Support for Mobilization Against Rape


By the Forum of Liberian Women Elders

The Forum of Liberian Women Elders, wishes to identify with and endorse the recent development against the growing cases of Rape and its diabolic dimensions of its recent manifestation, namely being perpetrated against 3 and 4 years old baby girls, with, in one case use of razor blade and another the use of a knife to facilitate insertion by young boys and men.

The Forum is an autonomous programme under the auspices of The Liberian Institute for “Growing” Patriotism–an action driven development NGO established since 2013 as a tribute to the memory of Liberians throughout the nation, from all ethnic groups and all segments of the Society. The primary mission of the Institute are foremost to provide informal training and education for “Growing” (development and promotion) Patriotism and secondly to promote the upliftment of the welfare and well-being of Liberians through support to project activities and Advocacy (ongoing and otherwise) that contribute to the transformation of the Liberian Citizenry and the Society.

It is against this back-drop that the establishment of the Forum for Liberian Women Elders was made in the wake of the death of Mother Mary Brownell and the consensus by all, to preserve her Legacy and the Legacies of other Women Elders gone to the Great Beyond.

Hence the objectives of the Forum are for the Voices of Women Elders to be heard and respond to certain critical issues and not remain silent on issues affecting the future of the nation. This will mean contributing actively to debates and engaging in Partnerships with ongoing efforts to respond to selected ills in the society, (together with other professional bodies) as well as being actively engaged with critical issues facing the country.

Accordingly, amongst the Focus Areas of the Forum, is that of Rape which indeed has been identified as the second of our five focus areas, the others being Street Children and Drug abuse; Constitutional and other Governance issues; National Unity Reconciliation and Patriotism; as well as  promotion and realization of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s).

Thus we stand solidly behind the demonstration against Rape over the past few days and strongly condemn the increasing cases of Rape and its diabolical nature indicated above. Indeed, one of our members, Olubanke King-Akerele former Minister of Foreign Affairs has recently on Prime FM radio last Wednesday spoke out strongly against this Violence against women, calling upon Liberia’s foremost Feminist–in–Chief, President George Weah, to lead a Campaign against Rape with strong penalties to be implemented. Rape is and must be the entire society’s fight–Traditional leaders; the Inter-Religious Council and other faith-based Institutions; the Peace Ambassador, Government of Liberia, and Civil Society. It is not only the Ministry of Gender’s responsibility.

We, the Forum of Liberian Women Elders will be requesting an audience with H.E. President George Manneh Weah, Feminist-in-Chief, on this and other critical issues, amongst which, the increasing violence in the country as we lead up to Dec. 8th Senatorial elections. We hope that our efforts since 2019 to meet with Mr. President will receive positive and timely response this time.


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Madam Theresa Leigh Sherman                                     Dr. Evelyn Kandakai
Co – Chair                                                                   Co – Chair
Forum of Liberian                                                         Forum of Liberian
Women Elders                                                              Women Elders

Date: 27, August 2020


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