The Alternative Liberia Deserves

Mr. Alexander B. Cummings, Politicsl Leader, Alternative National Congress

Op-ed by ANC’s Communication Team

The Political Leader of the Alternative National Congress (ANC), Mr. Alexander B. Cummings.

He is the “Alternative” Liberia deserves The Nigerians reckon that “All lizards lie prostrate, but how can one tell which one suffers from bellyache.” Liberians have severally litmus-tested somewhat little known or pseudo political actors; some imposed while others emerged through quasi-electioneering processes.

Arguably, the quest for a ‘Messiah’ has been rife amid a fathoming population eager to see a group of Liberians truly dedicated to bring about a better Liberia. A country in which the people will undoubtedly be real owners of the wealth, resources and political direction of their future.

As the search edges on, a group of Liberians have congregated themselves into what has become known as the Alternative National Congress (ANC). These patriotic Liberians believe that the crucial issues of health, education, agriculture and importantly the economy need complete overhaul. Politics and economics are twin sisters or better still inseparable.

The ANC’s political path these men and women proposed envisions a new partnership for development of all the potentials of the nation, where the various pillars of the society will all work in harmony to put the country on a new development path. In this collation of viable forces, the government will create and maintain an atmosphere conducive to progress, creativity, peace and one that allows all potentials to bloom. The civil society and the private sector then become engines of progress. This new paradigm will lead to national renaissance and development and put an end to Liberia’s anguish. The ANC wows to end the dependency of Liberia, in every area, from agriculture to education to health.

We all know that the vicissitudes of Ebola reckon an ardent call to action aimed at building a robust and resilient basic health care system for our people. In the doctrine of the ‘Alternative Liberia deserves’, all Liberians irrespective of their status, creed and belief are entitled to better and improved health care no matter where they live. The ‘Alternative’ postulates that no Liberian should die because healthcare is inaccessible let alone health worker unavailable.

As a vision, the ‘ANC’ concedes that life-saving drugs must be readily available at every health facility; we must ensure a commitment to reduce infant mortality; have the capacity to respond appropriately to any outbreak and that our healthcare delivery system will not be based on ‘cash and carry’ especially for those desperately in need. Training and capacity building for health care professional would ultimately inform our vision in order to deliver nothing short of the best.

It is about an ‘ANC’ that reconfigures our national education system based on a practical and scientific diversification model. An education system that makes students to become inspired, incisive and thought-provoking. A system that will explore ‘life skills’ to give young boys and girls a promising future. The ‘Alternative’ that prospects an education system that will prioritize vocational technical education that will groom middle-level technical and entrepreneurs.

This ‘ANC’ will encapsulate the infusion of enormous resources into “science, technology, engineering and mathematics” (STEM). We cannot lose sight of the teachers on account of quality. If our teachers are adequately trained and capacitated, we should evidently expect the best out of the students. Prior to our devastating conflict, institutions and entities such as ‘Bong County Agriculture Development Project (BCADP), Nimba County Agriculture Development Project (NCADP) and the Lofa County Agriculture Development Project (LCADP) became the breeding grounds for Liberia’s agricultural productivity. They empowered farmers and provided the technical support for our people to till the land. The yields were blossoming and farmers were able to invest into their children’s education and meet other basic needs for their households.

It is the determination of the ANC to chart and re-engineer the dawn of a new day for the agriculture sector. The vision calls for repositions Agriculture Extension Specialists to the District and Counties to lead the charge.

The ‘Alternative or Vision’ recognizes the fertility of our soil and believes that by employing the right technological methods and best practices – our dream for an agriculturally sustainable country is at our doorsteps. The ANC Liberia deserves is just more than words but anchored on genuine call to action for the greater good of all Liberians.


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