The Destiny of Africa


By Pastor Edward P.K. Quansah (0775828076)

Why is Africa considered the poorest continent in the whole world? The continent itself is not poor but due to irresponsible behavior and negligence of proper care of  how we could have utilized the immense resources of the continent, that paved a way for colonialism and imperialism to over rule the will and minds of the people of Africa, subjected them to give up authority or power to maintain their own resources. Africa therefore was partitioned by colonist and imperialist who continue to loot and root out the resources of Africa leaving the people to live in abject poverty. Unless we change our mind-set, with good leadership, Africans will continue to suffer.

There are various reasons why Africa cannot be developed:

Reason 1. The failure of churches to bring light or sanity into the society
Reason 2. Attitudinal changes
Reason 3. Justice Department and Security which must purify the culture of impunity
Reason 4. Education which should enlighten the minds of the society to bring better development.
Reason 5. Politics for good leadership
Reason 6. Economy by prudent management

What is Poverty?

To begin with let us find the philosophy of POVERTY.

The mathematical calculation of the word poverty, the equation is “CDEACE CQH I LS WDE MCHI” the interpretation is: Poverty is an act of complacency, which denies the efforts of someone’s achievement, coupled with quantified habitual impoverishment leads to sentimentality which decoys the ethics of mental capabilities or human integrity.

There is no way poverty can be eradicated from all parts of the world. In every society or nation there is poverty. Poverty does not concern wealth or riches only. Poverty can affect everybody one way or the other. A rich man has everything he needs yet a disease can cripple him, causing him to abandoned all his riches or wealth, it could be stroke or any paralyzing disease which could render him helpless. If he could give out all his riches or wealth to be free of this ailment, he will be consented. Such poverty is of poor health. Therefore, poverty can be determined in different ways. Such as poverty in wealth, family, marriages, business etc. in other words, anything that cripples the life of a person, whether rich or poor, is referred to as a necessity in human life.

A poor man who does not have anything yet living in peace from ailment, sickness, or impairment; though he does not have what he needs, yet life alone is precious and if he could at least live on a square meal a day is sufficient.

The antidote to poverty is hard work, proper management, self-control and satisfaction with Godly fear. Paul stated “…the hand that does not work must not eat” it’s only a lazy person who cries from poverty, for our Father in heaven said to Adam, by thy sweat you’ll get your daily bread. Everyone must try to do something to help himself or his family.

Nobody is dependable, to provide the needs of others, it is impossible. No leader can satisfy everybody’s needs, so long as that leader cannot provide jobs or employment for everyone to do; not even in the developed world.

Our total dependency is on our father in heaven, who cares for all HIS creatures. Therefore, by hard work and dedication in prayer, our father in heaven can help us to achieve our goals.

Mankind’s total failure to care for others such as the rich taking care of the poor, rather selfishness, greediness and callousness have distinguished the poor from the rich.

(I’m I my brother’s keeper)?

 We need to love one another in this world to make it a better place to live, just as our Lord and savior brought love to mankind, it is the duty of believers to channel such love so that mankind will care for one another. Today, Christians have failed to channel the course of human dinity to love one another.

The Failure of Churches

Christians have assumed to organize churches by using what is sublet/sublate, which consist of man-made rules. Ex.  The Lord told Moses to take off   his sandals because the place he was standing was holy. Some churches have used the same procedure by telling their members not to enter the church with their sandals or shoes on. Some churches do not allow some dress codes such as wearing earrings, women in trousers, and many members are forbidden to eat certain meat, some do not take blood transfusion, some do not salute the flag, and many man-made rules concerning our worship today. All these do not bring salvation to mankind. Salvation is through the power of the death and resurrection of our Lord and Savior. If sound doctrine is not taught to transform the members of the church, all these man-made laws cannot change them.

If they don’t receive the power of the Holy Father to enlighten their minds or renew their minds, to change from worst to better, members will continue to live in their weaknesses. It is only through sound teaching and preaching that can bring changes in the lives of people and not man-made rules. Today the power of the Holy Father is departed from most churches because we have involved many things in our praise and worship to the Lord Most High. Our Father in heaven said, we should work for six days and on the seventh day, it should be dedicated to him, and we must keep it Holy, which is the Sabbath.

Today the Sabbath is polluted with so many activities, funeral services, weddings, outdooring, and birthday parties and birth month contest in the church. I am not against raising funds to support the church. The church must have sufficient funds to cater to the members and the vulnerable in society, but if all these functions will be separated from the Sabbath day which is a day of rest and must be kept Holy to God, if a special day of the week is set aside for such social functions, it could be better, so that we may have sufficient time to spend with the Lord. That’s the only way we can encounter the power of the Holy Father. When Solomon was dedicating the temple of the Lord, praise and worship brought the presence of the Lord and the Levites could not stand on their feet because the place was filled with the presence of our Father in Heaven. Today we have polluted the holy day with so many functions and therefore the Holy Father does not present himself as an advocator or edifier of the church. The church is defiled with so many dubious activities such as selling so called holy oils in divers colors, with different applications. There is an oil for stabilizing marriages, attracting someone to you, amplify your love and so forth. Some churches even go to the extent of whipping Satan with canes. Others spread salt around their compound to chase away demons. Some bottles of the oils have the cross in them, some have eggs in them and many dubious signs they perform to the congregation, whom they ignorantly believe in these things.

Some pastors chloroform members, to make them appear dead and raise them back to life in the presence of the congregation. Some gather information about the members and when they are ministering, they prophesy about them, when they have already gotten information about them. Some pastors have the audacity to call the color of the panties of ladies, expressing their supernatural ability and some prophesy psychologically to create discordance among families, and there are many dubious activities going on in churches today which are polluting the authenticity of the Bible (the word of our Father in Heaven). Some pastors are using images of their families on billboards. Are we worshipping the savior or the pastor and his family?

Christians therefore, are the light of the world who could eradicate ethical, moral darkness from this world. Christians can change the world to be a better place for all mankind to live if we follow the footsteps of our Lord and Savior.

Attitudinal changes

Unless we change our attitudes or behaviors towards unproductive activities that do not bring development in our society, we shall remain where we are. If we waste time on unnecessary activities such as, drinking liquor, smoking, falling into drug-additions, womanizing, and spending time in beer bars, chill with our girlfriends and boyfriends and not utilize our time for better development, Africa will remain unproductive. If we spend our money lavishly without good savings, poverty will be our friend. If we are not creative, innovative, we are joking. The world is moving faster with different ideas with developmentality while Africans are hallucinating into retrogression. While other nations are rocketing to the moon, we are sinking down in the sinking sand. We need to change our attitudes for the better, not complacency but competency. We need to work hard toward our goals not to rest on our oars. We must try hard to redeem the image of Africa, Africa is our home. It is better for us to develop our own continent for conducive living, no matter how hard the condition, Africa is our home.


We need to reform our education for better development. We need to train our children to utilize our resources for a better development. Our education must base upon individual’s ability to perform creatively and innovatively. Let individual perform his/her duty as possible as he could, to bring tangible development. Education therefore, must be considered as a key to developmentality, we should encourage our children to perform their talents or potentiality in order to achieve their vision to contribute to the development of their nation. To get more insight, (check the publication “The philosophy of Education, published on the sixteen of September 2020 by Daily Observer”).


Our Justice Department and Security, combined with judges, police, army, immigration, and other security systems, these are the people who govern the safety of mankind whom our heavenly father had given the opportunity to take such tasks. We thank our heavenly father for giving us such great men and women to take care of us. Judges must be fair in dealing with the people, whether poor or rich, whether great or small; justice must be applied to all people. It is commonly said, justice delayed, justice denied, this should not be so, what is good for the goose is also good for the gander, therefore, justice must be the key to bring peace among all people, for without it there will be no development. Men and women in arms must be cautious to use their arms properly. They must not use their arms for harassment, they must be satisfied with their salaries. John the Baptist told the soldiers how they may enter into the kingdom of our father in heaven (Luke 3:14) If they try to keep peace among the people or defend them, we may live in an atmosphere of peace and also this could bring total development upon our nation, for where there is no peace, there is no development; We thank you for your great efforts in keeping our continent in an atmosphere of peace. May our Father in heaven continue to bless, and protect you.

Number 5: Politics

Politicians must be sincere and humble to serve their people. As they look for votes from the people with humility, they should continue to humble themselves to serve their people when they get into power. They should not roll their tainted glasses to shut off their people who voted them into power, they should always remember the same thumb which brought them to power, the same thumb  will remove them from power.( when a person falls into a stupor of supremacy, complacency denies him the values of his expectations), (when a chicken is drunk, it forgets the presence of a hawk). At times people forget easily were they are coming from; usually they ignore those who help them to be what they are. Politicians, therefore, must channel the cost of human relationship with dignity and sincerity, humility and compassion; they should serve their people not to be lord over them as our Lord the savior came to serve and not to be served. If they copy the examples of our Lord’s leadership, they will be able to serve their people with compassion. Politics should not be used for witch-hunting, nepotism, cronyism, or tribalism. Politics should bring total relief to the people such as the six basic needs, water and electricity, proper health and proper education, roads and agriculture. These basic needs will eliminate poverty of our people, it shows much development of a nation. Politicians should not create, loot, and share, they should distribute equally the national cake for all, both the vulnerable and non-vulnerable.


Africa is the richest continent in the whole world, yet Africans didn’t take advantage of their resources to develop their continent. Africans mainly depend on the importation and exportation of raw materials. Instead of processing the raw materials for a higher exchange rate, we fail to do so.  Our education does not encourage us to use our natural resources for better development. We depend on borrowing for our development instead of using our own resources for development. This has crippled the economy of Africa leading them to poverty. What is poverty? Poverty is an act of complacency which denials the efforts of someone’s achievement, coupled with quantified, habitual impoverishment, which leads to sentimentality which decoys the ethics of mental capability or human integrity. Africans have great hope if we change our mentality towards dependency syndrome, importation, exportation of raw materials, we can do better for the future.

If we manage our resources prudently, it will be better. Therefore, we need competency in management, competency in disbursement, competency in lending, competency in borrowing and budgeting. We must not borrow money to service our debts and for entertainment or use it to pay salaries but to invest it to bring interest so it could pay back the amount borrowed. We must also budget according to the size of our economy. (It is said, cut your coat according to your size). We need good statisticians to project the management of our economy. Not to site all kinds of economic jargons to deceive the masses as if our economy is booming when they know our single digit is a mere joke, while inflation continues to reveal their improper statistics proclaimed at budget readings. They should be sincere to the people, so together we can fight inflation with proper management.

Caution to the World

In the era of the 21st Century, there are many uncountable and unpalatable events that are going to occur. The events will conclude the prophecy of the bible at the end time. The situation will be so chaotic, that it will affect all humankind. Nations which denied the power of our Father in heaven and have instituted their own principles of writing their constitutions to contradict the principles of our Father in heaven by endorsing all forms of filthy lifestyles such as training the children to choose their gender, lesbianism, homosexuality, abortion of millions of babies and encouraging people to deny our Father in Heaven, are going to face the wrath of our Father within the shortest time. The wrath of our Father in heaven is going to be so severe that if care is not taken, one-third of the population of the world will be destroyed. Every imagination of man is evil. The earth is filled with violence more than the time of Sodom and Gomorrah. Men love money more than themselves. Humanism, determinism, antagonism, and all sorts of evil practices are carried out day-to-day. Superpowers are preparing for the last battle to fulfill the prophecy of the war of Armageddon. The situation will be so chaotic that many lives will be wiped out. From now to the eightieth year to come, which is the end of the 21st Century, horrible diseases will be revealed. Some will be caused by the human invention of dangerous viruses. They are planning to revisit the cause of virus TA418 and other macrobiotic diseases which will cause the world to panic and that might be the end of all ages. America has been invaded by evil forces to disintegrate the nation to be powerless and this will ripple throughout the entire world, as far as America is the world police. The election will determine the situation of America, whether America stands or falls.

Israel has allowed politics to divide them, they should be very cautious. The world economy is going to be grounded. Importation and exportation will be seized, which will affect dependent countries especially in Africa. Africa must therefore produce what they eat and must preserve farmlands and protect the water bodies, so that when the situation gets tough, Africa will survive.


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