Response to Rufus Berry on Gender Ministry’s Handling of MTM Rape Saga


Dear Editor,

My attention was brought to a callously irresponsible and reckless accusation made in an article written in the Liberian Observer by Rufus Berry on October 16th  titled: “Bystanders Katie Meyler (More Than Me CEO), Ministries of Education and Gender are Just as Guilty as the Molesters.” In that article Berry suggested that as the Minister of Gender, I was “a bystander” during the rapes at the More Than Me Foundation.

Berry wrote this article out of either mischief, spite, or the combination of both. What the lazy-minded critics like Berry and others forgot to realize, was that when the incident at MTM occurred in 2014, the country was in the throes of the devastating Ebola epidemic. As Minister of Gender at the time, my responsibility included, but was not limited to liaising with our foreign partners, including the World Health Organization (WHO), the International Committee of the Red Cross (IRC) and other NGOs to provide the emotional, psychological, and psychosocial support to our women who bore the brunt of that epidemic… up to 75 percent of the Ebola deaths were females.

Even in the midst of this human catastrophe, our caseworkers investigated the More Than Me rapes, the victims identified and were provided welfare relief services. A complaint was made to the line agencies, the National Police Force and the Ministry of Justice, which led to the arrest of the predator. Of course, Rufus Berry wouldn’t know that, because the cowardly Berry did an Ebola Run; he fled Liberia to the safety of the US during the Ebola epidemic; additionally, a casual research on his part would have educated Mr. Berry to the statutory responsibilities and functions of the Ministry of Gender; that the Ministry of Gender does not have the power to arrest or prosecute child predators. The Ministry of Gender and Child Protection works in conjunction with other line government agencies such as the Ministry of Justice, the National Police Force, Ministry of Health, etcetera.

If Berry is so interested in expanding the functions of the Ministry of Gender and Child Protection, this is an opportunity for him to petition his senators and representatives to give more powers to the aforesaid agency, instead of launching attacks out of ignorance.


Julia Duncan-Cassell


  1. Madame Duncan-Cassell your response is more callous, irresponsible and reckless. I don’t understand your excuse about blaming ebola. You guys care more about your paychecks and deal-cutting then doing the people’s work.
    Shame on you. aren’t you the same one who took Barrole presidency only for political purposes? Once you got your political gig as minister you abandoned the organisation.
    Shame on you again that the little children at MTM had to pay the price.

    • That was not all Mrs. Cassell’s response indicated Mr. Gbason. The point of interest which perhaps went over your faultfinding head too, was that it is not the responsibility of the Gender Ministry to arrest and prosecute child molesters. Did you read the part of the minister’s comments that said, inter alia, “…A complaint was made to the line agencies, the National Police Force and the Ministry of Justice, which led to the arrest of the predator..?” I guess not, thus making fool of yourself? Obvious envious carping!

  2. @Hilary Snyder, Madame Duncan-Cassell is also cognizant that part of the functions of the Gender Ministry is Child Protection, so what did her government service put into place at the time to ensure that girls children are protected? These people sit supinely and wait for the girls to be affected before intervening, so then where does the aspect of protection interplay? Oh so they wait for the girls to be molested, suppressed, raped then show their deceitful faces under the guise of girls protection. These things can be curtailed if the folks who are charged with the responsibilities work assiduously and sincerely. These people are damn lazy, all they want is to stretch their greedy hands and siphon government of precious financial resources at the detriment of the tax payers and do so little that it is not worth mentioning.

  3. Why you are not looking at Bridge PSL? the more than me situation can happen at bridge too. Because the country director grayfin asego is loving to the program manager for schools corina for a long time now. the two of them are they more powerful couple. Many employees know about this; every one is scared to talk for fear of the country director, who is a Kenya citizen. The manager is a married woman. The director is a married man. if something bad happens at bridge school, wjo will talk for the liberian cchild? plese look into this matter


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