Simple Logic and the Law: “‘The Love of Money’ Is the Root…” (PART II)

This three-headed monster has replaced this nation's three branches of government and has been wreaking havoc all over the countryside. It will take collective action by this nation's nationals to despatch it. It is time for a unified nation and people.

By Attorney Keith Neville Asumuyaya Best

In exchange for ill-gotten money, name and power – God’s people had dashed their loyalty to those that managed the “dark side”. Their explanation? They had not meant to short-change God. Deprive Him of what He was due? No! Bottom line? They had driven a shaft into His heart. Was Satan glad? Yes, he was!

Investing in the devil was a smart move, they had heard – and believe it, they did. Now they were enjoying things that they said God had never given them; what did they stand to lose? Nothing, they thought! ‘Old Man Musa had made them a promise. And, as predicted, their hearts had kept on pounding – like a drum – borrowed time or not! But the false life-blood in those hearts would one day run out. Then, the truth regarding the end-times, would kick in; and then what?


Half-a-century ago, ‘neath the African Sun,
A youth marveled at the twirls nature had spun:
Everywhere, activity blossomed, then broke
Yet, sadly, “no scribbling, no scripting, no stroke
From the pen, of a trembling hand, brittle with cold,
Now decrepit, from icing a story untold:
“How God moved the dust and the Continent bore
Earth’s first ‘homo sapiens’ and breathed it ashore
Past the ‘sea of non-existence’—manifesting “first creation!”
“Chutzpah time,” the Cosmos chimed; Adam’s “roll, (of dimes)? ‘Procreation!’”
“Then, a twist of a test to Nature and the good Earth:
“Cut, mime, (print),” deliver: earth’s promising, first generation birth.”

(TO SUMMARIZE): In our previous edition, “The Root of All Evil,” we made it plain to our readers that in the past, some of God’s children had turned fifth columnists, betraying the Creator: God, Allah. (A fifth column is the name given to a group of any country’s nationals who, from the protection and safety of their homes, organize themselves into an additional column, making it the fifth through which they turn themselves against their own country and people, to work for and serve invaders marching in columns of four, bringing terror, war and destruction to their nation and people, now under attack.)

And that is what happens again and again — the world over — when people turn against God, whom they once served, dashing (throwing away) their gratitude to pretenders — for short-time pleasures and worthless ornaments; gratitude which God alone is worthy of and deserves, having created for purposes of His own, a universe that Satan and the hordes he commands, could never fathom, (figure out, understand)!

Had God’s once-enjoyed care and goodness prevented those freaking out over ‘quick-quick’ satisfaction, from turning to these short-time specialists, (false principalities and powers), who promised to fulfill dreams of plenty, for immediate enjoyment?

No! But the Almighty, never in a hurry, tolerated that group and allowed them to join up with those evil forces, offering them their time and services. That Archfiend (Satan), who — rarely misses an opportunity to pass himself off as an alternative to God, welcomed his new-found followers (fifth columnists) with open arms. (NOW READ ON):

How had it all begun — “the love of money” becoming the new life-blood that ordinary children of God would instantly solve their money problems? The money would give them ‘standing’ amongst their family, friends and neighbors. That would automatically give them power in their communities. All they had to do was put themselves in debt to ‘Old Man Musa’ and his ilk, (people like him) to reap “benefits” from the dark-side, for the selfish things they told themselves they needed to have, to get bigger than they already were in their environments.

“Does ingratitude actually transition, (transfer, change over) to greed?” a young man wanted to know.

“Something like that,” we said. “Actually, though, it stems from not having enough of something that an individual longs for or wants — something God did not bless him or her with. People often do want more than God has given or provided. And that could be the point from which ingratitude begins to rouse itself, or stir — a point from which it could expand and take another shape or form, as we will see later.”

Then, there is the matter of what some humans try to do to fill the void they themselves create by expunging, (deleting wiping out) gratitude that had been so important to the strong relationship between God and man from the beginning; a relationship that gratitude helped to deepen!

A strong desire for acquiring more than one possesses, could be inflated into a need; a need that could turn itself into that type of greed that might involve a serious wanting for something that belongs to someone else: an item, for example, that an individual lacks but wants, and could even envy.


Passing along the idea that “the love of money is the root of all evil,” might be easier to do with a discussion of these two words: “denote and connote;” they replace our earlier, over-concern with the linking verb, “is.”

We were quite taken in with the linking verb “is”, in our column, showing how some writers tried to make money the root of all evil, rather than as the Apostle Paul framed it in his first letter to “his son in the faith,” Timothy. Paul warned the young man in 1st Timothy 6:10 that it was “the love of money,” rather than the money itself that finagles (tricks) men. How? It begins with the way they feel. That is what first nudges them into seeing and then accepting money as a tool for putting their evil thoughts into action. Next, applying its use at that initial or that early a stage of their plot, they put it (money) to work, laying the groundwork for their mushrooming operation.

It seems important to point out at this point, the confusion that for some time has existed (according to Reader’s Digest Universal Dictionary) between ‘denotation’ and ‘connotation’.

“The distinction between denotation and connotation is some-times confused in informal speech, with the latter, connotation, being used in contexts where only the former, denotation, is appropriate. The most important distinction is between denotation in the sense of explicit, literal, objective meaning of a word, and connotation in the sense of “associations or emotions attached to a word”. A given word has a literal meaning but in addition, it may have pleasant, unpleasant or other connotations.

What is implied or suggested by a word or thing beyond its literal or explicit sense (connotation), takes in the total of the attributes constituting the meaning of a term that could reflect a condition, a consequence, or even intension. And that — God be praised — is when and where what makes all the difference in the world, is made.


That is perhaps how the devil is said to go about his work; that is how he began, we were told, getting through to Adam and Eve, ages ago. He equated eating the fruit God had forbidden, with gaining wisdom and becoming like God, rather than the truth about the actual consequences of their actions.

Satan had himself been a victim of his own lies — lies that he obviously believed that would drive him out of Heaven, to launch a career passing himself off to mankind as an alternative to the Creator: the epitome (quintessence, embodiment) of Truth, Justice and Right!

Here as well, was a situation in which someone blessed with a relationship with God, decided that what he had been given had not been enough, thus the desire for more. In Satan’s case, the connotative (extended) meaning of money can easily be understood as more of God’s power and authority than God believed it wise to dash to Satan, who was not satisfied. The good Lord had blessed him abundantly, but he was not to be satisfied.

1 Timothy 6:9 says: Those who want to get rich fall into temptation and a trap and into many foolish and harmful desires that plunge people into ruin and destruction.”

Needless to say, our nation has been found caught up in the throes (agonizing struggle) of much of the same anguish that begins with ingratitude, and smacks of greed, ambition and impunity. That has left this nation and people wanting (deficient, not up to standard) and in such dire need of all that is important for this long-lost and helpless people.

It began and continues with the leadership that has eluded us over so many years, that we so much lack and still look to the Almighty for a helping hand out of this unending quagmire. Could it be of our own making? Perhaps! God, help us.


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