Pastoral Letter to President Weah and Heads of the CPP


Pastoral letter from Rev. Dr. Samuel B. Reeves, Jr. Senior Pastor, Historic Providence Baptist Church. To both President George M. Weah and heads of the four collaborating political parties on the current wave of violence in the country.

Today, as we reflect on our most recent past, we as a nation and people cannot afford to return to such an unforgettable nightmare, the ensuing violent clashes should claim our utmost attention, whether members of the ruling party, the government of Liberia or the opposition community.

With these growing waves of sponsored violence across the country, especially the recent one in Zwedru, Grand Gedeh County in the wake of the 8th December 2020 Senatorial elections; I call on the President, His Excellency; Dr. George M. Weah to address these fearful and tragic acts that have the potential to derail this nation’s hard-earned peace.

Mr. President, as Head of State and of Government, the Constitution gives you the power to protect the peace of the Nation and that burden rest solely upon you to instill peace in the minds of the citizens, including your officials of government and members of the opposition.

As pastor of the First Church, it saddens me to see Liberians engaging in all forms of violence include physical and verbal attacks. This, we believe, Mr. President, must be brought to check.

Mr. President, the recent utterances from some officials in government, on the radio, the media, on Facebook, are beginning to send discomfort and fears in the hearts of the people; as our President, these officials are directly accountable to you and as such you are clothed with the responsibility to bring them to check when their utterances undermine you personally, your government and our peace.

Mr. President, I would love reminding you about the recent utterances from some officials of the government, namely Monrovia City Major, Jefferson Koijee, who announced the setting up of a citizen unit to effect the arrest of citizens who disturb the city, the recent statement from the Superintendent of Maryland county, George Pratt who boasted of the government having under it’s control the security of the state and Deputy Minister Eugene Fahngon who took to his Facebook page to justify the incident in Grand Gedeh. As president, these officials are directly accountable to you and as such you are clothed with the responsibility to bring them to check when their utterances undermine our peace.

To all members of the opposition community, especially heads of the four collaborating political parties, Hon. Joseph Boakai, Mr. Alexander Cummings, Mr. Benoni Urey and Mrs. Nyonblee Karnga Lawrence, as I called on President Weah to take the lead in protecting the peace, today, I also besiege your conscience to prevail on your supporters to keep calm and avoid utterances that would also affect the peace. The responsibility to protect the peace does not only rest with the President but with you and all of us as well.  As heads of these political institutions, it’s important that you condemn all forms of violence perpetrated by your Supporters.

As a Minister of the Gospel and the gatekeeper of the Cornerstone of the Nation, I condemn all forms of violence; I especially condemn the recent utterances of Senator Darius Dillon and Rep. Yekeh Kulobah, such utterances could lead to unnecessary violence, the destruction of lives and property. As heads of political parties, you cannot sit on the fence and allow your supporters to threaten our peace.

For the record, I haven’t heard from any of you condemning Rep. Kolubah who is in the constant habit of raining insults on the President of Liberia. This must stop because this is the very office you all are seeking and it must be respected at all times despite who is our President.

Senator Dillon as well, recently, on a local radio show openly threatened the peace by declaring the end of the Weah led government if he is cheated in the election. This also must be categorically condemned. The rule of law is our only alternative to addressing our grievances and let us not result to violence in whatever we do and say.

As I conclude, I encourage all of us, be it the ordinary citizens or eminent citizens, to remain calm and stay away from violence. It’s time in the history of our nation that the young people put on their thinking caps and resist any form of manipulation from politicians who are selfishly seeking their interest. Stay away from violence and let peace reign.

I call on everyone in every county and community and all tribal leaders to promote and uphold the peace. Without peace-loving and peace reinforcing values, we all wither and perish in pain and darkness. The future prosperity of Liberia depends on our resolve for human flourishing!


Rev., Dr. Samuel Broomfield Reeves, Jr.

Rev. Joseph J. Roberts
Associate Pastor


  1. I join Dr Reeves to condemn any form of violence and those who fuelled it. The local government officials in Grand Gedeh, Yekeh Kolubah and Darius Dillon should repent immediately. Dillon should be reminded that only the courts can determine if a contestant is cheated in an election and the history of ending Presidents tenure prematurely has not favored our dear country.

  2. When Gray was lambasting then president with profane languages publicly, I didn’t hear men of God to condem it in the strongest possible terms. Don’t start what you know will not be good for the society with this growing number of young people who are indisciplined. CDC politicians started this whole mess we are going through today. They started insulting the past leadership of UP when all of you knew it was not good for the country. Now here we are!!

    • Great point, Gehi. Where were these Ministers of Gospel when Weah’s CDC goons (Rep. Gray, Chairman Morlu, etc) were raining insults on his predecessor (Madame Sirleaf)??? Did they demand that Weah publicly condemn his hoodlums?. I will offered a L$100,000 reward to anyone who can prove that these spineless Ministers of Gospel (Rev. Reeves and Rev. Roberts) demanded that Weah condemn his hoodlums!!!.

    • Shut up, Beh Maweah Gehi and Martin Scott!

      Where were you when the very corrupt and wicked Ellen Johnson Sirleaf was herself insulting President Samuel K. Doe and his entire government as “idiots in charge” of their oligarchy property – our country???

      Where were you two when Togba Nah Tipoteh, Baccus Matthews, and the rest of their so called progressives were insulting Tolbert and his government?

      Where were you when Henry Costa insulted President Weah on a daily basis only for him Henry Costa to be found out as a thief and an extortionist by groups and others who distanced themselves from his CoP, and now he Costa ending up a fugitive?

      Instead of hypocritically attempting to use the CDC as scape goats, you should be condemning the likes of Samuel Reeves for keeping satanically quiet viz Yekeh Kolubah´s notorious official misconducst as he Yekeh Kolubah misbehaves as an insane drunk UNBECOMING OF A LAWMAKER!

  3. Dr. Reeves and Pastor Roberts… thanks for your suggestions, but if you are waiting for Weah to respond to the high level of violence taking place in the country, you are wasting your precious time. This president will remain silent until the power keg explodes. Since he became president, he has never responded to major crises facing the country.

  4. “As a Minister of the Gospel and the gatekeeper of the Cornerstone of the Nation,” I bla bla bla! Samuel Reeves, for the drunk you are and the power-seeking hypocrite you are who would abandon the Church to be part of a corruption coven, you are not fit to be any gatekeepr of any nation or even a group.

    Have you forgotten how while the diplomatic community was doing everything to have the nation see reason that those bandits called CoP had a hidden agenda, you were busy giving credence to the bandits´ hidden agenda by asking the President to dismantle his cabinet for no sane reason?

    You better just keep your power-seeking hypocrite and drunken mouth shut. Everyday liquor is smelling on you because you are a drunkard and a hypocrite!

  5. The month of July, 2020, will be remembered in history throughout Liberia for years to come. Why? Because four men of the Liberian clergy (from different denominations) have sprung up to make news on the Liberian political scene. I would like to say “four men of God”, but I was cautioned not to say something like that.

    A Quick Look At The Issues That Were Raised By The Four Clergymen:

    The first clergyman, Reverend Krua, made an impassioned call about political values. The second gentleman, Reverend Vansiea, reminded the Liberian people about the good and bad times of the country ftom 1847 up to now. Third, the Independence Day orator, Reverend Dunbar, wasted no time to talk about sexual promiscuity, (which breeds excessive rape in the teenage Community) and the death penalty. Now, here comes Reverend Reeves who warns the Liberian people about political violence. What’s going on? Should the men of the clergy be taken seriously? Are their voices resonating with the Liberian people?

    A Point Of Reality….
    It is not wrong at all for the Messengers of the Gospel to express their opinions. Somehow, a nagging question arises though….. what’s next? Is this a prelude to politics?

    The Brain Teaser…..
    Do Liberians need men and women of the clergy to enter politics? If an X number of men and women entered politics, will that improve the moral compass of the country?

    Who knows what will happen in August. Maybe, more clergymen will pop up. Of course so far, a female clergy hasn’t written an open letter yet. But no one will be surprised if and when that happens.

    Stay tuned ladies and gentlemen.


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