Simple Logic and the Law: How To Destroy the Three-headed “WE WANT EEH” Monster for Good

Annie Constance (left) has written a letter to President George Manneh Weah, asking his help in getting back the house her mentally unstable son had given away to Associate Justice Kabineh M. Ja'neh (right).

Hercules cauterized (burned) each monster’s neck with a hot instrument after he cut off each monster’s head, to keep two more heads from growing back in the same spot



(TO RECAP): We started “…the third best things in life are free” series, beginning with the moon—that “…belongs to everyone.” We went down the song’s list of free things; they include the stars—that, in return—“…claim they’re for you and me.” Next came “the flowers in spring, the robins that sing; the sunbeams that shine, they’re yours, they’re mine; and love can come to anyone….”

We then went on to talk about how the “best things” are not confined to life on earth, but follow humanity into the life beyond, where even better things are available, and you’d better believe, they are just as free—if not more so—for those allowed into the pearly gates of heaven. And getting in is free for the asking: all that’s required is faith, hope in the Lord, Jesus Christ, and charity towards our fellows.

What we were hoping for was that somehow, the song would reach and stir some reaction in someone we had been writing about and praying for, for some time. Our prayers for our friend and brother, Ja’neh, included a prayer that he would listen to what people all over the world have been hoping and continue to hope: that he would “smell the roses,” and do the right thing.

That means, bringing peace, harmony and closure, to a 90-year-plus, Annie Yancy Constance, whom we have been writing about and praying for, as well. Today, we have reached a critical point in the life of the Liberian people and nation: a time to continue thinking and acting gently but relentlessly, (without backing down) as our people showed earlier this week. (NOW READ ON)

During the final year or so of the Ellen Johnson Sirleaf administration, we went out of our way to write about the way the society seemed so caught up with the question of “you eeh” so I can “eeh” too.

At the time, the issue of ‘eating,’ seemed to be a legislative preserve. That means that the Legislature seemed to be the main group of people caught up in this ‘eating’ frenzy, (fury, rage): it seem sort of crazy to some people: the Legislators were dishing out too much money to themselves; (I have no idea how that worked). And they didn’t seem to see, listen to, or care about what was going on—or about what people said or felt!

And to make things worse, they seemed not to be willing to do a damned thing to even try to earn the money they were paying themselves. They were leaving their counties and flocking to Monrovia, to dance all over town. It reminds us of someone named Fahngon—from the ministry of information;

Our information man—had gone wild, it was reported, after someone took his photo as he danced the night away, dreaming of the millions he would soon be asking for in court. He must have been dancing to the “You eeh” song. It went: You “eeh” I “eeh,” we “eeh,” they “eeh” swi “eeh,” bwi “eeh,” “eeh-eeh,” “eeh-eeh,” that Jewel came up with.

Now Fahngon expects the government to give him one of the Central Bank’s kontina as William Harmon, at the Observer says the pro-poor people are calling the “iron trunk” that they say got their money inside.

We were alarmed by what seemed to be going on with this serious money ‘gbinez’ that everyone seemed almost in a trance, over. That was when we suggested that the incoming president made a point of making sure that the newly elected Legislators came to their jobs with a new attitude: to do the people’s work!

And Oppong did sound off on that a few times; but, like many other things that we listened to with great expectations, hoping for a fantastic new beginning, it sputtered, (died out). Now it seem like that was nothing but ‘play-play,’ to some people.

And if we were to say that Ellen at least waited for her second term before she began disappointing the people—who expected the world from that second term, people will think that we do not like Oppong.

And so, we must say that today, something has changed. And we must say to Justice Minister, Musa Dean, BRAVO—for listening to the voice of reason, and not waiting to be fooled as others before him did almost half-a-century ago, if we can recall April 14, 1979, as Tuesday’s Daily Observer editorial reminded and instructed us.


Musa Dean might never have heard Father E.G.W. King tell the story about the Liberian man and his RICE! But Musa had an opportunity to hear Liberians let him know in advance what—given these pro-poor times in this country—a foolish thing it would be to keep people from simply letting the government know that they feel hurt. That’s all! And it looks like someone is playing with the Liberian man’s—and, this time around—the Liberian woman’s MONEY! And it takes money to buy RICE!

You can play with the Ghanaian’s Dumboy, the Ivorian’s Atieke or the Nigerian man’s yam, Father King began. Do…not…play…with…the…Liberia… man’s RICE! Playing with his rice is like chasing a rat until you corner it, and the rat is left no room to escape.


Thus cornered, the rat turns around and rears up, upon its hind (back) legs! Its tail then rises in the air and arches forward over its head. You will not know what hit you after it springs at you with ferocity, (fierceness, cruelty, strength) you could not have imagined possible: And when it bites you, it injects poison into you. That is what awaits you when you play with a Liberian man’s RICE,” B. W. Harris’ Principal Eddie King concluded!  JOIN US ON FRIDAY FOR THE CONTINUATION!


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