Prevention Better than Cure


By Togba-Nah Tipoteh

When the House called Liberia is of fire, as we are witnessing now in Maryland County, it is high time that the people who love Liberia stand up high to work together to put out the fire and prevent it from coming back. This is what prevention is better than cure means. To focus on cure is to allow the problem to come back; but to focus on prevention stop the problem from coming back. The people who love Liberia want the problem to stop and not come back.

What we have in Liberia is a system, a way of steering, ruling, managing the State, that allows the problems to come back. These problems keep coming back because the steerers, rulers and managers keep making the same mistakes. When you do the same thing over and over again and expect a different outcome, then you are crazy. We kill ourselves by making the same mistakes!

What are these same mistakes? The biggest of these same mistakes is the voting into public offices of persons who have records of making themselves better rather than making Liberia better for All Liberians. Since the 1950s, reliable information on Liberia shows that Liberia can have high economic growth rates but less than one per cent of the population can benefit from more than sixty per cent of Liberia’s income and wealth. Getting reliable information on Liberia for today shows that the State managers have access to at least USD1,000 a day and their foreign friends in the commercial sector alone have access to at least USD 2 million a day while over 80 per cent of the population of Liberia  remains poor with access to at most less than USD2 dollars a day. The State managers do not add value to Liberia’s human and natural resources and such action  results in poverty generation rather than poverty alleviation.

The people of the South East of Liberia, in which Maryland County is a part, continue to experience the worst form of poverty in Liberia, indicating the prevalence of injustice, especially for the vast poor majority of the people. This injustice has been so terrible to the point that Maryland County has come to be known as Gboyo County because of the murdering of poor people and using their body parts to get high government positions. Any serious government has to pay serious attention to this injustice or it will not be taken seriously by the people, who continue to Cry for Justice. Let us recall the massive peaceful protest of the women of Buchanan, Grand Bassa County during the Taylor regime when two murdered young persons were found under a bridge. Similarly, the women of Pleebo, Maryland County are protesting non-violently in their thousands upon finding the gruesomely murdered body of a young person. The women have walked from Pleebo to Harper, Capital of Maryland County, a distance that takes a vehicle some 35 minutes to get to Harper and more than four hours for human beings to walk to Harper. These women continue to call for Justice for All. Are the State managers taking corrective action or are they making the same mistakes, using violence to protect their self-interests rather than use the Rule of Law to protect the interest of All?

It is this non-violent action of the women of Pleebo that will motivate people in Maryland County and in other parts of Liberia to work together to change the bad electoral system that elects bad persons into the good electoral system that elects good persons. It is this type of non-violent protest that led to voters voting out of legislative offices most of the Legislators seeking re-election in the 52nd and 53rd Legislatures. Therefore, it is this type of non-violent protest that will end the poverty generating system to bring in the poverty alleviation system through the Rule of Law for Justice for All to prevail. When good persons, persons with records of helping the poor to help themselves in the drive to improve their living conditions, get elected, then there will be a FAIR electoral system where Commissioners of the National Elections Commission (NEC) will be Liberian citizens; there will be no cheating with the illegal busing of Liberian citizens and foreigners to vote; there will be no use of broken down voter registration machines and there will be no different decision-making among NEC Registrars, NEC Polling Station Representatives and NEC Commissioners.


  1. I wish this eminent professor can submit at least one article to the Daily Observer weekly. Even when I am under the cloud, my day becomes cheerful when I read his writings full of wisdom. He is pragmatic, plain and easy to understand by all. I wish we had a national television on which he would appear every evening to speak to Liberians even in the hamlets, villages, towns and cities of our country.
    Dr. Togba-Nah Tipoteh is a monument to revere. I pray that the Almighty grant him long life to be used to speak to Liberia in its pluralism.

    Dr. Tipoteh:
    “The biggest of these same mistakes is the voting into public offices of persons who have records of MAKING THEMSELVES BETTER RATHER THAN MAKING LIBERIA BETTER FOR ALL LIBERIANS.”

    Stop voting greedy and egotistical businesspeople. They are businesspeople because during campaigns, they bring you bags of rice, bundles of zinc, cows and goats for festivities and pretend to identify with you. In business, when you invest, you must get return on investment (ROI).
    It is like going out to sow a bag of seed rice. During harvest, you expect to harvest at least 10 bags of seed rice.

    When these rogues come to you, they may spend 5 or $10,000 to lure you into electing them. As soon as they are certificated, they will do everything to get that amount back in the first 2 months through corruption; taking of brown envelops to cheaply sell parts of the country or signing unto bogus business deals which are not in the interest of Liberia.
    Then, the people who voted them now become bush men and women. They (elected officials) go to Ghana (for the humble ones) or the USA for medical checkups, vacations and entertainment, their bank accounts are now in the USA, their families will now be based in the USA, they will buy a home in the USA and forget their constituency or their own villages. Their children and closed relatives will now go to school in the USA, everything about them will now be in the USA.
    As soon as you vote them out, vroom, they pick up for the country that did not elect them!
    How can Liberia develop?

    Can you get over it that someone who has been senator since 2005, now a speaker since 2018, will have property of such standing in his hometown? This is being wicked to yourself as human being, honorable speaker.

    You have a president who had clamored over all rooftops that the Congau people are doing bad to us, then you elect him to help us, poor country people. And then this lovely son of the soil (affectionately called Gbekugbeh) will empty state coffers in Year 1 to break down all his 4 houses and rebuild them into mansions, are you going to vote for such human being again, just because he is a native man?

    Let’s use our heads, my people! They tend to kill people to make juju to stay in office, or blind us to not persecute them when they leave office.

    Stop voting unpatriotic people, Liberians! Vote the ANC with accomplished standard bearer and executives to open a new development page. We need to enjoy our natural resources. With the complicity of our elected rulers, foreigners enter our country and pump out money while we remain in abject poverty.
    How can gold and diamond be mined in our counties yet there are no schools, electricity, basic healthcare centers and running water in those places? It’s scandalous!
    How can iron ore be mined in the hinterland yet the children of those counties live in abject poverty while those who exploit those minerals look down on them as slaves?
    How can oil be discovered along our seacoasts yet the children of those localities linger on the high seas in search of an Eldorado?

    We (Liberians) must learn to listen to people who can help us and vote them. Stop looking at popularity, physical outlook, strength, notoriety, cunningness, etc.
    We must learn to carefully listen to people who want to represent us. Let’s hear how they can make our natural resources to benefit all of us, not just a handful of people.

    Thank you, Dr. Tipoteh!


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