Statement by Boakai on Current Developments in The Country


By Joseph Nyuma Boakai, Former Vice President and Political Leader of the Unity Party 

5 December 2019 

Fellow Liberians and Friends of Liberia at Home and Abroad:

I have observed that recent events in our country seem to be taking on their own momentum. Liberia appears to have become a rudderless ship adrift on a turbulent sea hurtling towards disaster.

Civil servants, teachers and other professional groups are demanding salary arrears or they would initiate go slow action. Groups of people under the banner of the Council of Patriots have called for a STEP DOWN CAMPAIGN beginning December 30, 2019.  The Liberian people and the world continue to demand full accountability and action regarding the missing L$16 billion and the US$25 million allocated for mopping up excess liquidity.

Economic hardship continues to impact lives throughout the country. The banks are failing their obligations to depositors. Families are sleeping hungry while students are being thrown out of school for non-payment of tuition and fees. Overall school enrollment has drastically declined compared to previous years while hospitals and healthcare facilities are struggling to attend to the sick due to lack of basic equipment and supplies. Businesses are closing. Inflation is running high while unemployment defies gravity.

In the face of this mounting crisis, the people and our partners look up to the President for assurance. But, the President has failed to address his people and has instead deferred to surrogates who have resorted to inflammatory language to find scapegoats and to add fuel to the fire.

The government has requested the printing of additional money in the face of structural deficiencies and governance abnormality highlighted by both the PIT and Kroll Reports. Moreover the government has not given convincing reasons nor has it put in place adequate guarantees for accountability.

We are all sitting on a tinderbox.

It is against the foregoing that I urge all sides to exercise restraint and to work within the confines of the Constitution. As regards the December 30th Protest, it is important that aggrieved group of citizens exercise their constitutional right of assembly and freedom of expression. The government must perform its obligation to provide security and protection. On the go-slow by civil servants, government must meet up with its obligation. These patriotic citizens have played their part. They deserve the dignity of their labour and the right to provide for their families.

We must not overturn the apple cart.

Liberians have demonstrated that they are capable of conducting peaceful protests. Equally, Government has proven its ability to provide security and protection for all.

Let each and every Liberian play his or her part to preserve this sacred heritage of ours. The Republic of Liberia is bigger than any one individual. Let us all work together.




  1. CORRUPT and thievery Joseph Boakai , did you and your incompetent, abusive, and IRRESPONSIBLE Unity Party regime have set aims and principles or a sense of direction when you created the worst and irreparable FINANCIAL DEFICIT in the nation’s history leaving the country in a DETERIORATED ECONOMY?

    Mr. Sick Joe Boakai , were you and your Unity Party gang of thieves not a rudderless government officials when for the twelve years you people stole elections and held on to power, BRIBERY, STEALING, CORRUPTION IN HIGH AND LOW PLACES, AND KILLING PROTESTERS ON TOP OF POLICE BRUTALITY WERE THE NORM?

    Incompetent Boakai, while you stayed in power, Liberia was rudderless! And WHAT inter alia proved this was you and your boss the President ended up NOT ON SPEAKING TERMS. Prople like you SHOULD be ARRESTED for printing unauthorised money!

    • At least civil servants toke paid for 12 years; Built the highest Numbers kilometer of roads; Students were repeatedly attending classes and values for education were traced by little jobs availability; International partners had Confidence in the government abilities; A Reform to Government entities to inherit reasonable and attractive salaries to live with the existing economic constrained were I’m place through a pilot project; Commercial liquidity position was better to service depositors personal resources and the bank and client confidence was stable; Concessions were pulling; Professionalism was unique to public; and lots more were achieved in the midst of the thievery behavior of JNB and others.

    • Mr. Boima D. Gbelly,
      How do you know whether the above commenters are using fake names? By the way, Gbelly, the use of fake names (if you’re right) is a personal choice. Secondly, how do you know whether the fake name users are being paid? Who pays them? How much are they paid my brother?
      Come on man. Let’s get into this hot topic of Boakai’s speech without making assumptions.

    • Ok, must be arrested for the printing of unauthorized banknotes, but where is that money left to the Weah’s regime ? Don’t care to speak on that ? The regime came in to clean up rudderless, three years into the Presidency, it has more than become worse and unbearable for many, but the few connected to the regime.

  2. But here is a man Boakai who would go to church on Sundays and sit at his VP OFFICE DESK fraudulently preparing ghost payroll for months until he was CAUGHT and DISGRACED by the GAC.

    This was the same Boakai who was disgraced publicly for clandestinely establishing FAKE COMPANIES entering in contracts with government as his Boakai’s fake companies absconded with millions of U.S. DOLLARS to support his presidential campaign, and transfered such amounts into foreign banks.

  3. It beats my imagination that a Joseh Nyumah Boakai who wears his christian religious stripes on his chest, sleeves, forehead, would term and support a protest calling for a democratically elected leader as “peaceful”, simply because it is the democraticly elected who humiliatingly defeated him Boakai two years ago.

    So one can now conclude that Joseph Boakai’s conceeding speech was that of a crocodile tear since of course there was nothing he could do after Ellen refused to use her incumbent power to tamper with the votes.

    As one who claims to be in public service since the 80’s or before, it SMELLS that at such an age of nearly 80 years old, he Boakai would be calling on citizens to engage in a factually and TACITLY clear act of TREASON and SEDITION. Joseph Boakai you have simply ecposed your extremely VIOLENT and criminal mentality.


    That you are proposing such anti-constitutional, unlawful, and unpeaceful protest, tells you are an evil and extremely unlawful character who prefers any form of violence, lawkessness, or unpeaceful act once such unreasonable, indecent, or tacitly violent activity serves your selfish desires.

    No wonder as VP you stoop so low to have kept 17 malicious grudges of your closest colleague the President to the extent that you would even not speak to her publicly. And you call yourself and elderly man, civilized, and religious? Make no mistake about that; by these proposals coming from you, MOST Liberian and even the international community have now had the opportunity to know the real indecent, SELFISH, unpatriotic, uncivilized , inexperienced, childish, and satanic Joseph Boakai!

  5. Dear Liberians,

    Let’s learn to comprehensively read what people have written. If there are words or expressions we don’t understand, let’s take our dictionary and look them up before making sarcastic remarks. We understand some of us were not born in homes but houses. Learn to respect older people, that’s our culture. You can disagree with older folks on a friendly and polite note.

    Thank you for this piece of note Mr. Boakai. I hope they will be able to take a copy of the constitution and read it for a better understanding, or they may ask someone to explain some clauses to them in case they don’t understand them.

    Stop the ranting and learn to uphold excellence. Stop the tribalism and nepotism and uphold excellence.

    We have proven to the entire world that we are a “shit hole” country for the pigheaded decisions we have made in the past to date.
    To find lasting solutions to the many iniquitous problems in Liberia, we need to let go of our fear, greed, ego and pride. Let’s all join hands to celebrate a big funeral ceremony for Mr. and Mrs. Tribalism and Nepotism.
    When done, boldly vote in a qualified technocrat. Liberia does not need a politico-politician right now.
    Don’t stop there, also vote in qualified people, mostly technocrats and seasoned lawyers, as lawmakers and senators.
    When these bold steps are taken, the rest will be added unto Liberia. You will no longer see preacher men heading our only temple of knowledge and once best airport in West Africa. We will not be confronted with swindlers taking over our central bank and other financial institutions.

    Liberia has many qualified elites. Create the above conditions. They will come in numbers. Things will be fine for everyone.
    Do not be afraid to lose your job, they will provide you a better one if what you were doing is not your rightful place.
    Do not be afraid to face justice. We must be accountable for our actions; on earth and in heaven.
    Stop the witch hunt. You have killed enough. Enough is enough!

    May God bless you all. I wish you all a godly and peaceful weekend.

  6. I voted not for Unity Party but actually for then VP Boakai in the 2017 elections not because of any other reason, but because I did not want to vote for any government supported by Prince Johnson and the Charles Taylor’s supporters and beneficiaries like Jewel Howard, Cyril Allen, and others.

    But I must confess that I am extremely ashamed of myself and disappointed at former VP Joseph Boakai that he would even come publicly to support and encourage the citizenry to be enthusiastic about a “step down protest” which has even been condemned by some opposition parties, the US, ECOWAS, AU EU, and also most Liberians! No, Uncle Joe, you went too far!!

    As a politician, you will of course, wish to destroy the government which stopped you from being where they are. But as young people who look up to elderly politicians, you have disappointed us by your act of calling on people to be a part of an act of anticonstitutionality and possible destruction of lives and property even when in your hear you know it is wrong and unpeaceful in the eyes of God and any reasonable person. YOU WENT TOO FAR!

      • Petarus Dolo, you are as stupid as this old man who will make utterances but is ignorant of the implications. Boakai is a very silly so called politician. No sound politician would be so FOOLISHLY INDISCRETE.

        Do your empty head realize how this Benoni Urey’s stooge and puppet or tool and fool in toto Joseph Boakai has embarrassed and disappointed by BOAKAI STRIPPING NAKE HIS BARE BUTTS OR BACKSIDE when he should be very discrete and highly savy? Anyway for the fool you are, you cannot

    • People like you will be the cause of the real problem…. One man wants to lead a peacful protest the rest of you selfish weakminded cowardly people sit back why the vast majority of the ppl in the country are suffering… Costa should leave your to suffer. Liberians deserve to suffer when ppl with your mindset exists … In fact, I will vote for Weah … So yall can suffer properly… … Opportunist greedy only think of yourself… Your should suffer more. Weah 2023… How can a whole country have so few decent human beings

      • Yeah Costa is flaw but please list 5 Liberians on anything continent that isn’t seriously flaw. As long as my family or friend is benefiting to help with the right or wrong of things… What a group of ppl with your very useless political parties that stand for nothing …. A bunch of broke ppl looking for govt job to steal

  7. A few months ago in Liberia, a gentleman confided in me with a sad news of disappointment in former VP Boakai. Said the unnamed gentleman, “Boakai was a 12-year disgrace to the people of Loffa county”. I was shattered! So I humbly pressed on by asking, “what the ‘ell do you mean my friend”? Once again, the unnamed gentleman bloated out like this, “the ‘ool hardly visited Loffa county throughout his 12-year Vice Presidency, neither did he bother to do something about the main road that goes to Loffa.” The gentleman’s point was positively received. Throughout the 12-year reign of Johnson-Sirleaf and Boakai, roads were untouched for the most part. I hope I am not mistaken. But I strongly believe that if good roads had been constructed during the presidency of Johnson-Sirleaf, the country’s economic woes would not have risen to such unprecedented levels today.

    Now is not the opportune time for Boakai’s speech to have been made. Liberia is going through impenetrable mountains of difficulties, no joke! As an elder statesman, one would have expected the former VP to have helped Weah initially in terms of suggesting sound economic advice. Yeah, Boakai is a Liberian. He’s entitled to free speech, that’s granted. But, the reality is that during his 12-year term as the nation’s VP, he came up short on the critical issues he’s accusing Weah of. Boakai should tamper down a little bit! Boakai is expected to help build bridges of hope and prosperity.

    We all know that as president, Weah cannot and will not escape criticism. I do agree that Weah needs to act swiftly to patch things up because his political enemies (some of whom
    are unbelievably incompetent) are praying for his downfall. Weah needs to come out and tell the nation that he understands how difficult things are. In any case, I hope and pray that the country’s problems will be solved. To those weak people who are dancing for Weah to step down, cool it! Let’s work together! It’s not in our country’s best interest to transition to another government undemocratically.

    There’s a difference between country and self interest. Some of the high government officials who served under Johnson Sirleaf are a drag in Weah’s government. Some of those crossover individuals are egocentric attention-seekers. They pretend to serve the country, but the truth is that their self-interest is priority number one in their respective lives. The country comes first!

  8. A well meaning statement by VP Boika.Other politicians should emulate him and stop sitting on their backsides waiting for the next Presidential Election.

  9. Where have Sleepy Joe been when numerous fund and opportunities he had was squandered under his watchful eyes? Where was Sleepy Joe when upon his orders his police shot and killed protesters in Monrovia? Where was Sleepy Joe when retired soldiers and their spouses demanded for the retirement pay? I guessed at that time government was not rudderless and there was no agitation due to abuses and renowned individuals been slaughtered on beaches. I guessed there was no corruption and it was all rosy. Sleeping Joe, after been packed in the garage for 12 consecutive years as Vice President under a dictatorial regime which was only interested in the detaining individuals with critical voices, now you believe it is “Constitutional” for people to protest whenever the need be. Shame on you Sleeping Joe for being unwise and playing politics with the future of Liberia.

  10. Elijah Barnard, no seasoned or verteran politician in Boakai’s place on the political landscape of Liberia would make publicly such politically stupid utterances. And as I mentioned above, Boakai made these politically silly statements upon the instructions of that corrupt thief Benoni Urey.

  11. Boakai is a decent statesman and is saying the right thing! All those people with these sick pseudonyms are paid crooks! If you guys are sincere, use your real names! All those calling our decent statesman names are the ones trying to destroy Liberia. Liberia is facing challenges because of poor leadership skills and greed! God bless Liberia and God bless Ambassador Joseph N. Boakai!

    • Boima Dolo Gbelly, a decent statesman knows, asserts, and demonstrates, the difference between that which is LAWFUL , and that which is AWFUL. At that age of Joseph Boakai he should be providing opinions on the wisdom and morality of political or other patriotic activities; and not fomenting and inciting AWFUL AND UNLAWFUL CONDUCT. Honestly, Boakai has proven to be unfit for national leadership or anything close to human decency. Can you imagine a diplomat as VP keeping speech from his boss a lady ? And you call such a “bush” and uncivilised behaviour, a decent statesman?

      • T. Nathaniel Tamba, the fact that you disagreed with me without resulting to swearing and name calling is commendable. According to my understanding of the Ambassador’s statement, he admonished us to abide by the constitution; let the people express themselves to the government the the government should listen. Why are people mischaracterizing our statesman? The old man did not advocate for the constitution or the government to be overthrown! How should we petition our government as a people? Thanks for your position.

        • Boima Dolo Gbelly, no one “admonishes people to abide by their constitution” by telling them to commit the act of sedition or treason. Boakai needs to learn that in a true democracy, politicians ascend to power via electoral politics.

          Senator Oscar Cooper, Senator Sando Johnson, Ambassador Neufville, the EFFL, and many others were or are aware of this; and this is why they rejected the Benoni Urey’s and Henry Costa’s attempted imposition that the June 7 protest should be a “Weah step down” protest.

          And this is principally why those we have listed above left this CoP which they said had now “reduced to Benoni Urey’s farm.” Boima, one’s motive gives a name to his act. Have you seen the headline of FPA on Boakai’s motive and intent on this matter? Check it.

          • It do well if you took time, read, and digest the old man speech. To me, he was not suggesting what you are thinking. Can you point a line from the old man speech that is advocating undermining the constitution by illegal means?

  12. Only the best of our educated with the needed Know-Hows can move Liberia forward.
    Do not fool yourself by asking President Weah to step down; NO the wrong people will mess the place even more.

    The key which I have said a long time ago is
    ” everybody should follow the constitution, people have the right to protest and President Weah has the right to complete his time as President”.

    Liberia should NOT be a lawless nation else the nation will not get anywhere. All sides MUST follow the law (constitution). Those people complaining were the ones who largely voted for this government. Many of you from everywhere stated that education was NOT needed to run a country?
    How many dropouts, so called Phds, Bsc, unSkilled, unEducated that are people wanting to work in a modern economy (jobs). There is NO good work anywhere the world you will do without the needed education.
    It has been this way since 1822, 1980, now, etc. that uselessness, lawless has been the order of our living?

    Best solution is enjoy your 2017 selection and wait until 2023.

    Think about this:
    We have Bishops, etc, heading technical sectors?

    • Which of the educated people are you referring anyway because all of the educated people have all served and Liberia still looks like a big village in the subregion.

      What Liberia needs right now is people with opened mind and patriotism to lead this new Liberia to infrastructural development and prosperity. Democracy is the way forward. No more Liberians are going to sit down and listen to eloquent, but rhetorical speeches just intended for bluff and big show.

      • At least I have never served Liberia:
        Am I not qualify? Those are European degrees hands on.

        I agree with you on this “infrastructural development and prosperity.” It can only be carried out by people from that industrial background (Know-Hows):
        Infact that is the industrial Know-How I am constantly taking about.
        Skillsets which leads to jobs, industrial productions, export, etc
        Skillsets which leads to road constructions, hydro-Light, Steel factories, exports, etc
        Skillsets which will serves our people, Medical, good teachers.

        I was born in the interior. Nobody knows about Liberian struggle better than me. I lived in monrovia from 1970-1972 starting as a 4th grader. I still know the government toilet between Bension and Center Streets.
        Today I know what Seismic hydro carbon search is, Power plants (hydro, nuclear, etc). People like me should be given support to apply my skiillsets. Ofcourse I will.
        Ofcourse some Liberian will have problem with that because most of my activities will be straight. I was never part of any street Live. I have NO criminal, police record in Liberia, Europe and USA.

        I am not just saying it. I have over 32 years of experience in the technical areas that Liberia needs most. I studied in Germany.
        Industrial Economic, I can hand that; we are waiting.

        I agree 100%+ to you statement below:
        you wrote:
        “Democracy is the way forward. No more Liberians are going to sit down and listen to eloquent, but rhetorical speeches just intended for bluff and big show.”

        God bless Liberia

  13. Being a Bishop does not and should not prohibit anyone from a technical sector. Hospitals are technical sectors, nevertheless the administrators or heads for many hospitals are not technical people.

    The head of government , whether President, prime minister, chancellor, or otherwise, are generally not technical people, but they are the bosses or heads of technical sectors all over the world. In fact, it’s great to have a bishop as the head of technical sectors, since most moral or God fearing people are ever needed in all sectors.

  14. Welcome come comrade. It’s been quite a while now.

    My dear Liberian people, what did VP Boakai say that may lead to an AWFUL and UNLAWFUL CONDUCT?
    What did he say wrong to castigate him like this? Can Weah and his “know more clique” be lectured into anything? Can they heed to advice from experienced and resourceful people? Where were you when they said you don’t need to be a Socrates to rule Liberia?

    Leave VP Boaki alone. Our VPs are not developmental agent. They oversee the house. Read your constitution please.

    May God enlighten all Liberians to learn to read and understand simple messages, Amen!

  15. It is not a question of who agrees or disagrees with Joe Boakai’s view of his country, it is a question of civil servants getting their pay and fast. They have their family to feed. If the commentators are not feeling the economic pinch, others are feeling it. At least, workers were receiving their pay on time before, until this administration.

  16. Hon. Joseph N. Boakai,

    I commend you for your exquisite Statesman-like position statement. So far, you are the only making sense regarding the pathetic position Liberia currently finds herself.

    While there are those who have resorted to condemning you, you have shown that there are still some matured and intelligent leaders like you in Liberia. That is refreshing to know.

  17. I think the question most of us is asking here is: was this time the proper timing for Uncle Boakai to have given his speech? i could be wrong but that is what I am reading. He himself did some things that needs to be critiqued, so no escaping that, but we all have to also agree that there are lots of things that is happening in our country that need to be addressed. People dying mysteriously, salaries not being paid, poverty on the rise and so on and so forth.

    I think those are the issues that we need to be addressing and not denouncing anyone anytime they say something. I am sure we are better than that. that is my piece.

    Uncle Hney, greetings. I am in your town.


  18. In the US already? Welcome. You said you’d return to Liberia on the 2nd of December. I was expecting a contact from home.

    My goodness. Welcome. Somehow, we’ll connect, Joe.


  19. Uncle Hney

    my fault. I failed to clarify that I was traveling to an African country at the time and I would return to Liberia on the 2nd of December before I travel to the USA. Excuse me for that.

    I am in a place call San Francisco.


  20. My fellow Brothers and Sister let us learn to put Liberia First above all. This country is not getting any better by the day and the hardship is at every Liberian Doorstep. Let us Help GOL. to find solutions by speaking the truth. Right is just right even if everyone is against it, and wrong is just wrong even if everyone is for it. May God Bless the People of Liberia

  21. JM,
    I will find a way for us to connect! Are you in the Embarcadero area or anywhere near the Fisherman’s wharf? Both places are interesting!

    San Francisco means “Saint Francis” in the English language. San Jose means “Saint Joseph”. The word “Jose” is pronounced as “holse”.

    I will get in touch with you soon, God willing. Oh, while there in SF, try to eat at “Sizzler’s”.They serve mostly seafood. If you’re a seafood lover, try it.

    Hang in there.

  22. Having read the statement, there is no call supporting Weah Step Down campaign . He only urged everyone to abide by the constitution. It provides for protests. Where was your indignation during the Ellen Step Down campaign? Did you consider it treasonous as well? Protestors can call for something, but the president does not have to do what they call for. If they then do something that threatens the peace of the state, THAT is treasonous. Speaking your mind without resorting to harmful actions is not illegal. Further, are you incapable of discussing issues without ad homonim attacks and insults? My, my, my.

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