The CPP Manifesto: A Quest to Come, Grab and Go!


By Gboko Stewart

When Henry P. Costa, leader of the controversial Council of Patriots, announced on his official Facebook account that he holds a social contract with the people and not the political parties, many did not know it was a thinly veiled reference to the newly minted CPP Framework Agreement.

The permeating thought was Costa was taking a swipe at his benefactor and political leader, Benoni W. Urey, with whom he reportedly has disagreements. Urey, according to news reports, had, in the spirit of patriotism, accepted an invitation from President George Manneh Weah to donate items to residents of Careysburg in the wake of the deadly COVID-19 outbreak.

Costa, according to sources, and a faction of the CoP were insistent that the ALP leader should not accept the offer. But Urey and his daughter, businesswoman Telia Urey, seeing it as an opportunity to make amends for whatever that may have gone wrong between the Ureys and President Weah, jumped at it.

And so, tensions went high and egos were bruised. In the end, Telia resigned from the CoP as one of its vice-chairpersons, much to the consternation of Costa.

But the grumbling of Costa, it seems, was directed at the men and women of the four major opposition political parties seeking to unseat the CDC-led government of President Weah.

The Collaborating Political Parties (CPP) has finally released its framework which, when compacted, will produce a single candidate to launch it to the presidency in 2023.

But for all intents and purposes, and just for the worth of the ink on paper, it appears to be nothing more than the quest and jostle for jobs, power, holding of small beer fest at Mary’s Shop and Hilltop Bar, and the riding of luxurious expensive tinted SUVs through the worn-out streets of Monrovia.

Except for the sketchy plans of how the alliance would work, the CPP, now led by former Coca-Cola executive, Alex B. Cummings for the next eight months, is far from its projected saintly image if the framework agreement is anything to go by.

According to Section 10.11.1 of the agreement, “All constituent political parties shall be represented in the Cabinet. Cabinet positions shall be allocated amongst the constituent political parties and all other qualified Liberians whether or not they are members of the Alliance.”

While section 10.11.12, appears to be going contrary to 10.11.1, states: “Constituent Political Parties shall recommend qualified Members for appointment to Cabinet, junior cabinet, Technical level positions and local government administration subject to all applicable laws.”

However, and from all indications, the CPP framework is a summation of what Nobel Laureate and Archbishop, Desmond Tutu said. “Sometimes we are what we hate in others.”

For example, Section 10.11.14 of the agreement states “Constituent Political Parties shall recommend qualified Members for appointment to Cabinet, junior cabinet, Technical level positions, local government administration subject to all applicable laws.”

But when Vice-President Jewel Howard Taylor, at a program in Gbarnga two years ago, remarked that officials of the local government to be appointed would be only members of the coalition and “it is our time to eat,” the CPP went into overdrive.

Vice President Taylor would go on to take sustained lashes from the CPP uninterruptedly, dragging her through hell and back for the sheepish remark.

Amongst other things, Vice-President Taylor—and by extension, the ruling coalition—were lashed at for being exclusivists and unpatriotic in the division of the noble call to service.

Chiefly cited by the CPP—then still individualistic and trying to find its footing —was the purported violation Article 8 of the 1986 constitution. “The Republic shall direct its policy towards ensuring for all citizens, without discrimination, opportunities for employment and livelihood under just and humane conditions, and towards promoting safety, health and welfare facilities in employment.”

According to the CPP, VP Taylor’s statement was in stark contrast to Article 8. Now, the CPP is preparing to meticulously violate the constitution come hell or highwater. What makes this violation pristine is, it is methodical and has been signed, sealed, and delivered. With the swinging of the pendulum in the direction of the CPP, it is becoming clearer what the objective is.

Even more troubling is Section 10.11.3 which clearly states: “Only known, active and visible members of Constituent Political Parties shall be recommended by the parties.”

In short, it simply means partisans who are endless callers of talk shows and make the loudest noise in one of the many proliferating podcasts on Facebook are the ones for consideration. So now, the race is on for whose voice has the loudest decibel. The recent arrest of Menipakei Dumoe is a perfect example.

Already literally forgotten on the political landscape since parting ways with businessman and politician, Simeon Freeman, his political fortunes were resurrected recently when the government fell for his bait by arresting him over a Facebook post that ‘Liberians needs AK-47 from the government, not rice.’

His picture standing behind the bars would be paraded on social media, and some even thoughtlessly tried to liken him to global icon and Nobel Laureate, Nelson Mandela. He would clarify that he was writing metaphorically.

But it was also the same figure of speech that former President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf used to call for the leveling of the Executive Mansion and said it would be rebuilt in three days. Her twelve years in office did not produce the Midas touch she was thought to possess.

In the end, he (Dumoe) was released on Unification Day, though his lawyer, Cllr. Tiawan Gongloe, and the current head of the CPP, Alex Cummings, acknowledged that his statement was far below the belt.

And whoever the would-be winners are, they would most likely come from Monrovia. They would have to call for eternal damnation like Henry Costa and his many talks of protest, echoing rhetorics of our violent past like Menipakei Dumoe, or have a dualist character like Senator Abraham Darius Dillon.

Fame and visibility require extremity. It wouldn’t come from the hinterland because our people up-country are smarter than those jockeying for visibility in Monrovia. For example, they would not call for the literal damaging of the soil because they know everyone feeds from it. In the end, they would be bastardized because their intelligence level is top-notch.

The road to 2023 is still far and the CPP would need more than just its quest for jobs, trappings of power, fame, and visibility to convince Liberians that they are truly the alternative to the ruling party.

At a time when officials of government are being criticized for being less patriotic, they (CPP) have pulled out of the steering committee meant to oversee the distribution of food to the public. But yet still continues to believe that service, vis-à-vis ruling the country, is divine call meant for them alone.

Politics does indeed make strange bedfellows. Rather than availing a platform and roadmap for the country, CPP is interested in the milking of the state cow and the politics of exclusion.

Alexander B. Cummings, current rotational head of the CPP often cites that past performance is the best roadmap to gauge future performance. He is right.

The performance of the CPP is before us now and it is that which will be used to review them for the upcoming midterm election in October and the general and presidential elections in 2023.

So far, it has been nothing but absolute failure. Two of its leading figures, Senators Nyonblee Karnga-Lawrence and Senator Abraham Darius Dillon already have a messy report card. The acceptance of the US$6k bribe is a case in point. Senator Varney Sherman breaking from the pact to confirm presidential nominees is another example.

If the CPP should learn from history—as they should—the falling of the colossal True Whip Party, followed by the NDPL, and later the NPP should serve as historical guidance.

Exclusion doesn’t work and never will. It ostracizes the best brains and breeds resentment. This must be so apparent to President Weah and, perhaps not wanting his government to be a failure like those of his predecessors, has reached out and appointed one of his fiercest critics and seasoned professional, Ms. Jeanine Cooper. And plans are underway to reportedly bring on board others as well.

The road to 2023 is also fraught with many heartbreaks and disappointments. Like matters of the heart, there will be many jilted lovers. Whether the coalition will remain cemented till 2023 is still murky to tell.

The rosiness of the Christmas will be determined from preparation on the eve. For now, it seems things are going south. Henry Costa appears to be bolting from the doors, Senator Varney Sherman acts in his own personal pecuniary interests, not the CPP’s and last of all, the holding convention will determine whether the framework isn’t cow dung – hard on top but messy and watery beneath.


  1. Make no mistake about that, Benoni Urey, Joseph Boakai, and Alex Cummings, sole political goal is their INDIVIDUAL AND COLLECTIVE selfish financial desire to privatize nearly all of Liberiaś public corporations and they themselves and their cronies buy-up those very public corporations.

    As for their tools as Nyonblee Karngar, Henry Costa, Darius Dillon, etc. etc. their public records speak for themselves.

    Henry Costa is accused by his colleagues for stealing funds provided for their silly protests. Nyonblee Kargarś record at LPRC explains her corrupt character, nature, personality and mentality. Darius Dillonś record at NOCAL and his defense “today” of funds and cars he criticized yesterday exposes his corrupt nature and character.

    And this is inter alia why the CDC and it coalition must stand firm with their good policies in the interest of the people and the state for the rest of their twelve years; so that after their two terms, the country will still look up to them as their saviors and heroes.

  2. Wow, Wow, Wow…. If this is the alternative to CDC, the Liberian people will really cry with blood running down their cheeks.
    These belly driven and gravy seekers have already decided cabinet positions and other positions among themselves and a political party to each county, i.e. ANC to Nimba, Liberty party to Bassa, not based on the person’s qualification or vetting process but on an agreement between them.

    Liberians beware of these guys and what you are asking for because it will only take a few months for you all to be in the streets and on this forum condemning the very people that appeared to be the answer to Liberia’s problems.

    Don’t forget, Ellen came with all the sweet political talk, educated, Harvard graduate, one of the best team of administrators, What did they do ? Took debt free Liberia and stole in every sector and left the country in a Billion United States Dollars DEFICIT.
    This is the same group coming again, this time around to finish up what they left off from the 12 years that was given to them.
    They are sitting here in America and so lazy to go out and work because they are used to free money. Liberia is the only place they can ride a $80,000 SUV, driver and security guards. They cannot afford to stay in the States.

    These guys don’t love Liberia, only what they can get from that country. Everytine, they will jump behind an individual with clean record Like Mr. Cummings to carry out their selfish and dirty deeds in Liberia. Beware Liberians.

  3. To my many uncles and friends here:

    I would like to take this time to inform you that Mr. Joe Moses Sr. was laid to rest on this Saturday past, the day that would have made him 55 years young.

    I also would like to take this time to thank each and every one of you in a personal way for your many prayers and kind words of encouragement towards me and my family in our time of grief.

    My sister could not be here because of her inability to travel home due to the pandemic that we all face.


    • Dear Joe,

      My heartfelt condolences out there to you, brother.
      Your dad has accomplished his mission on earth. He formed and groomed a good and beautiful family who are good citizens of Liberia and the world.
      Though sad to part at this time, I admonish you to rejoice because your dad lived an accomplished life and will keep watch over your faltering steps along life’s perilous paths.

      Be strong brother and confront life optimistically. You now need to begin to gracefully surrender the things of the youth and nurture strength of spirit to shield you in sudden misfortune.

      God bless you!

  4. Nephew Joe,

    Sorry again for the loss of your Dad. Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ is the Greatest Comforter. Seek him through his word and he will see you and the family through these difficult times.

    I know you were to visit the States again before the pandemic, hope to see you when things are under control.


  5. Dear Webmaster Admin,

    For once, your analysis hereof is indeed cursory and puerile.

    I would like you to contemplate the roads travelled thus far from April 1980 to September 1990, and the ensuing battle for power resulting into 14 years of fratricide.
    I would like you to contemplate the jostle for power therefrom through the exhibition of the sword and might, and the prevailing consequential neglect or abandon of merit and hard work in our society.
    I would like you to analyze the psychological and psychiatric perception of public power and the quest to grab and exercise it to evade justice while tenaciously coveting loots and plunders.

    Given the above, one needs to be smart to make everyone accepts his place and role in our society by federating all around a common understandable good.
    The CoP or CPP is assuming this cardinal role under a common prospective indisputable leadership of Alexander B. Cummings.

    Understand what is unfolding and deepen your analysis for your readership.
    Thanks for the efforts!

  6. Webmaster Admin,

    Thanks for exposing the selfish and devilish plans of the true enemies of the people of Liberia.

    Their plan is to steal, kill and destroy the Liberian people, pretty much they possess all the characteristics of Satan, the DEVIL.

    These fools plan to govern Liberia with an agreement between themselves, can one imagine if you are not part of that agreement or disagree with it ?

    Another invitation to trouble in Liberia, their only purpose in Life.

  7. Joe Jr,
    I am out of words. I really mean it. I sympathize and empathize with you every inch of the way. Also, please extend my deepest sympathy to your mom and sister.

    Joe Jr., is there any way I could get in direct touch with you?

    My brother Mr. Nelson Sr. of Minnesota writes:
    “Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ is the Greatest Comforter”. Guess what? I second Brother Nelson’s thoughts from A to Z because he’s right! Stay strong. Jesus is all the world to all of us. Please avail yourself. I would like to get in touch with you.

    Be blessed.

  8. Mr. Aron Doe Nelson Sr! Why can’t you imagine what is happening now in President George Weah administration? But you are asking peopl to imagine about what is yet to unfold in the CCP or COP led administration? Are you blind to notice who made up the inner circle of the ruling CDC or just another talking point? The political parties that did merged with the CDC to bring George Weah to power did secured political position so what is wrong with shearing power?

    Now you are asking Liberians to imagine how things will be like in the CCP led administration? If that’s your concern about our system of governance, speak out now or condemned it now. Don’t sugarcoat it now and tried to demonized it against the CCP that is yet to win. By the way, only the president of our republic can improve the lives of ordinary Liberians and not, appointed ministers, elected representatives nor elected senators. This is why it is very important to have a visionary president that will crack down of corruption and put policies in place to yield good governance.

    The argument about shearing power between themselves is nothing new in Liberia. The power is solely with the executive to make things happened for the ordinary Liberians. The agenda that the president seeks is what most at time being implemented and the vehicles to move theses agenda are the appointed ministers, deputies, directors and civil servants. The day we as Liberians see & recognize corruption as our inner enemy and total destruction that is stopping Liberia from going forward, that’s the day we will see the Liberia for all and not just the Liberia thats for the 12% that control the wealth while the 88% lived in abject poverty. We need a president that will reverse this trend which is destroying our country. The people are tired of adjusting their lives to poverty due to bad leadership.


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