Prince Y. Johnson: No Hero, But A Villain


By Workapoe Woalea Workanuan

Prince Y. Johnson (PYJ) a senator for Nimba County slaughtered his own brothers and closed relatives in cold blood, and still claims he is a savior! No, he is not a savior, neither a hero but a villain…

How Prince Y. Johnson could claim to be a savior, and at the same, killed the very people he claimed to have saved?

As I lamented every day when I hear this saying that he is a savior, I thought on “No More Heroes,” a book written and published by Jordan Flaherty in 2016. If you read what the writer calls the “Forward” of the book, Flaherty discusses the “Grassroots challenges to the savior mentality,” and Prince Y. Johnson is clearly pictured and captured therein. Your mentality is far different from a “savior mentality.” Find and read the book too.

Remember the following names in your heart whenever you open the doors of the War and Economic Crimes Court. Even though you avoided these names and pertinent questions when you appeared at the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) hearings; consider those names this time when you face justice.

The orphans and widows keep mourning, sobbing, and asking these questions: Where is Teaton Workanua? Why did you kill him? Where is Nathaniel Kerper? Why did you kill him? Where is Zlanwea Cooper? Why did you kill him? Where is Duopu Keiba? Why did you kill such an intelligent man? What’s about Prince Learh, such a quiet man? What about Richard Deazrua, a man who loved you so much? Why did you kill Johnson Leepeh too? What did Peter Bleah do to you to warrant his death at your hands? Why did you kill these two brothers, Nelson Bleah and his brother mentioned above? What did Daintee Learwon do to you Mr. Master Killer?

What’s about Peter Bouye? And sadly, the only child of his mother, Edward Paye, whose mother Nangbeh cried to her death. Why are you so cruel?

In summary at the TRC hearings, Prince Y. Johnson blatantly lied that he revolted against the Samuel Doe led government, because it began eating its own babies. From my observation, Prince Y. Johnson mischievously managed to convince listeners around the county at the time. People who do not know these stories were carried away. But for us the level-headed, Mr. Master Killer (Johnson’s) testimony was characterized by tricks, arrogance and fallacies.

As he claimed that the government was eating its own babies, he too ate even many of the babies, and selfishly his own belly-born babies.

Sadly Senator Johnson killed/ate his own brothers and relatives. Ours is not violence, insults, and sheer stupidity, but justice, such thing that every human being truly deserves. We don’t fumble when justice needs us to speak.

This is the time. But because we live in a society where justice remains elusive, ours have always been to protest for results over the years. For protest seems as the only viable way to attain justice, and bring people like Senator Johnson to book in contemporary societies.

Now you he clearly see what our efforts in protest have placed at the disposal of the widows, orphans, and all mourning families. Justice is on the way. Prince Johnson pleaded not guilty of all his wickedness from 1989 to the time he captured, and slaughtered former President Samuel K. Doe, and many of his kinsmen. If Prince Y. Johnson claimed that he killed Mr. Doe to ensure justice, then let justice be done unto all, including the Prince Y. Johnson too.

Senator Johnson presented himself at the TRC as a savior. Yet, he is a shameless murderer. I wonder whether he is aware of his blind-spots and shadow-sides when he took unto the podium to preach in what he called his church. Only job seekers will most often congregate at that “church” as he always say.

Conscious and insightful people know that he does not have a church, neither does he preach the gospel. Instead, he has a palava-hut where he boast of wickedness, and run his so-called campaign.

Nimba County will not continue to dance at his war-drum tune any longer. When the War and Economic Crimes Court needs him, we will give him to them with ease. Nobody will protect him because he is a fruitless and shade less tree.

A book, “No Longer at Ease” reminds us that “when there is one tall tree in the forest, the little ones climb on its back to see the sun.” You made your back so slippery and uncomfortable for anyone to climb on it. Woe unto him!

About the author: Workapoe Woelea Workanuan is a student at Tuition Scholar, East Tennessee State University (ETSU) USA. Concentration: Gender and Diversity Studies. Phone: +4237732397; Email:


  1. Mr. Workanuan,

    My deepest sorrow and sympathy for the pains you and those widows, widowers and orphans bore and still bear to date. I remembered my father inviting over Duopo Keiba at our home to share a meal with him. As a little boy then, I still vividly remember the admiration my father had for him. He was indeed a brilliant son of Nimba.
    Like many people, my father fled the community under the cover of night, or else we could have been orphans at tender ages.

    But there are truths you should know. PYJ was a soldier and therefore under the command of his commandeer/s. Why didn’t he face a military tribunal for those gruesome killings? The NPFL had military tribunals that judged soldiers who committed atrocities.
    Why was Jackson F. Doe placed under house arrest in Buchanan and later slaughtered by Paul Veh? Why was Paul Veh not brought before the military tribunal?
    Why was Paul Dokie slaughtered on his way to his offspring wedding ceremony in Nimba? Was anyone brought to justice?

    From your profile, I can read that you are a student. Study well brother. Make research on the grassroot cause/s of the war in Liberia. Know who initiated the meetings, who bought in, who all financed it, why decisions were made to use a group of people and how it started.

    Join me to campaign for Cummings to usher in a morally clean leadership in Liberia. Let’s pray for God’s forgiveness of the innocent blood crying out to heaven. Let’s clean up both houses and the Liberian apparatus of blood-stained hands, then real justice will prevail. The real culprits will be brought to book.
    Why do you think an outgoing president will support a dreary opposition instead of her VP she had peacefully run the country with for 12 years?
    Food for thought!

    Be calm brother and learn to forgive. Let God take charge of the culprits. I believe in divine judgment; the time will surely come.

    Peace unto you.

  2. Such profound words. I am in tears to learn of the horrific suffering, humans can bring on others. How this Man and others escaped Justice is absolutely, appalling, and bewildering to me.


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