Open Letter to the President


Your Excellency:

Subject: Nomination of the new Chair of the National Election Commission: Councilor (Cllr.) Ndubusi Nwabudike

I have the honor to extend greetings and Best wishes for this Year 2020. In that regard, I  wish to refer to your above-mentioned nominee that is before the Liberian Senate for confirmation.

I find myself impelled to add my voice to those in the Senate; from the Civil Society; Former Ambassador to the United Nations, Amb Lewis Brown, amongst other citizens on the radio and news media request that you withdraw the said nomination.

My reason for this has nothing to do with his being a naturalized Liberian of Nigerian heritage. In this regard, my own Great Grand Father – ( C.T.O. King I), was of Nigerian /Sierra Leone descent; emigrated to Liberia in the 19th Century and naturalized, at the urging of Edward Wilmot Blyden, who had encouraged him to come and help build a new nation that was being born and needed Africans like him, to come and build that nation Liberia. His son, Charles D.B. King (my grandfather), was born in Monrovia (not Sierra Leone as the official calendar of Presidents of Liberia, continues erroneously to state), while his descendants (late Amb. C.T.O. King II, my father), were/are all natural born Liberians, including myself.  Thus, there can be little question of the eligibility (repeat eligibility) for consideration of the nominee for an appropriate governmental position, as you have done, in this case.

Having said that Mr. President, my issue has to do with the advisability or otherwise of the Cllr’s nomination for this particular post. For your information, I have interacted with the Cllr as head of the Governance Commission. As such, I am aware of his intellectual capability of which there is no question! Yet, it is only prudent that you investigate thoroughly the expediency or otherwise, bearing in mind what is coming from those having reservations to the nomination.

Amongst the issues being put on the table is that the Counselor, though a naturalized Liberian, may still hold Nigerian citizenship as Nigeria permits dual citizenship, whereas, our constitution currently does not permit dual citizenship. Moreover, it is my understanding that on the books presently is a law to go to referendum that would permit dual citizenship but for natural born Liberians. Clearly this suggests a matter to be investigated. But also of great importance is that with the strong belief that the Counselor continues to hold Nigerian Citizenship. In the event he commits an act that warrants action against him, the nation could be unable to have him give account for his deeds as Nigeria, the nation he is said to continue to hold citizenship of may be unwilling to have one of its citizens subjected to a trial in Liberia.

We can easily reference a Latin American nation whose former president held dual citizenship. Upon being accused of the commission of acts which bordered on criminal offenses, the individual traveled secretly to the other nation (Japan) in which he held citizenship. Japan refused to have its citizen extradited to the nation in which he had served as President and which in the course of his service he was alleged to have committed criminal acts. There was also the case of Ellen Corkrum more recently in Liberia, which speaks to this very point.

But my issue with the Cllr’s nomination is primarily due to the sensitivity of the post and its implications thereof for national security. Any decision by the Head of the National Elections Commission (NEC) will have significant implications for the future of our nation. With the Cllr holding dual nationality, we must take care in determining if he is the appropriate person to determine the fate of the nation. As Head of the National Elections Commission, he will not only determine the nation’s leadership, both the Presidency and the Legislature (Senators, and Members of the House Representatives), but he could have in his hands the determination of whether we have peace or chaos in our land. Indeed, the slightest error could plunge our nation into chaos, and the Cllr. could easily seek and find refuge in his other home of citizenship, beyond the reach of Liberia to hold him accountable. It is with these exposures of insecurity to our nation that I make this appeal to you Mr. President to withdraw the nomination.

Elections are security risks, going to the very foundation of the leadership of the nation. Elections determine who will lead a country for a specified period of time and cannot be allowed to be hijacked. Conflicting loyalties continue to be of concern. One cannot risk anything but complete loyalty to one country only – in this case Liberia. There must be singular commitment and loyalty that is unquestionable. That is why naturalized individuals are barred from certain posts. We cannot risk one of dual loyalty, being influenced or swayed by the interests /or preferences of other countries. Foreign allegiances should not be tolerated in such a post, not even the suspicion of such allegiances should be given any credibility in our elections. Thus the imperatives of being a Liberian born to hold such a position that determines election results should prove paramount, even if the law does not spell it out explicitly as such. It is clearly prudent. As such, it is imperative that there should be broad consultations with relevant stakeholders, in choosing the proposed nominee.

Lastly Mr. President, the Cllr. will have to supervise a referendum on dual citizenship in which he has direct interest and therefore issues of impartiality can be expected to arise. Would he not, in fact, have to recuse himself from such a process?

It is in view of the above-mentioned considerations, Mr. President, that I propose the following:

Your withdrawal of the nominee; Give due consideration to the issues being raised by Civil Society Organizations (i.e. Election Coordinating Committee – ECC); former Ambassador to the United Nations, Amb. Lewis Brown amongst others; Request the Liberian National Bar Association to submit to you at least three potential nominees, one of whom should be a woman.

As “Feminist–in Chief” so proclaimed by yourself, I am sure that you would have no objections to this!

As I close, may I draw your attention to the editorial of the Daily Observer of 26 March 2020 entittled “Look Before You Leap, Mr. President”, in which it basically urges you Mr. President to learn from the lessons of History. In that regard, there is a saying to the effect that “a people or a nation that does not learn from History is bound to repeat itself.”

Moreover throughout the Bible, we hear echoes of this, while from the case of Ahab in 2nd Chronicles 18:5-27, we learn that it is imperative that one listens to the voice of truth, even when it may contradict one’s personal preferences. Indeed it was in 1984, I believe, when the late Arch Bishop Michael Francis, as Man of the Year, said: “I am not against the Government but we (all of us) must be the conscience of the nation,” meaning, it behooves us all to uphold the “Lone Star” and not desert it!

Hence, I am left with no alternative but to Pen this “Open Letter” in the interest of upholding the integrity of “Mama” Liberia – the Lone Star.

Respectfully submitted,

Yours sincerely

Olubanke King-Akerele
Former Minister of Foreign Affairs
Former Minster of Commerce & Industry
Retired Senior Official of the United Nations for some 24 years, |
Executive Director,
Liberian Institute for “Growing” Patriotism


A Liberian Patriot


  1. What should now be of some sort of concern to the regime of George is, political spectators like the author of this open letter to the Senate, usually sits on the fence, minding their business(so to speak) while others are coming forward and taking all the political kicks the regime of George will throw at them. But this time if the 2020 Senatorial or 2023 presidential elections will be like any thing unifying both the political spectators usually sitting on the fence and political activists of the regime of George in a force of unity, this nomination of the alleged Nigerian naturalized citizen of Liberia, that nomination has done just that. Something that the regime of George was never, never expecting or counting on. Usually those political spectators sitting on the fence are accused by the political activists as jobs seekers, afraid to speak out about the direction in which the regime of George is taking the country. So getting of the fence to in order to get involved , is it about the Nigerian as elections Commissioner, or is it about the fear of what such appointment will cost the nation and its future political stability ? Which one is of the greater or lesser danger to the stability of the country, that has drawn the attention of the usual political spectators to voice their concerns ? Certainly, it is not because of a Nigerian naturalized citizen of Liberia, as some have already pointed out, so it must be about the political alliance that exists between the Nigerian naturalized citizen of Liberia and George , that has created and brought about the political fear in the spectators usually sitting on the fence and on the sidelines. If both the senatorial elections and presidential elections are made to rock the political foundation of the nation like before, it is fair to say that the political spectators like the author of this letter and many others as prominent citizens will not be sitting on the fence for too long. This is nothing like the episode of the Henry guy’s political protest that saw many of these prominent citizens as political spectators sitting on the fence waiting to see what will happen. Never wanting to get involved. But This nomination has set the stage to force the regime of George to look for an independent source to head the elections Commission through some sort of consultations. This time the source of this protest letters is not the Henry guy. And this is more than just a civil protest of letters coming from prominent citizens who care more about the stability of their country and that of their fellow citizens. Whether this force of unity between both the political spectators that usually sits on the fence and not willing to get involved, and that of the political activists is clear to the regime of George or not, that unifying political force is here to stay . Perhaps they too have had enough of George.

    • Olubanke King Akerele, where were your Sierra Leonean self when as minister of Commerce and later Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ellen Appointed an American citizen Jerome Korkoyah as Head of the NEC?

      So according to your selfish, opportunistic, elitist, and corrupt mindset, because you were there milking the state funds at Commerce, IT WAS VERY FINE THAT ”Foreign allegiances were tolerated in such a post.” And ”the suspicion of such allegiances” DID NOT MATTER, but in fact be given credibility in our elections.”

      Secondly, you hypocrite and pathological liar as Lewis Brown, that you would start by such OUTLANDISH BALDHEADED LIE that ” your grandfather Charles D.B. King was born in Monrovia and ”not Sierra Leone’,’ despite the fact official public records in Sierra Leone and Liberia prove your grandfather, a very wicked and criminal mentality, was born in Freetown, Sierra Leone, makes clear you also have no moral eligibility to write such rubbish, you foolishly believe is a letter to His Excellency George Manneh Weah, President of the Republic of Liberia.

      Madam LIAR AND HYPOCRITE,With a natural born native from one of the indigenous villages of Liberia sitting as President, only fools will not know or hypocrites will pretend not to know that you would come out here to spew such lies and rubbish, when your extremely wicked father C.T.O. King II, who while domiciled in Nimba would (as his father your grandfather) kill poor Nimbaians at his whims and caprices, for which he your fathe wicked CTO King 11 met divine retribution when his backside replaced John Mclain on the pole on April 22, 1980!

        • Jackson Neal, you telling someone about ”refined language”. Is this what you conceptualize as ‘refined language”? You ”Jackson Neal’ wrote these insulting lines to an innocent woman simply because she was been nominated….

          ”He has had intimacy with Davidetta Browne Lansanah, an educated fool, who has traded her body with an illiterate for a job. Shame on Davidetta! She has shamed Liberian womanhood. Curse on her living ashes as she faces condemnation from hell.” Jackson Neal

          You go on insulting a woman simply because she has been nominated to a position after she has served for seven years before the president who nominated her became President.


      • My dear Ms. Matilda Witherspoon, I don’t know who you are, but reading your post speaks volume.
        My dear young lady, you see, you can make your point without being loud or insulting. This is a very crucial matter to the country Liberia, why my dear would you so lower yourself or make yourself known to so many in such a way. I am pretty sure you’re a smart lady.
        The open letter to our President from Mrs. Akerele was just her respectful voice to him, which I believe he will absorb and indeed make a sound decision.
        Why my friend, Why? Why make yourself look like you are incapable of addressing someone without the streets or the anger?
        Let us as Liberians try as much as we disagree, to respect each other and respect our allies. Speak like you are intelligent and that you’re worth listening to.
        I hope we all remain safe at these challenging times.
        God Bless you and may God bless MAMA Liberia!
        Janice Nyak

        • You Janice Nyak or whatever you really call yourself, you do not refer to people as ‘young lady’ or young whatever” when you do not know them. If you do not know that thief Olubanke King Akerele, I knew her when she was growing up. Henceforth, it must be your mother to whom you should refer to as ”young lady’.

        • And now back to you DIRECTLY Olubanke King posing here as ”Janice Nyak’.” Weren’t it for your corrupt nature and character that Ellen trashed you into ”COMPULSORY INDEFINITE LEAVE”??? IN EFFECT, ABRUBT DISMISSAL!

          You come here telling others about ”street anger” etc. while listing places you have worked etc. What did you do for Liberia during those times? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. You better shut your mouth and not let us tell the Liberian people how you were able to say at the UN.

          You wicked and slly back stabber imported by Ellen into her government only to turn around undermining her and you expected her to keep you after she kept your stealing character under the carpet.

          You and everybody know Ellen only appointed you as foreign minister as she did with others, BECAUSE SHE ELLEN FROM DAY ONE DECIDED TO BE HER OWN FOREIGN MINISTER WHILE SHE REMAINED THE PRESIDENT!

          Your wicked father and your wicked grandfather on public record for their criminal and wicked conduct, and you want to come say here the records are not authentic. You are a fool to stoop so low.

    • Rapist and child molester Petarus Dolo, you need to shut up while meaningful Liberians discuss their political future. You are exposed.

      Your self imposed exile in the Ivory Coast will no longer be a safe haven, Retribution is on its way .

    • Mr. Dolo,
      You are smart,
      do NOT call people Ma or Pa. It just an advice to keep on the line of Professionalism.

        • Rapist and Child Molester Petarus Dolo has no place in the Liberian society. He is trying to enter the political landscape but He is EXPOSED.

  2. In as much as George WEAH nomination of Ndubusi Nwadubike is error, Ellen Johnson also appointed a Nigerian to be a Chief of Staff, Ms. Olubanke King-Akerele at the time never wrote any Open-Ed. We Liberians need to be balanced in our analysis of issues. In summary, what happened as an error during Ellen Johnson term must not be repeated as we moved forward to improve.

    • Madam Olubanke King Akerele, when you were Commerce and later Foreign Minister (before you were booted for corruption by Ellen), did you not know ”the Cllr. Jerome Korkoyah a foreigner serving as Chairman for the NEC, had to ”supervise a referendum on dual citizenship in which he has direct interest”? Did you not know Ellen’s NEC Head with his American citizenship had to recuse himself from such a process?

  3. Bull, if Ellen’s nomination of a foreigner to a specific position was deemed a mistake,should we continue making similar error?Or if Mrs King-Akerele perhaps did speak on such issue in the past, does it mean she should remain mute this time, even if such blunder is obvious and inimical? Let us not reason like kids.This is about the future of our country and not about individual interest.

    Congratulations! Mrs Akerele, you have done well. Many ways people can contribute to nation-building.Thank you so much for bringing the President’s attention to the probable disastrous consequences of his flawed decision.Continue to stand tall and never renege in your endeavor to save your nation from the corrupt hands of bottleneck-minded and greedy people.

    I salute you.

    • Marcus Dahn, Olubanke King Akerele is simply displaying her hypocrisy because this government refused to give her a job. That is the same with Lewis Brown who was fired for his incompetence and corrupt mentality sometimes ago.

      • Mr Zoedjallah,for your information, I got nothing to do with Mr King-Akerele’s personal problem(s).Even if President Weah did not offer her a job, how does it concern me? What concerns me is the future of my beloved Liberia.Besides, I have deduced a lot from the content of her letter.

        Mr. Zoedjallah, the basic difference between you and me is that you are a fanatic supporter of a political institution or an individual while I m a patriot.I do not however blame you for the things you write.

      • Kandajaba, you wrote, “Because this government refused to offer her a job, that’s why she’s critical.” Your level of reasoning overwhelmingly beats my imagination as far as common sense is concerned. Whatever got you to think that way I advise you divorce it and promise on this platform never to make a return.

        It’s no flattery that you have great potentials to be a fine political analyst, provided you aren’t one already.In fact, until this post, l have always held you in high esteem for your judicious opinions on critical issues of public concern. But thanks for exposing your true self.

  4. Mr. Bull Yonly

    Mr. Yonly, I agree with you when you say we should learn to move ahead and not backward because that’s the reason we elected Weah.

    However, here is my opinion on the reasons Ellen appointed a Nigerian to be a Chief-of-Staff during her administration. To begin with, many people forget one fact that when Ellen took over power, Liberia had no well structured military like it has now. The Liberian military was already dangerously divided along tribal lines which was one key ingredient that led to the brutal killings and the massive destruction of the country.

    A school of thought also says had it not been for the intervention of the United Nations troops and left only to the devices of the remnant Armed Forces of Liberia (AFL) military troops, Ellen would have been overthrown during her term and Liberian would have returned to chaos again.

    So given these circumstances, which were compounded by the intractable and precarious economic situation, she had to do whatever she could to stabilize the country, attract investments, and create jobs. So, her choice then became the Nigerian mentioned above given his own knowledge of Nigeria’s socio-political history, and the national lessons learned from the bitter experiences of its devastating Biafran Civil War.

    The purpose the Liberian people elected Weah was because they felt he was fit to correct or do away with those policies that they saw under Ellen which were counterproductive to the progress of our society. Weah staged demonstrations relentlessly for 12 consecutive years for that purpose. So now why has Weah’s answer become, “I will do the same thing because that was what Ellen did?”

    Well, anybody can make the argument that any president can continue the other president’s policies and I would say yes. But what if the former president’s policies were wrong? If he must continue some of Ellen’s policies, then they should be those ones that promoted economic growth and peace.

    The compelling circumstances under which Ellen took that decision were different. Nevertheless, the time has changed and the political dynamics have also changed with it. To make progress, he will have to bend a little bit and listen to some of the concerns that are hailing from the public.

  5. Right to be Anonymous, WHILE IT IS TRUE THE NOMINATION UNDER DISCUSSION IS ABSOLUTELY CONSTITUTIONAL, the issue here IS NOT about ”the policies” of whichever President.

    The issue here is whether the likes of Olubanke King Akerele King or Lewis Brown should be taken seriously, when the very ”CATEGORY OF APPOINTMENT” they are criticizing today are the very ”CATEGORY OF APPOINTMENT they defended just under four years ago with Lewis Brown as Minister of Information, and later as Liberia’s Rep to the UN, and Olubanke King Akerele as Commerce minister, and subsequently as Foreign Affairs Minister?

    What does that tell the intelligent mind? It simply tells the intelligent mind that these bastards (Lewis Brown, Olubanke King Akerele, etc.) are chronic opportunists. Or are you just another who is criticizing today what you advised or defended under Ellen Johnson Sirleaf? Your position here proves you resident in the latter.

  6. Mr.,
    With all due respect, I disagree with the points of view you have proffered as it relates to why Johnson-Sirleaf appointed a Nigerian General as head of the Liberian military. The question is why did Johnson-Sirleaf appoint an army General (a foreig-born) when in fact there was no army? Does it make sense to you?

    This is what most people say:
    Johnson-Sirleaf was scared as hell. She was reportedly one of those who secretly financed the war machine of rebel man Charles Ghangay Taylor. But when push came to shove, she decided to hire a Nigerian because she didn’t trust her own people!

    There is no question that the old Liberian army was fractured during and after the war. However, when Johnson-Sirleaf’s appointment of the Nigerian General was made, the United Nations’ troops were on the ground in Liberia. So, if a few capable Liberians had to be put up for training militarily in the US, China or Israel, the mission of training would have occurred without hostilities arising from the fractured, non-existent army. Secondly, let’s assume for purposes of our discussion that a few disgruntled Liberians had planned to dethrone Johnson-Sirleaf. If such a nefarious scheme had been anticipated, it would have been severely crushed. Why? Because:

    (1). The Liberian people were fed up with killing one another. There would have been no support locally,

    (2). The coup plotters would have suffered an embarrassing defeat because the United Nations’ troops would never have allowed an overthrow. And lastly,

    (3). The outside world would never have given any support to the coup plotters.

    You have stated that because of economic concerns, Johnson-Sirleaf “had to do whatever she could to stabilize the country”. Well, yes she did just that, but she was dead wrong. For instance, the appointment of a Nigerian General did not in any way stabilize the Liberian economy. The stabilization of Liberia’s economy gradually occurred on a piecemeal basis. Example, the remittances of diaspora Liberians mightily flowed in Liberia through Western Union, Money Gram and other money transfer networks. Second, the United Nations’ troops were heavily paid monthly by the world body. The money that the troops spent in Liberia during those years helped to put the nation’s economy together. For sure, there were some unmentioned factors that spruced up the economy, but the General’s appointment did not help in terms of economic stablization.

    If Johnson-Sirleaf were as smart as most people had thought, she would have appointed her son at the CBL, neither she have endorsed Weah, (the very guy most of you detest). The Liberian economy was left in a shambles! That’s precisely why we’re swimming with the sharks today.

  7. Ah, corrections……..

    Should be….” She wouldn’t have appointed her son to the CBL

    Neither would she have endorsed Weah.

    So long folks.

  8. Olubanke King Akerele, when you were defending at home and abroad and promoting and propagating the appointment and nomination of Ellen’s NEC’S Head, was that ”upholding the integrity of “Mama” Liberia – the Lone Star”????????

  9. Sr. Engineer, Geophysicist: Peter Curran (Yarkpajuwur N. Mator 2017-Independent Presidential Candidate)

    Ofcourse the Nigerian must go. Below is the options am suggesting for NEC head:
    1. Judge Nancy Sammy of Court C
    2. Dr. Sayeh from IMF
    3. Let Liberian apply.

    Only the best of our educated with the needed Know-Hows and Skills can move our country forward.
    Always remember the above statement.
    God bless Liberia

  10. Greetings:

    Sorry that I have been away for a while. Duty calls. Was in Margibi, Bong to conduct seminars. The folks on that side of the country are going about their normal activities as though everything is normal. And yes, Uncle Hney, I am using my car. Had some work done on it. Its reliable

    Uncle Aaron, FYI, my sister is in your beautiful state of Minnesota – though I have never been there- visiting with friends. Hopefully your will run into her. I trust that you and your family are faring well admist all this nightmare that is ravaging your country. Uncle Hney, I hope your family is doing well too.

    Uncle Aaron, I have been following with interest and a bit of sadness as well, the feud that has blown out of proportion between you and Uncle Dolo and I feel compelled to say something about it. You both are passionate gentlemen and you both, without a doubt, love your country. Names calling will not in any way help anybody nor will it help to move our country forward. I remember at one point in time, that you both had bury the hatchet. Or so I thought. There are other options.

    Now, to the issue at bar. Concerning the nomination of the head of the NEC, It does not matter who did what in the past. The past is the past and we are here now. Due diligence should be in play here. Did the nominee commit perjury?Is he or is he not a naturalized Liberian? Did he gained his naturalization consistent with the constitution? These questions should be looked at and if it is determined that an offense was committed, then and only then, can he be charged with whatever he should be charged with.

    Of course, folks with argue pro and con and that is their right to do so and we can choose to agree with them or not, but the idea of calling a person STUPID because we disagree with his/her comment is something that is just unattractive.

    But all in all, me and my family are all well and we will get through this ugly virus that has descended upon us again. but if there is one thing that I know about us Liberians, it is our amazing ability to overcome impossible hurdles and we will overcome this. No doubt.


    • Joe,

      I understand your concerns. I will apply all options available to me.

      This forum have been used by this demonic character Petarus Dolo with a heavily dark agenda to assassinate the character, tarnish the reputation and integrity of people he doesn’t know without PROOF and his insults to me, others and their female significant other with the intent of making his way on the political landscape of Liberia, but Retribution is on its way and I’m bringing this fight to his door steps.

      Not everyone or their family members he chooses to insult is going to take it lying down and I’m definitely not one of those.

      I can make several references to the very unattractive comments as you refer to it made on here by this devil Petarus Dolo who sometimes have the audacity to mention the name of God and Jesus christ in his posts with no one calling him out.

      You are a young man I have respect for, might be peers with my kids BUT I don’t want you to be caught in the middle of this. I have prepared my family well over the years to stand tall and alone the day I ‘m called from labor to rest. The works of my hands are BLESSED.

      I will be glad to meet your sister or if I do run into her, will let her know how proud we are for your work in youth ministry.

      Have a good day and I will continue to communicate with you.

  11. JM,
    As always, it’s a pleasure to know that you and your family are doing well. I hope your sister is doing well in the US. Some of us are under a forced quarantine. For instance, a person can be fined when caught if there’s not a good reason for being out there.
    I wish you and your family well buddy.

    Sincere greetings & peace.

  12. Uncle Hney,

    your sorry for the forced/mandatory quarantine that that has been thrust upon you all. Maybe you could do with the vacation. We hope that this nightmare will pass quickly.

    Uncle Aaron, I am very glad that you think of me as a son. I am honored and for that I thank you. you said you hope that i will not be caught in the middle of what is going on with you and Uncle Dolo. The sad thing, Uncle Aaron, is that I am already in the middle of it for the fact that I consider both of you my elders and as such, i have to attempt to intervene. This forum will not the be the same, at least to me, without both of your immense contribution.

    You both may be different in your approaches to issue, but nonetheless, you all speak from the heart. Like Uncle Hney will say, apple and orange. yet both of them sweet to behold.

    Without much ado, I shall look with anxiety on the day that the hatchet will buried, and this time, for good.

    All is well from my end, I visited the confirmation hearing of the NEC nominee and it was really interested to watch. Each day brings its own unique sets of circumstances.


  13. Mr. Petarus Dolo,
    When you say you’re in disagreement with many of the points made above, who are you referring to? To me? I checked and didn’t see where I used the word, “aboved”. If I did, it’s an error. I am not grammatically perfect, but I am okay. During this day and age, people do not bother to make such corrections, especially corrections that have to do with typos. The brains of the modern age computers are funny. For instance, this morning, I typed the word, “practices” as I wrote. Guess what, the stupid computer changed the word “practices” to “practiced”, the past tense of the practice!


  14. You did not write “aboved” in any of your posts. I was respectfully and politely disagreeing with the points you made in the post under which I replied.
    However, I was driving my warrigal or kook’s attention to one of their terrible mistakes.

  15. Okay Dolo. Thanks for the clarification. In any case, why didn’t you tell me or the readers what it is that you disagreed with?

  16. Will surely do. I have a busy morning as I am practically doing most of the job in the office alone these days.

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