Open Letter (With Recommendations) to President George M. Weah


May 21, 2019

E. Dr. George M. Weah
Republic of Liberia  

Your Excellency,  

Please accept my highest compliments for your stewardship of the Republic and your ascendency to the highest office.  

Your Excellency, please allow me to draw your attention to some of the current issues and make my candid recommendation for your consideration. We are fully aware of the economic challenges your government inherited as well as the prevailing economic challenges which can be attributed to several factors, such as the drop in Liberia’s major export commodities, as well as the mismanagement of the meager resources/revenue generated locally.  It is also saddening to note that helping hands from friendly nations, worth billions of dollars over the years, have yielded very little outcome (comparing funding spent to tangibles achieved). This is mainly attributed to corruption and waste of donor resources and local revenue in all manner and forms, which is an age-old governance problem for Liberia. Vast majority of the population (intended target) are deprived of very basic needs, while those entrusted with stewardship are showered with gold.

Although Liberia is evidently blessed with abundant of natural and mineral resources, taking a lesson from our recent history, we saw the mismanagement and ‘gold rush style’ misuse of friendly nations’ support and revenue from previous regimes. This led to many popular uprisings and rebellions that were climaxed by a senseless civil war. The slogan and axiom of the popular movement was and is ALWAYS “Freeing the masses”. The revolution gave rise to many subsequent warring fictions and interim governments, “ALL” with no exception, did little or nothing for the much fought-for “masses”. Inarguably, poverty is still shouting louder across the country.

Mr. President, recalling lessons from our immediate past regime, PRIMARILY, due to the presence of UNMIL and other international partners / programs e.x. (GEMAP, TOKTEN, SES etc), progress was made in strengthening the governance structure / institutions, but again not without numerous proven and alleged corruption, gross mismanagement, impunity and countless number of blatant violations of the rule of law. Summarily, if one were to match monies spent by donors and revenues collected, overall achievement was below average.

Your Excellency, it is needless to say that you don’t want to make the same mistakes made by previous governments because you were elected on a platform of change to change the lives of the masses. That being said, there are warning signs that your government is going down the same road and all the age-old menaces are becoming the order of the day resoundingly visible. Your Excellency, I can firmly attest that this is not a menace associated only with your government, but a systemic, lack of patriotism and love for country by fellow Liberians who have the opportunity to serve in public offices. If power is turned over to the current opposition and without major involvement from the international community (IC), we will experience the abuse of state power and resources in many other forms. Abuse of power is an inherent and entrenched governance issue in Liberia which did not start with your government and will not end with it. Without the involvement of the IC our age-old menaces will resurface in new forms.

Your Excellency, I can go on providing more and more details, but I believe I’d be saying what you are fully aware of. Considering this background, I wish to recommend to your administration the following proposal which may save the administration, your legacy, the MASSES and, most importantly, preserve the peace and improve the wellbeing of all Liberians. Mr. President, after a quiet and soft survey and collecting views from many quarters outside of politics and government, there is an “OVERWHELMING’ popular view, that our very best solution is an Extra-Constitutional full “International Economic Management Program (IEMP)” or a Parallel International Governance Management System (PIGMS). As a reminder, during the early part of Madam Sirleaf’s Presidency we had a low spectrum version (GEMAP) which lasted shorter than we the masses expected. The truth of the matter is ‘The Masses” are not benefitting from our natural resources.

Paradoxically, government heavily relies on our foreign partners to provide the basic, (Electricity, water, better health care etc) for its people. For example, Your Excellency, please pause for a moment and imagine our healthcare system without direct donors’ budgetary support. Drawing on the example of current U.S.-governed Puerto Rico, Guam, American Samoa, etc and past governed; Philippines, Marshall Islands, Micronesia etc, we are recommending that you make some extra-constitutional shift by working with ambassadors accredited to this capitol to work out the details of an IEMP or PIGMS. Your Excellency, please understand the primary underlying factor of these menaces is mainly because vast majority of Liberians in the political circle have little or no source of income outside of politics. They are using it as a “deceptive plow” to get wealth overnight at the expense of the “save the massessyndrome. Until we can build a firm middle class outside of government and politics, reduce our illiteracy rate, etc., this is never going to change. Although there are very few exceptional individuals, however, we “Can Not” achieve the changes required under a self-governing structure to transform the lives of “The Masses”. This is because the few good are still going to work with the many bad.

Finally, Your Excellency, I am of the strongest conviction that if the lives of the people are not improved, there is a greater possibility of civil unrest and, most importantly, the risk of young men and women becoming susceptible to recruitment for terror and other dissident activities. Again, I wish to echo that our current economic, social and political situation have a very strong foreign / domestic security risk.   

Your Excellency, I’d be glad were you to provide me an opportunity to hold a discussion around these issues, as I can provide more intriguing and fascinating reasons to support our argument.

Sincerely yours,

Boye-Doe Wleh, Jr. 
[email protected] 
Cell: +231 886516690 / 0770516690


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