Rumors Of Impending Demonstration


Peace and stability

By J. Patrick Flomo

“…They shall beat their swords into ploughshares, and their spears into pruninghooks…” (Isaiah 24)

The tsunami of urban unrest propelled by economic inequality and uncertainty, poverty, corruption, and social injustices sweeping the globe should be of great concern to all Liberians because of the nation’s fragile peace and stability.  According to the New York Times, from Port-au-Prince to Lebanon, Bolivia, Chile, Iran, Sudan, etc., cities have been paralyzed by these protests. In some cases, they have brought down elected governments, e.g., Evo Morales of Bolivia.

The lifestyles of opulence of the political elites in these countries mired in massive poverty, corruption, and joblessness are the root causes of these social unrest. At worst, the political elites’ lifestyle is paid for by the country’s resources and not by the sweat of their brow.  This is what angers young people the most and prompt them to violent protest.  And also, governments seem oblivious to the needs and demands of the people.  Liberia is not immune from these causes.

The infectious diseases of avarice, vice, and gluttony are the carcinogenic transgressors that have corrupted Liberian elected officials from William V.S. Tubman (1944 – 1970) to George Weah (2017 –). Until we can find the precise chemotherapy to treat this cancer, no amount of street protests will alleviate us from the swamp of poverty and social degradation we find ourselves in today.

The right to free assembly to petition the government for redress is enshrined in the constitution; therefore, the government cannot deny the people this right.  However, the government is obligated by the constitution to maintain law and order and to protect lives and property.  The right to protest and the obligation to protect lives and property is a precarious balancing act that does not always succeed.  To this end, and if the rumor turns out to be true, both the government and protest proponents must observe the rights and responsibilities of each other.  LET’S REMEMBER THE 1979 RICE RIOT exercised by Progressive Alliance of Liberia and the aftermath. The fire and brimstone protests of the 1980s and 1990s produced horrific scars and national psychological trauma. Liberians everywhere should be deeply concerned about any event that may have the potential to upset the current fragile PEACE AND STABILITY.

The election of George Weah is one of the failures of democracy and we just have to bear the wraths of his incompetence until the next presidential election, short of him committing high crimes, and misdemeanors, bribery and treason.  We were fully aware of his inept ability to govern Liberia and yet we elected him as president.  Until he abuses the power of the presidency or the constitution, we cannot force his resignation.  While it is true that Weah is incompetent, so too is the Legislature that is filled with sycophants.

Our Republic is deluged with massive poverty, economic injustice of unprecedented proportion, inept governmental institutions, and endemic corruptions (resources, ethical, moral and spiritual). We must answer a higher calling for nationalistic, and patriotic Liberians with the highest fidelity to the rule of law and constitutional principles.  This is a moment of spiritual and political AWAKENING in Liberia.

Liberia does not need more street demonstrations. It needs a vigorous civil debate on the questions of corruption, economic inequality, unemployment, the environment, education and healthcare, etc. and election of the most competent and patriotic men and women to solve our problems.  If this fails to achieve rule of law, economic equality, and social justice, then we should resort to the maxim of Thomas Jefferson – “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal—endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights: Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness, — That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted,– deriving their just Power from the consent of the governed,–that whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government…”

The Author, J. Patrick Flomo, is based in Columbus, Ohio and can be reached on (614) 707 3636 or [email protected].


  1. Your attempt to address the issues of inequality was overshadowed by the mistaken identity of competence you proffered. Liberia has been lead by people of quality education and international accolades. What’s lacking is the Patriotism and Will.
    You mentioned President Weah is incompetent!! What are the evidences?
    The sharp decline in the Price of raw materials Liberia sells make him incompetent? The siphoning of billions of dollars by past administrations to Europe, America, the Middle East and Asia qualifies his incompetenc?
    I hope your piece was not prejudiced by lineage and other obvious reasons.

  2. J.Patrick Flomo, you are absolutely big fool but also a small piece of shit whose stupidity here deserves no actual or intellectual response.

  3. Weah was certainly handed a country of problems. Under Johnson-Sirleaf, unemployment and inflation were at an all-time high. But it wasn’t known to a majority of the citizens of Liberia as it is known today. The opposition political parties have to be careful because “whatsoever one plants, the same shall be reaped”.

    There cannot be a continuous drumbeat of “Weah must step down” when the economy is going downhill. It’s good to protest because people have a right to express themselves. But, a protest that does not have a good focus or foresight is unhelpful. It really looks as if the opposition does not speak with one voice. As bad as things are in the country, what we need is to put our energies together and do something constructive.

    Has the opposition created any jobs for the unemployed people of Liberia?

    Will the opposition create 100,000 jobs in three months when they sit in the cockpit?

    Lastly, what’s the platform for national development of the opposition?

  4. Hney, this is why the government and the international community have concluded that these CoP and their masters ..the opposition, are a bunch of irresponsible fools, who still have to learn that power must be obtained ONLY through the ballot box.

    And because of their irresponsible character, it would be a dangerous blunder to allow them carry on their protest out doors, since their intent to create chaos and anarchy for the sole purpose of reversing what the majority has chosen democratically.

  5. Patrick Flomo, please do not affix your photo here again. You are too ugly, Patrick. I mean your face is no different from a hippopotamus or at least a pig. You are as ugly as this senselessness you have spewed here.

  6. Mr. Flomo,
    You seem to suggest that every Liberian awaits the 2023 presidential election in order to oust Weah from office. I think you’re mistaken. Certainly, there’re thousands of Liberians who are unhappy with Weah. Those who are unhappy, have their reasons. I can’t stop them. But, all eligible Liberian voters will not vote against Weah. I am not his spokesperson. I have never seen him in person. But it’s a sure bet that barring any unforeseen potential calamity, Weah will run for re-election.

    Mr. Flomo, we all know that economic progress is needed in Liberia. We Liberians know that roads need to be built and improved. We also know that educational facilities need improvement and more. Until 2023, it’s imperative for all Liberians to work together in order to improve the quality of lives for our people. I am not talking about handing out money. Let’s do business. Let’s create jobs. My greatest concern is that a majority of the people who hate Weah’s guts are mostly concerned about: politics, politics, politics,….vote him out…vote him out…. but nothing is often heard about the economy, economy, economy. Will the economy be fixed when a new guy or lady takes over? Please take note. In order for the next president to be effective, there must be a vibrant economy now!!!!!!!! The economy was bad under Johnson-Sirleaf. That’s why we’re in a messsssssss.

  7. Mr. Kojolopko,
    I understand. I get what you’re saying.
    The issue that bothers me most is the comfort of the lawmakers. The lawmakers are the ones who worked with Johnson-Sirleaf in the past, yet the CoP and other rabble-rousers are blaming Weah for the economic and political problems of Liberia. The lawmakers earn $15-16,000.00 per month. But teachers do not have good incomes, students do not have enough textbooks or desks, roads are bad, electricity is in short supply and running water is a problem. You would think that Costa and company will bring the lawmakers to task. It never happens.
    Never have you heard that the salaries of the lawmakers must be cut in half in order to save money.

    • Mr. Hney , the CoP a bunch of sick stray dogs. Their stupid focus proves this.The Diplomatic community in Monrovia, and the UN, ECOWAS in New York and Abuja, have now sensed this.

  8. The question no one has proffered in recent weeks is this…. where are some of the notables of the CoP. For instance, missing in action (MIA) is Alexander Cummings, the fella who wants to take over from Weah sooner or later? The truth of the matter is that Costa and company are being badgered. Yet, Cummings cannot be heard from. If Cummings cannot step forward to help negotiate with the government or the much talked about international partners at this crucial time, how can he be taken seriously?

    Strangely, some of Cummings’ supporters have never met him in person, neither do they receive daily briefings from him. But somehow, these Lt. Generals of Cummings know where he is and what he thinks. Sooner or later, we will be told by the Lt. Generals that Cummings is not associated with the CoP, but we will be unconvinced. Why? Because we’ve watched that movie several times in the past and we’re not going to waste our money anymore listening to their blues. Watch it. In matter of days, we’ll see how the damage control will be done.


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