Such Violence, A Bitter Force against Democracy, Security and Peacekeeping


Special statement on the election violence in Grand Cape Mount County

By Rev. Dr. Samuel B. Reeves, Jr., President, Liberia Baptist Missionary & Educational Convention, Inc.

It is with utmost sadness that we have learned about the Saturday electoral violence, which we condemn.

This barbaric act carried out by Liberians against their fellow Liberians should in no way find place in this civilized society of ours. Instead, our beloved country needs a violence-free future.

I believe that these constant wave of violence perpetrated by young people and highly being influenced by politicians must be brought to justice  immediately. This cycle of violence is rooted in norms that accept violence and structural challenges of poverty. Political will, laws and educational opportunities and jobs are required to prevent violence.

Liberia has gone through two civil wars and cannot afford to degenerate at this crucial time in our nation’s history. On the brink of citizens exercising their right to vote, it behooves all of us to solemnly keep the peace.

I call on national government to immediately investigate this intensifying  incident of targeted violence and bring to justice those who orchestrated and implemented it. Such violence continues to be a bitter force against democracy, security and peacekeeping.

As a strong supporter of gender equity, I have learned that the current Liberian Senate has one female senator. With this inequality, I like to use this medium to call on Liberian voters to vote qualified female candidates in the December 8 election.

The election of more women in the Liberian Senate will demonstrate Liberia’s commitment to supporting women in our democractic dispensation.

As President of the LBMEC, a progressive Christian Organization, we hold true to our beliefs that “vengeance is mine,” says the Lord. And as peacemakers, we ask all Liberians to show respect for each other and live together in love and Unity. In doing so, success is sure. Let us go to the polls with love and respect for one another. Let us be civil. Let us vote our conscience. Let us chose leaders that will help us create a peace-loving and prosperous society. Yes Ooooh, we can do it!


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