal Slave Island, Moved by George Floyd’s Death, Renames Europe Square

      Continue reading the main story
      Senegal Slave Island, Moved by George Floyd’s Death, Renames Europe Square

      By Reuters

      July 7, 2020

      DAKAR — Senegal’s Goree Island, which for centuries served as a way station in the Transatlantic slave trade, has changed the name of its Europe Square in response to the death of George Floyd in the United States and the global movement it inspired.

      It will now be known as Freedom and Human Dignity Square, the municipal council decided.

      The palm tree-lined Europe Square, in the shadow of an old French fort at the island’s northern tip, was given its name in 1998 in recognition of European funding for renovations at the World Heritage Site.

      But some residents thought the name was nevertheless inappropriate.

      “The name Europe Square was, in a way, a symbol of friendship between peoples,” said Doudou Dia, president of the island’s tourism commission.

      “But we also said to ourselves…that in another sense it is celebrating the persecutor,” he said. “What happened to George Floyd was the final straw.”

      Continue reading the main story

      Lying off the Senegalese capital Dakar, Goree was a transit point over several centuries for enslaved Africans being shipped to the Americas. UNESCO designated it a World Heritage Site in 1978.

      These days, it is a popular tourist attraction with its cobblestoned streets and historic houses. It is known primarily for its House of Slaves, which several U.S. presidents, Nelson Mandela and Pope John Paul II have all visited.

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      Alassane Niang, a chef from Goree, said the move – which comes as governments around the world consider changing street names and bringing down public monuments associated with racism – was long overdue.

      “For me, it could even be Africans Square. That would be better because the majority who live here are Black,” he said. “The Senegalese – Africans – deserve the square.”

      (Reporting by Aaron Ross; Editing by Angus MacSwan)
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  10. Laughable when I hear individuals saying the path to solving societal ills is to change people’s names and to change names of places because they are all the entrapments of the slave masters.

    Well, if one was to examine this chain of thought, it would follow then Weah is one of the biggest slave masters Liberia has ever had.

    I refer his followers and other reactionary elements in this forum to visit the Doe Community, and they will discover the truthfulness of my statements.

    What a contradiction! Weah carves thousands of dollars out of the treasury to build a monument among poverty-stricken, slum dwellers, whose lives have not been changed in any substantive way, and yet he erects an apostate monument that stands as a testament of his contribution to the betterment of their lives?

    A visitor to this community will come upon a statute of Weah raised on a plinth symbolizing a false god who has come to save the Liberian slaves. And so the question becomes in what way has the longest, polysyllabic name in Liberian political history changed the standard of living of the average Liberian who has been marginalized and can barely provide a cup of rice and palm oil for himself or herself to live on daily?

    In what way does the name George Oppong Jlarkon Jlateh Manneh Gbekugbeh Weah make any difference as supposed to John Doe if John Doe truly loves his people and has great ideas, a great character, a proper education, and can contribute such qualities to the uplifting of his people and country?

    In speaking about the mentality of Africans and their attitudes towards true liberation, the late great Rastafarian-philosopher and musicologist Bob Marley once said that Africans needed to emancipate themselves from mental slavery in the powerful lyrics of his song, “Redemption Song.” And borrowing from these lyrics, I would say Liberians’ true redemption lies in the unshackling of the national psyche (the mind) from those dogmatic, nativistic beliefs and not in the adoption of cosmetic changes.

    Both of my parents were thoroughbred native Liberians; however, I was brought up by Congo folks who did their best to provide me with an education, that has enabled me, to independently navigate the world. Nevertheless, when it comes to the development of our country, what should matter the most is the direction to which the country is heading and not people’s tribes and names.

    The insidious native politicians have used Identity politics to destroy Liberia, and it is sad to say it may further destroy Liberia. The change phrase should not be where we are from, but where we are heading!

    • Rhyne Brigit, M.S. Bah, etc.etc. “solving societal ills” is an on-going and infinite task irrespective of the nation! While re-erecting certain truths and dignity of a peoplesś TRUE IDENTITY at “one shot”; like you see has happened in Senegal with the name of an island changed from European Square to Freedom and Human Dignity Square within hours of the killing of George Floyd, HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH SOLVING SOCIETAL ILLS WHICH IS AN INFINITE TASK VIZ THE EXISTENCE OF A NATION!

      So this argument about “path to solving societal ills” been a barrier to a people re-erecting certain truths and dignity of their identity, or re-erecting certain truths and dignity of a peopleś true identity is the same as a “path to solving societal ills” is a very weak, poor, and disingenuous argument, lacking commonsense and conventional wisdom.

  11. Comrade Hney,

    The love of liberty made my forbears to fight tribal wars to preserve their dignity and land. The love of Liberty did not carry any Dolo, Yekeh, Zomoway, Gortor, Korto or so to Liberia but met us there! So, I agree with you 200% that it is high time we changed that abomination.

    For my “demigod” Alexander B. Cummings, I told you this before and I will tell you again today, most Liberians in Liberia think that we have all, one way or the other, been indulged in some filthy acts.
    When you come in public to face them, and then they cannot find anything to corner or castigate you, they proffer LIES.

    During the campaign of 2017, we heard Cummings was a homosexual, an Americo Liberian, etc. It did not really make impact because the guy’s life has been so transparent and documented that anyone can access information on him.
    I did not know the name Alexander B. Cummings until the 2017 elections when I took the names of the presidential aspirants to make research on them. I then immediately fell in love with his portfolio, acquiesced to his platform and repeatedly listened to the points he made during the debate. It was from there I knew Cummings and felt in love with him as my next president.

    Our opponents are afraid that they can no longer win even the 2020 midterm election, and so their tactics: Let’s find something to tarnish his reputation.
    But let me tell them this today, there are some things you say or do and go free. Any calumny against Cummings will NOT easily go free.

    Have a nice weekend, grand frere!

  12. Rhyne Brigit,
    If you think it is laughable for a community of people to call for a name change, than I strongly believe that it is equally laughable for you to hurl ad homeniem attacks against Weah. Please don’t get me wrong. You have a God-given right to criticize Weah and his government. However in this particular situation, it’s my pleasure to let you know that Weah is not the focus of discussion. On another day, Weah’s actions will be analyzed, scrutinized and maybe defended. But this is not the opportune time because obviously, the issue of changing names is the main focus.

    Second, neither I nor all the commenters who have suggested that some names be changed have not said that the only way in which development comes about is by way of changing names. Far from the truth. Please note that if a community of people have been marginalized previously, it shouldn’t be damnable for them to speak up in a democratic setting. Insofar as you are entitled to free speech, it should be fully understood by you that commenters who have stated their views are equally free to speak out.

    Finally, the issue of who is responsible for Liberia to be as it is, cannot be settled easily. It’s an argument that you and I cannot settle. For instance, from 1847 to 1900, there was no high school in Nimba county. Also, while Kwame Nkhrumah was building technical schools in Ghana during the 1960s, the Liberian republic had only BWI as its flagship trade school. Should Weah be blamed for that? On the issue of Weah, I don’t believe he is a righteous man. We all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God. But I think he’s being blamed in some ways that are unfair. Weah’s predecessor dealt Weah a devastating blow. Yet I am not suggesting that you and others shouldn’t criticize him. But a poor country such as Liberia where the country’s legislators take home exorbitant salaries, one particular person should not be blamed. Sadly, an evil cabal of greedy and corrupt politicians are the ones who splash dirt in the faces of our people.

    For sure, some names must change. But it has nothing to do with economic development. It’s just a matter of principle.

  13. But what is wrong with this Dolo individual? Dolo, you cannot awake a man who is pretending to be sleeping.

    What I mean is that you make small out of yourself to come and deny that Alexander Cummings Jr. does not have sex with his fellow male-man when the man himself (Cummings) has confessed:

    “I heard Senator Taylor say gays should not be legalized and that they should be prosecuted. I feel bad about it because everyone has rights. People don’t just come up with that kind of life. It’s something you are born with…. If I love a boy, it’s nature, not a crime.”

    It is good Mr. True Nationalist pasted this information here from the Liberian Confidential News Outlet. Here below is a major excerpt in which Cummings confessed to his being of such abominable character:

    “In a recent interview with Liberian Confidential, Mr Alexander B Cummings Jr who is the chairman of the foundation has defended the LGBT community in Liberia. “I heard Senator Taylor say gays should not be legalized and that they should be prosecuted. I feel bad about it because everyone has rights. People don’t just come up with that kind of life. It’s something you are born with…. If I love a boy, it’s nature, not a crime.”

    • True Nationalist,

      In no way the comment above proves that Cummings is a gay, stop your calumny Sir!

      As future president of Liberia, a country that should uphold the freedom of all, he must prove that he can assure all as president.
      Come on, True Nationalist! You need to grow up. So, do you want to tell me OBAMA is a gay? OBAMA is indeed a staunch supporter of LGBT’S rights, a cause he championed in Africa for which I hate the grounds he walks on nowadays.
      We call that politics, brother!

      • Dolo, you are very funny. I am not, and cannot be True Nationalist. Do not exhibit what may actually be the wrong or unfair impression about yourself simply as the consequence of you trying to cover Cummings´ dirt.

        You are referring to me as True Nationalist based on the fact that True Nationalist shared that information with you, myself and others here, and I brought it to your attention after you tried to deny what Alex Cummings himself confirmed?

        I will not be surprise if you begin to refer to others who are asking you whether Cummings is bisexual or homosexual, are to you Mr. True Nationalist. Dolo, I have long been on this site before you, True Nationalist, and many others. I am done with you.

        • OMG!
          My sincere apology to True Nationalist for submitting this post to him. It was an oversight.

          Mr. Tamba,
          You are not a fantastic guy man or a person of countenance. I hope you are really done with me and Cummings, as you promised.
          I would really spend a nice day and peaceful night if you didn’t poke at me or anyone I care for.
          Watch your words and expressions towards me and put an end to your calumny towards Cummings!

  14. A wise person once said, “To change your life you need to change your priorities.”

    It is also said, if you cannot deal with the daunting task of prioritizing your life, another way out is to indulge in a form of escapism: a mental diversion from unpleasant or boring aspects of daily life, typically through activities involving imagination or entertainment.

    I guess, Liberia’s economic problems are so daunting; some people have to escape these hash economic realities by diverting Liberians to other attention seeking issues that won’t improve the lives of many Liberians who currently live on a $1.00US a day.

    Liberia is a country on fire (in an economic mess). Instead of some Liberians contributing the right firefighting equipment to put out the fire, they are now focusing on things that will not help extinguish Liberia’s fire (remedy Liberia’s current economic mess).

    Fixing Liberia’s weak economy should be of utmost importance than worrying about changing the name of Monrovia at this time. Oh yes! There are many edifices in Liberia that represent former American slave masters or places that are not of African nomenclature (names). All these can be done appropriately. Fixing Liberia’s crumbling economy should be Liberians utmost priority.

    Liberia has multitudes of problems. We cannot compare Liberia’s mounting economic, social, or political problems to that of United States. Let Americans solve America’s problems and let Liberians solve Liberia’s problem. Liberia current problems are mostly economic and ethics: infrastructure development, employment, better medical care, better education and mounting corruption which should be of priorities.

    Will you worry about changing the name of your street when your house is on fire?

    As the wise person once said, “To change your life you need to change your priorities.”

  15. Good Names?

    The name Monrovia should not only be changed, but also the name Liberia. Monrovia is named after a man ( James Monroe), who introduced a policy of non-interference in 1823 to foreign European Powers in the early days of USA independence.

    Maybe we Liberian need to know the danger of foreign interference in our own affairs! Something that has derailed our own efforts. Does foreign interference MATTERS? Well, I hope Mr. Monroe new about that from Napoleon Bonaparte, from the Louisiana Purchase, or the war of 1812 in Riverdale, Maryland, from the Red Coat.

    Most of our names were ceremonially given to us to honor people who don’t even know our existence. Ummmmm!
    Peace, peace and lasting peace

    M. S Bah ( N/P)

  16. Okay Hon. Dolo. I sincerely hope that you and your beloved family will enjoy yourselves over the weekend. Go to Yupugon and get your groceries. Take your kids to the hamburger restaurant in downtown Plateau. That will keep you busy.

    But, I am not too pleased with the answer you gave me regarding Alexander Cummings’ lifestyle. I would like to know whether Alexander Cummings is a homosexual or whether he loves both men and women……. bisexual. Your answer or response was kind of blurry. Okay so this time, I will ask different question…..

    Is Alexander Cummings married?

    Second follow-up question….
    Does Alexander Cummings have his own biological children?

    As I said a few months ago, you’re definitely a diehard fan, a known apologist and a card-carrying member of Cummings’ inner circle. No one advocates for Cummings more than you. And so with such attachments, it is highly unlikely that you cannot tell whether your “demigod” is a gay guy. Just cut through the filth man. Come clean. Because your personality is on the front burner. If you do not know a secret thing about Cummings’ lifestyle, no one will give you the flack. But, if you deceitfully withhold information about Alexander Cummings, you will tied to the pulp, not by me.

    Will you do the research?

    • Comrade Hney,

      I know that my “demigod”, Alexander B. Cummings is married to Teresa Cummings, a union blessed with 2 children namely Ayo and Boikai.

      I once told you that I was even closer to the people of Maryland than my own people. I have a surrogate Grebo father married to a Kru woman who have been befriended by the Cummings’ family.
      It simply means I know who I support to some extent. People will try hard to mudsling him because he appears to pose great threats to many warlords, notorious thieves and bandits. The guy will clean the dirty house, you know what it means for many, right?

      Do you know that Weah has been accused of being a freemason? I have seen photos of Weah wearing their suit on the social media. Is it true or false?

      Look, big brother Hney, if it were proven today that Cummings is a gay, I would withdraw my support and consequently 5% of his current electorates.
      I believe in God the Father Almighty, Creator of heaven and earth. I believe in Jesus Christ, his only Son, our Lord, Who was conceived by the power of the Holy Spirit and born of the Virgin Mary.

      As a free human being or even under the severest prosecution, no amount of money or fame or prosecution will make me to let go of my belief.

      Have a nice Sunday, grand frangin!

  17. Rhyne Brigit

    Yes, Brigit, Liberia is a democracy and one of the tenets of democracy is for every citizen who resides in it to have the right to self-expression. So it was under the leadership of Ellen. Wow!! I reflect during her tenure how harshly and unreserved I directed my criticisms at her, and in hindsight now, she did not deserve some of them at all. This does not mean that she was a saint with the press and all her harshest critics all of the time. But relatively speaking, she demonstrated some tolerance. And all things considered, she was the president, and so those were the challenges that went with the presidency.

    In the same token, Weah’s name can be mentioned at any time in the citizens’ daily conversations even if the analogies, examples, and illustrations accorded with a story does not warrant mentioning him, for he is the nation’s president. That is just how the presidency works the world over.

    My only exception is for any group of citizens to plot to use violence in any form, shape, or manner with the aim of toppling the government. Besides, criticizing the leader and his administration without fear is healthy for a democracy.

    When citizens begin to harbor fear of the government and begin to cowardly compromise their rights to it because they feel they will be victims of witch-hunting, the government often becomes embolden and begins to demand more of the citizens’ rights, and so a good lesson to be learned from this is for citizens under a democracy not to ever compromise their rights because the acceptance of blackmail on a small scale fosters totalitarianism and consequently they will be forced to face the inconvenienced truth one day.

    Finally, what are my takes on the changing of names of places and iconic structures? I fervently believe that if the names of people and places and iconic structures do not contribute to national unity, then they should be changed.

    On the other hand, an argument can be made that preserving the names of people and places and iconic structures is good even if they are unsavory for the nation because such preservation will continue to remind the nation never to tread on such tragic historic path again.

    This is a very sensitive issue and government will have to go about it in a very careful and deliberate way.

  18. If most of the descendants of slaves did not suffer any inferiority complex towards their names given or imposed on them by their slave masters, most of them would see the reason, pride and dignity, in changing their names back to their African names,or at least make some amendments as Kenneth Yakpawolo Best!

    This same inferiority complex is suffered by even or also some indigenous Liberians who do not even want to be called by their original native names; but are rather happy and “proud” when they are called by their given or imposed foreign names! We really do not have any qualms with anyoneś desire to keep his slave mentality name, since he is entitled to his rights to freedom of choice.

    But when it comes to the name of the city of THE NATIONŚ CAPITAL CITY MONROVIA – a name which DOES NOT contribute to national unity, but rather, creates, ignites, and perpetuates, NATIONAL DISUNITY; since it symbolizes, reflects, and honors, ONLY the culture, and identity, of the minority 2 % percent slave descendants settlers of Liberia, and their hitherto slave masters in a foreign land; that name should be INCINERATED FORTHWITH!!!

    For such continuity is an absolute degradation, relegation, and disparagement of the pride, dignity, culture and identity of the 99.9 percent indigenous of the nationś population.-an insult which is of course, a blatant insult at and against the pride, identity, and dignity, of the majority; hence ipso facto a recipe for NATIONAL DISUNITY!

  19. Disgraceful!

    Our lawmakers are dying In GHANA. As if Ghana is the Mecca for medicines. Such a disgrace to our existence.
    None sense!

  20. Bah,
    You’re darn right! The truth of the matter is that everything can be reversed if the lawmakers could use their heads right. They earn huge salaries, but yet they have no hospitals at home to treat them.

    Award scholarships to the best and brightest of our youth in order to study medicine abroad.

  21. Hon. Dolo,
    I am 90% pleased with the information you have supplied. The remaining 10% is hanging in the balance. Anything can spark. I mean you never know what could be dug up. There are a lot of smart people around here. One of them could debunk what is already known about your guy.

    Hon. Dolo, your closeness to the people of Maryland is not a mistake, young fella. You did yourself a good. We Marylanders will treat you with our utmost generosity. From the Ivory coast, you can relocate to Maryland easily. Even if you desire to marry a Maryland girl, that will be somehow okay. We just have to check you out. You will be demanded to present four (4) bullocks. You willingness to present the bullocks will be seen as a sign of sincerety on your part. While there, don’t get into the habit of requesting gigba to be made for you. We’ve got our own food.

    Lastly, it’s okay to sing praises of your demigod. But selling him in Maryland will be a tough sell. You can try.

  22. Uncle Hney,

    Thank you for your comprehension of dirty political propaganda.
    However, know that the underground work to get the full support of Marylanders has been underway ever since. It is where we currently have most of our electorates, followed by Nimba and then Grand Bassa. The statistics for Montserrado is yet to be consistent before we can comment.
    The other day, I told you we now represent 20% of the electorates. We are working towards our goal for Liberia, big brother!

    I will personally meet Mr. Curran and therefrom, we hope to achieve 30% of the electorates from Lofa. As for Bong, things are still mixed up, but I will keep you posted.

  23. Greetings one and all:

    Please be informed that I have emerged from my self-imposed exile and am now back in Monrovia along with my mom. We I wanted to make sure that my Paternal grandparents were ok before I left them to to return to my work. With God on their side, they will fare well

    Again, many thanks to all who stood by me and my family in our time of grief.

    Having said that, Uncle Dolo, you need to start talking to me if you want Bomi for Mr.Cummings.


  24. Hey Joe,

    Against, my deepest condolences to you and the entire family for the passing of your dad. As I once told you, you now need to gracefully surrender the things of the youth and placidly engaged our troubled world with objectivity and resolve.

    About Bomi, we need to talk that face-to-face. I don’t know the strategy of the party for your county, but we will have to discuss that face-to-face.

    Extend my regards to your mom, Joe!

  25. Mr. Joe Moses,

    With profound sadness, I write to once again say have my sympathy. I also extend my sympathy to your mother and sister and all the members of your bereaved family. May the Almighty God bless and sustain you. May the Angel of the Lord guide, instruct and protect you in all attempted endeavors.

    It’s never late to give. A church song states:
    Give O give, give in Jesus name,
    Whatever you give, give in Jesus name,
    Give O give, give in Jesus name, and
    He will bless you- the more you give.

    Please let me know how I can make a contribution. You and your mom did a whole lot during the untimely death of your dad. Don’t say no. Please don’t do that. I mean it. Or if I can make the contribution through your sister in the states, please advise me according to how I should proceed.

    Be blessed.

  26. Hon. Dolo,
    Now it seems that you’re going a little too far! Your Maryland county connection is getting too suspicious. On behalf of the Marylanders, I welcomed you. It was not a political endorsement. I will quickly withdraw the welcome mat if you and your ANC people are engaged in some cloudy stuff. Once again, my act of welcoming you is not a political endorsement.

    Cummings is not the right guy for the county of Maryland, Liberia and the universe. Cummings does not have the guts or machismo to do a credible presidential job. Cummings is shut on “bread and butter” issues. When he had the opportunity to present a contrast during the last presidential run, Cummings blew it big time. For instance, the guy promised to create 100,000 jobs in three months if he got voted in. Sorry to say that the working class people of Liberia, the Liberian intelligentsia and friends of Liberia knew that Cummings’ call to create 100,000 jobs in 100 days was a gimmick. It’s still a gimmick! The days of political gimmicks are over in Liberia.

    Liberia is a dirt-poor country. Granted. There’s chronic unemployment in Liberia. People want jobs. However, people get scared if not “turned off” if unworkable ideas for job creation are put forth in a tricky way. And who “done it”? Cummings, of course. That’s too bad.

    Lastly, you’re a patriotic Liberian. Feel 101% free to visit and live in Maryland county. But be careful young man. Be held. Don’t be allowed to stray politically in my county. There are consequences.

  27. Hahahahahaha!
    Comrade Hney, I hope I am not the one to welcome you to Maryland, your own county. Politically, I am already seated in Maryland, the mat was spread long ago.

    We are not hoping for Cummings to be the right guy for Maryland but for Liberia. Whisper to your people to cast the right votes and prove us wrong during the first 100 days of our leadership.

    You see the $30 million your Weah just burnt recently? It could have been used to creatively create at least 5,000 COVID-19 jobs.
    Give us the chance in 2023 and see if we will sell snakeskin or snake oil. We can transform Liberia into medium income country in 10 years. Everyday of our presidency will be worthwhile. We will not spend precious time in studio to make COVID-19 music or play football with our partisans. We will put them to work and provide decent livelihood for them.

    Watch out for ANC in 2023! We must begin to do things like others!

    • Uncle Dolo and uncle Hney

      Thano you for your kind sentiments.

      I welcome face to face discussion with you uncle Dolo. I can get to know your better as well. But I must tell you now Bomi people not feeling Cummings. So he has to try hard and wear big gown to come see us.

      Uncle Hney. My sister is now in the state of Rhode Island and she will get in touch with you before she returns home. It is my understanding that she will be home before July ending.


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