Poor Lives Matter In Liberia, Not Black Lives


By J. Yanqui Zaza

Why are elites of Liberia not addressing the high number of deaths cause by our poor healthcare system, bad roads, etc., but they are criticizing America’s Police brutality? For instance, the latest photo of the late Mr. Jay Nagbe Sloh, the Liberian Representative of District # 2 Sinoe County, Republic of Liberia, depicts our hospital (JFK) as a death center, but not a center to save life. Another story, which is the Report from the 2018 World Health Organization (WHO), shows that Liberia’s health related death was 32,000, or 20% of Liberia’s 4.6M population. In fact, the diseases are preventable and/or curable, and the leading killing disease are; (1) coronary heart disease, (2) tuberculosis, (3) influenza and Pneumonia, (4) diarrheal and (5) stroke.
Also, Liberian elites are tight lip about the Road Traffic Accident’s high death rate in Liberia, even though Liberia ranks number 2 in the world, according to WHO 2018 Report. WHO stated that Liberia’s Road Traffic Accident death total reached to 1,655 of Liberia’s total deaths. Is it an indication that policy such as health, road, etc., kills, as stated by Mr. Dennis Raphael, Professor of Health Policy and Management at York University, Canada on May 21, 2018?

Adding his voice to other experts who stated that government’s policy kills, he said that “bad living conditions or bad working conditions are primarily responsible for many of the diseases, and premature deaths. He stated that since at least the mid-1850s, Canadians have known that government’s policy kills, and politicians are unwilling to allocate resources to finance programs. Moreover, trying to avoid the wrath of elites and big businesses, which are considered largely responsible, they (politicians) have and continue to blame individuals and families.

What if Liberia had instituted a people’s policy on real estate and reduce the cost of an acre of land? Currently, a Monrovia-landlord is asking a buyer to pay $175,000 for 1.4 lots of land located in Mamba Point, Monrovia, and by extension, one acre is going for $500,000. By reducing the price for an acre of land in Monrovia, residents could save cash to fight malnutrition, and live within crime-free housing units, etc. Yes, Liberia, forcibly and effectively regulates the price of rice, etc., so, it can monitor real estate owned by landlords such as the Methodist Church, Baptist Church, etc.

In addition to increasing cash by reducing the cost of housing, it could generate additional cash if it participated in the ownership and management of country’s natural resources. Germany, France, Canada, Japan, Algeria, Angola, Nigeria, Botswana, Ghana, etc. are doing that. Botswana receives about 50% of government revenue from its diamonds, Nigeria generates about 60% of government revenue from oil, and Ghana is receiving a percentage of government revenue from oil.

Also, government could increase its cash if it could simply add gold deposits to its excess cash reserves (i.e., Liberia’s Net International Foreign Exchange Reserves) and remove the Special Drawing Rights (SDR), which is considered loans borrowed from the International Monetary Fund (IMF). Remember, outside creditors will usually demand higher interest payment from local businesses if government’s excess cash reserves is low or it includes loans or credit privileges such as the SDRs. Currently, Liberia has SDRs and zero gold deposits.

Furthermore, government could reduce malnutrition, and by extension, reduce the number of deaths, if it produces food or breeds cattle, etc. Predictably, many malnourished children could benefit, even if government cannot sell the food. Food investment would create jobs in rural towns and villages, even though bureaucrats are corrupt. Assumingly, after experiments and trainings of employees and managers, government would increase production.

The million-dollar question is why has Liberia not implemented some of these policies? Well, profiteers will not allow government to institute any policy that would reduce their profits. And  that is part of the reason why 57% of chief executives of corporations are Republican, the US political Party that promotes profits over society, according to Alma Cohen and Roberta Tallarita of Harvard Law school and Moshe Hazen of Tel Aviv University. Obviously, since profit making is the ultimate goal, as Mr. Raphael stated, elites and bureaucrats care less about society and will use any means necessary (i.e., including slavery) to make profits.

Profits, not race, religion, etc., were the reasons why elites exploited slaves as far back as 3500 BC, according to history. This is shows that exploiters are colorblind if they want to make profits, according Ta-Nehisi Coates. He stated “…racism is the child of economic profiteering, and not the father,” implying that profiteers do not focus on race if their main focus is money. The article by Mr. Matthew Wills of the JSTOR Daily supports this view. Mr. Wills stated, before Russia abolished slavery in 1861, Russian slaves and Russian elites “…were of the same national and religious origin, yet, the class difference was so great that “Russian noblemen had come to regard themselves as inherently different from their peasants.”

So, if race is the primary factor and not policy that generate profits, then the Black political power of South Africa should be improving the living conditions of their poor. Public reports however show that Black leaders, after ascending to power in 1991, have instituted policies that are helping profiteers to exploit South Africa’s 24 natural resources, an indication that race is not the issue but rather policies put in place to generate profits.

Interestingly, while profiteers (i.e., the father of racism) do not focus on color, creed, religion, etc., they can use ethnicity, tribe, race, religion, etc. to increase profits by creating policies that affect these everything. So, American slaves master (i.e., profiteers) used the difference in skin colors, black color and white color, and increased their wealth. From the onset, they, deliberately and deceptively, misled their kinsmen (i.e., the Whites) that the black race was inferior, and that the Almighty God had ordained the White race to save the black race from self-destruction.

Again, as profiteers falsely stated that Blacks were inferior to Whites in order to exploit slavery, they are now falsely stating that chief executives are less corrupt than government bureaucrats. However, chief executives have and continue to be involved in rampant corruption, including, but not limited to the 1600 Dutch Tulip Bulb Market bubble, Banking Panics of 1991-33, 1997, Asian financial crisis or the 2008 American financial debacle.


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