Open Letter to: Minister of Health and the Government of Liberia


Subject: “To # 14 and Back” (Mae Gene Best’s Article in Daily Observer, 1 June 2020) 

I begin this letter foremost with “Kudos” (highest congratulations) to Mae Gene Best, wife of Kenneth Best, founder and former Managing Director of the Daily Observer Newspaper, for her Story on having tested positive for COVID-19; hospitalized at #14 Military COVID-19, and Back in the Monday, 1 June edition of the paper. Her Story was so extraordinary, in the insights it provided to the public at large on what it means to be at the #14 Military COVID-19 Treatment Centre, once one has been diagnosed as having Coronavirus.

Reading the Story in the papers took me two days. There was so much in it − much for us all the ordinary citizens, and more importantly, for the response of the nation’s Health authorities to the COVID-19, with lessons and proposals for (a) enhancing the effectiveness of our response and (b) addressing the gaps in the conditions for treatment at the # 14 Military Centre.

There were simply so many major items in her Story that I shall make no attempt to summarize them here. I will therefore simply highlight the following: foremost was her appreciation of the Medical Doctors and Health Workers. She gave them high marks, notwithstanding the difficult work environment. It is not often that Liberians express such appreciation! Secondly, she then urged President Weah “to walk his song” — in short, she underscored that Mr. President must set good examples by obeying the rules that he wants the rest of us Citizens and Residents to follow. She continued, “this is no do as I sing business; You yourself must walk the song.”  This is now even more critical since the international community has decided to use the song worldwide –Kudos again to GOL!

Thirdly, her Story identified a series of concrete actions that need to be put in place for greater effectiveness in carrying out the services and providing better health care to those at #14 Military. At this point, I simply want to urge Madam Minister of Health, that should details in the article have not been brought to your attention, the appropriate officials of your Ministry must look into them for attention urgently. If, on the contrary you and your staff are acquainted with the article, I implore you to take action on the lessons drawn from the Story such that MOH/GOL addresses the issues raised, in the interest of improving conditions for patients and staff at the # 14 Military. Thus, it would be good to let the public know about this as well as inform the citizenry on what is Liberia’s national strategy for dealing with the Pandemic. Indeed, it is possible that, as my Ugandan sister in-law, Elizabeth Lwanga intimated to me, on hearing Mae Gene’s Story, “Could it be that God placed her in #14 Military so that she would come out; and tell her story for the benefit of Liberia’s response to COVID-19? Recall in this connection, the story of Queen Esther in the Bible when Mordecai, her uncle, went to her to tell her about the plot of Haman to get the King to put out an edict to kill her people, and that she had to act.  When the Queen hesitated, he said, who knows that it may be for this very purpose that God put you here as Queen – for a moment such as this!

I want to also propose that the Daily Observer consider republication of the Story –but in two parts since 3 pages of six columns each proved very difficult to read and digest. I have followed various articles/editorials on the COVID-19 published in the Observer and must commend it for such quality reporting. Indeed, it is such stories of Mae Gene Best and others, as well as that of constructive advice offered to GOL that can only enhance its effectiveness in several cases. Here we recall the article in the New Dawn of 23 April when former Senator Ballout and former Liberian Ambassador to Qatar, was discharged from #14 Military Hospital. He pointed out the lack of basic equipment at #14 Military Hospital and sounded the alarm, in his interview over Joy FM, stressing the need to train more personnel for the health sector, warning that as cases increased, the demands for such workers in the health sectors will soar automatically.

Who, may I ask, can deny that we have arrived at that very point with 600 + cases of COVID-19? Of course with intensive testing we can expect more. To Senator and former Ambassador Ballout, I say “thank you plenty”, yah!

But I must also express appreciation to former Permanent Representative to the United Nations, Lewis Brown; to former Minister of Finance and Minister of Foreign Affairs, Augustine Ngafuan and former National Security Agency Director Foumba Sirleaf, all of whom have featured significant articles in various News Media−the Inquirer; New Dawn and other media outlets –providing either the benefit of their experience with the Ebola Virus Disease for the current fight against COVID-19 as well as giving very useful advice to the authorities on the tackling of the current virus. Indeed, one has also read the constructive contribution from Mr. Alexander Cummings of the Opposition CPP, in line with the recognition that this COVID-19 is all of our problem and demands all hands on board, as was the case during the nation’s response to Ebola−we urge the Administration to “walk the talk” on this one as well as response to editorials in the News (18 June) and FPA (18 June) amongst others.

In that regard, I have seen several presentations providing expert and concrete advice by Dr. Dougbeh Chris Nyan, our Liberian Scientist of international repute, in various media worldwide as well as in Liberia – I hope that GOL is tapping his expertise, benefiting from his knowledge. I have seen him on several Zoom discussions, etc. − on the COVID-19, for which he has been highly applauded. Why is he not here with us? We understand that he has indicated his availability, even voluntarily. Importantly, Dr. Nyan has volunteered to develop Liberia’s COVID-19 testing kits to address this critical need. With shortages of COVID-19 testing kits in the region, the governments of Senegal and Ghana have supported their scientists in developing testing kits.  While Liberia has yet to heed Dr. Nyan’s patriotic offer, Rwanda, has since declared interest and working with him to eventually produce testing kits for COVID-19 and other infections. We sincerely hope that this is not a case where a prophet may not be welcomed in his own home! And we wonder why Liberia is behind other African Brothers and Sisters? Indeed, we cannot afford any such! It may be recalled that Dr. Nyan had served at one point as our 169th National Orator on 26 July 2016 — at which time he made available to Liberia and Africa at large his invention of the Rapid Multiplex Pathogen Diagnostic Test which can detect and simultaneously differentiate about 3−7 infectious pathogens within 10 to 40 minutes using just one test. That test has been awarded, in recent times, a US Patent by the United States Patent and Trademark office.

As I close, I want to refer to the pending prospect of the opening of our Borders and airports. In that regard, it is imperative that such re-opening takes into account the ECOWAS Guidelines titled Harmonization and Facilitation of Cross Border Trade and Transport in the ECOWAS Region on the COVID-19 Pandemic and Related Post-Recovery Actions. This is aimed at limiting the spikes of Coronavirus resulting from likely carriers of the virus at the airports as well as from cross border influx of new cases from neighboring countries.” As the saying goes “prevention is better than cure.”

Having read this, I beg your, please do something for our people ooh!

Olubanke King-Akerele
Former Minister of Foreign Affairs
Former Minster of Commerce & Industry
Retired Senior Official of 25 years with United Nations system (UNDP/UNIDO/UNESCO & UNIFEM (today’s UNWomen),
Chair of Board, Angie Brooks International Centre for Women’s Empowerment, Leadership Development, International Peace and Security
And A Liberian Patriot


  1. Animus homins est anima scripti, it is said in Latin. meaning – The intention of the person is the soul of the instrument! Or better still, , in the same Latin – again, Affectio tuo nomen imponit operi tuo – meaning..Your motive gives name to your act” coming here to promote your elitist propaganda that you elitist rascals or the old generation have done better for our people, thus you spew out such rubbish as:

    “Having read this, I beg your, please do something for our people ooh!” Look Olu-Banke, what did you or the governments of your elitist father, grand father, and of your accomplices in crimes of Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, the NPFL/ACDL and the Ellenś government you worked with, do for our people? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!

    Were you not one of those at the UN who aided and abetted Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, Harry Greaves Sr. and Jr. Charles Taylor and the rest of you remnants of the settlers TWP which have destroyed our country simply because of your selfish desires?

    And then you want to come and talk trash here extolling notorious opportunists as Lewis Brown etc. who it is now clear was caught in his tracks plotting to have the United States turn against Liberia and carry out its policy of regime change.

    Look, Olu.Banke, if you knew how some of us internationally informed Liberian women detest people like you in your selfishness and lack of remorse and recalcitrance regarding the wickedness of your wicked father in our county (Nimba), and those of your wicked Sierra Leonean grand father, you would not come here to add gasoline to such sizzling anger and fury against your bluff and hypocrisy!

    If you knew any better, why did Ellen boot you out of government after you stole so much in government, and spend your retirement in seeking Godś mercy for your wicked father and satanic grandfather.

    • Mr. Walsh, see evidence that ACDL was not what you want to have people believe it was:

      “Amid a sea of questions, FrontPageAfrica takes a look at some of the advocacy Mr. Greaves was involved in which may or may not offer clues to his tragic end.


      A trip down memory lane may offer some clues. Greaves, was a founding member of the Association for Constitutional Democracy in Liberia (ACDL). The group is credited as being the launching pad for the Liberian civil war. On April 9, 1990, Greaves as Treasurer of the group’s executive board which included Ezekiel Pajibo, Momo K. Rogers, Amos Sawyer, Patrick L.N. Sayon, Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf and Mr. Mamadee Woatee (now deceased), wrote a letter to Mr. Clarence Simpson, Jr. former Attorney General based in Alexandria, Va and other Diaspora-based Liberians at the time. Interestingly, both Greaves and Simpson died last week. Simpson, from a long illness; Greaves, yet to be determined or explained. The letter was an SOS call for support for Charles Taylor’s National Patriotic Front which was in the midst of a brutal civil war to rid Liberia of Samuel Doe.”

      Greaves wrote: “As you have probably heard, Liberia is in the midst of a war- — of Liberation spearheaded by our compatriots, the National Patriotic Front of Liberia, against the barbarous, tyrannical regime of M/Sgt. Samuel Doe, self-proclaimed President of Liberia.”

      As Greaves wrote, he informed Simpson that the NPFL had captured and were holding large swaths of land stretching from the Ivorian border down as far as Bong County. “A few weeks ago they overran a military barrack at Wadru, in Grand Gedeh, that was being used to train new recruits for Doe’s army, and immobilized the Ganta-Harper road. Lately, word has reached us that NPFL forces are descending upon Gbarnga, capital of Monrovia. All independent reports indicate that the NPFL advance is gaining momentum, and it seems now just a matter of time before the probable site of the final battle —if that is, Doe chooses to fight rather than run away in his new $20 million Boeing 707.”

      Greaves summed up his letter with an appeal for cash: “So for all of us who love Liberia—-citizens as well as friends, out of Liberia, active participants in the struggle as well as silent supporters—-it is time to redouble our efforts. There is light at the end of the tunnel and it is beaming brightly. What we now is to summon up our last reserves in order to hasten the exit of the M/Sgt. That is why I am making this personal appeal to you to make generous $20, $50, or $100 contribution to the cause. “” CULLED FROM FRONTPAGEAFRICA

      • So you see, Renford Walsh, instead of displaying your uncouth mannerism of insulting others, it is you Renford Walsh who must have the decency to desist from covering wrong, however objectionable, and YOU RENFORD WALSH LYING, HOWEVER BLATANT, to paint your idol (eg. Olu Banke King Akerele, etc. etc. ACDL war criminals) white, as you have done here in your “knee-jerk”, and extremely rude, dishonest, and malodorous response!

        That is inter alia,

        (1) by you Renford Walsh LYING that “ACDL was focused on restoring constitutional rule to Liberia, and was also established to provide relief to refugees”; when:

        (2) the truth is that THAT MOB AND ITS ACDL BANDITS were in totality, the launching pad for the Liberian civil war. as made evident by “the letter from ACDL/NPFL which was an SOS call for support for Charles Taylor’s National Patriotic Front which was:

        (3) in the midst of a brutal civil war” killing innocent women and children, and others, while destroying the country in its massive killing of the innocent; as made evident infra via this appeal from your ACDL/NPFL infra:

        “All independent reports indicate that the NPFL advance is gaining momentum, and it seems now just a matter of time before the probable site of the final battle —if that is, Doe chooses to fight rather than run away in his new $20 million Boeing 707.”

        Greaves summed up his letter with an appeal for cash: “So for all of us who love Liberia—-citizens as well as friends, out of Liberia, active participants in the struggle as well as silent supporters—-it is time to redouble our efforts. There is light at the end of the tunnel and it is beaming brightly. What we now is to summon up our last reserves in order to hasten the exit of the M/Sgt. That is why I am making this personal appeal to you to make generous $20, $50, or $100 contribution to the cause. “

  2. Thank you Madam Gontee for your comment. These are the same people – Mrs. Olu-Banke King Akerele, war crimes criminal Lewis Brown, etc. (and other haters of this timely young generation governing dispensation as opposed to their bygone era of dinosaurs) who MISLED THE SENATE IN NOT MAKING APPLICABLE THE LEGAL PRINCIPLES OF FAIRNESS AND JUSTIC ETC. ETC, IN:

    (1) date of birth, exact dates, added names etc, during the confirmation process of a fellow negro viz the fact that seasoned jurists are aware of errors in whatever documentations, when:

    (2) such errors, or even deliberate acts therein, are by courts and judges, GENERALLY OR USUALLY OVERRIDDEN based on the legal principles and dictates of FAIRNESS, RELEVANCE, CONTRA LEGEM, FORCE MAJEURE, SUBSTANTIAL PERFORMANCE, ETC. ETC.! And;

    (3)THEREBY MISLEADING THE SENATE COMMITTEE IN NOT BEEN ABLE TO DIFFERENTIATE BETWEEN AUTOMATIC NATURALIZATION 20.1 (ii &iii)- (Nwabudikeś) AND NATURALIZATION BY PETITION (21.3 (2)- (not required in Nwabudikeś case)- requiring the age of 21 of the Aliens and Nationality Act of the Republic of Liberia!

  3. It seems to me that the former Commerce Minister’s observation has no intellectual or patriotic appeal. So far, it’s being met with resentment. Mrs. King-Akerele comes across as “one of them”. In my lexicon, the words “one of them” means people who’ve worked for the government of Liberia in the past without a record of positive accomplishment.

  4. Mr. Hney, whenever Olu-Banke comes here, her objective or goal is to bluff, and show-off while tacitly disparaging this government because according to her the government in Liberia should always be of the minority or particularly of remnants or descendants of the TWP of which her criminal grandfather and devilish father were beneficiaries, just as she Olu-Banke King Akerele has been a beneficiary of the Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf and Charles Taylor gangs or bandits who destroyed our country.

    You are right her silly propaganda has no “intellectual or patriotic appeal”. And this can be seen in HER VAIN NONSENSE boring readers with her resumee about her been Former Minister of this and that, retired senior official of this amount of years with this or that entity, Chair of this board and that board, and all her other vain boredom and nonsense.

  5. Madam Matilda Witherspoon, you see, in as much I share your disgust regarding this vain womanś trash she claims is a letter to government, and the disdain of others who are disgusted at this braggart Olu-Banke King Akereleś usual uncalled for vain and selfish “boredom and nonsense”, as we say here in Liberia:

    “I do not blame her” for such braggadocious mindset of listing offices she may have worked in, or positions she may have held, even when her tenures in those positions brought nothing positive to the national interest! And nothing ever in the interest of the people! But she has the empty temerity to rant such bull-dung as “Having read this, I beg your, please do something for our people ooh!

    She does this because (even on this site) some people conclude that these opportunists and rascals are competent and patriotic simply because some Mary or Paul have held certain positions in government. So at that rate, “they” (eg. Olu-Banke KIng Akerele´s etc.) are confident that once they list their positions, “people” will not detect their pretenses, lies, hypocrisy, disinformation, and hidden agenda for writing whatsoever.

    And in her case, she and Augustine Ngafuan only became foreign minister or minister of finance and that of commerce, because Ellen Johnson Sirleaf decided to be her own foreign minister, and chose to place her stooges in financial positions (CBL, Commerce, Finance and Economic Planning), because she Ellen only objective for stealing two elections was to steal state funds.

    To close, Madam Olu-Banke King-Akerele, you deserve each and ever blast against you here; because you asked for them all! At least these no-nonsense rebukes against you will certainly instill into you the fact that Liberians are not fools

  6. To close, Madam Olu-Banke King-Akerele, you deserve each and ever blast against you here; because you asked for them all! At least these no-nonsense rebukes against you will certainly instill into you the fact that Liberians are not fools!!!!!!!!

  7. Posted at 7:28 PM EST on Saturday, July 4, 2020

    Hon. Olubanke King-Ayelere has re-iterated suggestions on improving the system and does not deserve being attacked.

    For example, she has suggested that the Weah administration should tap into the human talent available. I share similar sentiments and would add that the GOL should tap others like James Dorbor Jallah who were involved in managing the ebola crisis.

    Foreign-based infectious disease specialists like Dougbeh Nyan should be consulted. Dougbeh commenced his college education at the University of Liberia. He sat with us in Professor Victor E. Ward’s Organic Chemistry class in 1988 but departed for Germany in the fall of that year.

    And when I speak of “us”, I am referring to persons like Doctors BIRCH, Jerry BROWN, Emmanuel EKYINABA, Odell KUMEH, Myer PAJIBO, and others. These are the same persons practicing medicine in Liberia with experience in healthcare delivery around Liberia, long before we had ebola. It, therefore, would not be difficult for him to interact with them professionally.

    Although he (Nyan) studied medicine in Germany, became a U.S. citizen, and worked for federal research organizations, he never forgot about Liberia.

    The man took a sabbatical and taught at the A.M. Dogliotti School several years ago. When he advocated on behalf of Liberia at a congressional hearing, he was punished by some higher ups and paid a heavy financial price. He eventually won his legal battle with the U.S. Government
    His accomplishments are well known and are highly appreciated around Africa.

    If I were President Weah, I would want Dougbeh to have my private phone number.

    If I were one of Weah’s cyber praetorian guards, I would take the time to read carefully instead of reacting in a knee-jerk manner to any commentary perceived as critical of their idol.

    • Mrs. Olu-Banke KIng Akerele must be vehemently attacked by all Liberians who are objective minded and are able to discern the ulterior political motives and selfish intents of the likes of Olu-Banke King Akerele, Lewis Brown, Dougbeh Nyan etc.!

      Indigenous and settlers Liberians, as well as naturalized Liberians, are all Liberians! And so to believe or surmise that such mob-mentality groups as the ACDL/NPFL etc.etc. would comprise only indigenous groups, only settlers-Liberians, or only naturalized Liberians must be rethought. For such thinking is worse than a tunnel vision or a track thinking.

      An organization (ACDL) which “established a ‘Refugee Fund’ to provide relief to refugees”, while providing funds to its rebel military wing (NPFL) to purchase arms to kill and destroy so as to have them attain power to enrich themselves is USELESS AND DEVILISH! AND YOU KNOW IT!

      Hence, the ACDL was worse than a cabal! It was a MOB which plotted to seize political power at all cost; even at the cost of human lives and the destruction of the country! The ACDL was NEVER FOCUSED on restoring constitutional rule to Liberia! What proves this is the fact that they the ACDL sat in Banjul violated the constitution requiring and authorizing the Vice President of the country to succeed the President in cases of death and or incapability!

      The fact that you would think that “restoring constitutional rule” means supporting treasonous acts and acts of banditry while high-jacking constitutional power (as was the act of political banditry on the part of ACDL) is overwhelming evidence , and proof beyond all reasonable doubts that you Renford Walsh was a part of that mob; hence a possible war criminal!

  8. Posted at 7:37 PM EST on Saturday, July 4, 2020

    ADDENDUM: I must hasten to apologize to Dr. Linda BIRCH for the omission of her first name earlier.

    I do a lot of editing prior to posting comments. Somehow, I failed to catch the minor omission prior to submission.

  9. In the court of public opinion, every Liberian has a God-given right to express himself or herself. As long as one’s expression is not meant to take away someone’s precious life, it’s okay to say what’s fair and honest. All of us see things differently. A letter that may seem very elitist to some, may not be construed by others as being elitist. Unfortunately, that’s how the world spins.

  10. Posted at 9:52 PM EST on Saturday, July 4, 2020

    #1. The ACDL was comprised of persons of settler and indigenous descent. For example, I have a document dating back to April, 1990 that lists its board members in alphabetical order as follows: Harry GREAVES JR., Ezekiel PAJIBO, Momo K. ROGERS, Amos SAWYER, Patrick SEYON, Ellen Johnson SIRLEAF, and J Mamadee WOAHTEE. An examination of the names clearly indicates persons of indigenous descent, except for Amos Sawyer.

    #2. The ACDL was not a cabal plotting to destroy Liberia. They were focused on restoring constitutional rule to Liberia which had been hijacked by a trespasser who had overstayed his temporary residency in the Executive Mansion.

    #3. The ACDL applied for 501(c)(3) status, utilizing the services of a law office known as ‘Lichtman, Trister, Singer, and Ross’. The firm, under such nomenclature, does not currently exist. However, there is a firm called ‘Trister, Ross, Schadler, and Gold’ which MAY be the successor partnership. It specializes, among other things, in representing tax-exempt organizations. [ See tristerross(dot)com ]

    #4. The ACDL also established a ‘Refugee Fund’ to provide relief to refugees.

  11. Posted at 9:44 AM EST on Sunday, July 5, 2020


    #1. As of July 5, 2020, I have not seen evidence of Hon. Ayelere’s past support for the NPFL during the war years. Her profile shows that she was working for the United Nations in various capacities. One should not assume that descendants of settlers were automatic supporters of the ACDL and/or NPFL.

    #2. Casting descendants of “settlers” as persons who “destroyed our country” is disingenuous considering that the rank and file of various warring groups were comprised largely of indigenous Liberians. I wonder if those manning checkpoints with human skulls, looting and pillaging buildings, and firing RPGs had surnames like Dennis, Cooper, Tolbert, etc. The blame for Liberia’s destruction should be spread.

    #3. The legislator from Nimba County, Charles D.B. King II, who was executed on April 22, 1980 was not Olubanke Ayelere’s father.

    Here is some information about her family ———-

    a. Her great-grandfather was C.T.O. King Sr. Born in 1839, he moved to Liberia in 1867 and at various times, held positions like Secretary of the Interior, Mayor of Monrovia (1884-90), and Judge of the Probate Court (late 1890s). [See ‘Bright Side of African Life’, page 56, by William Heard]

    b. Her grandfather was President Charles D.B. King, son of emigrants from Sierra Leone. He was born in 1875, long after the emigration of the elder King. He advocated removal of the capital city inland to cater to the interests of everyone [settler and indigenous]. He also ran a balanced budget for much of the 1920s. His legacy, therefore, should not be limited to the political scandals of 1927 and 1930. There is more to President King.

    c. Her father was C.T.O. King II who was a diplomat. At one time, he was accredited to Nigeria.

    d. Her brother is C.T.O. King III.

    e. There is also a C.T.O. King IV (who is most likely her nephew).

    It might help to get the facts straight about a person’s family prior to lashing out in online attacks.

    • Man Renford, you just shut.up! You are a damn LIAR! We have no time to ever regard you as what we previously surmised during the exchanges on the dictates of jurisprudence!

    • Mr. Renford Walsh, though we have not been following this Mrs. King Akereleś letter, THE ISSUE at this juncture is not about Mrs. King-Akereleś biography nor her ancestry.

      Its is whether your claims about the ACDL been an organization established to support refugees and a human rights/law-abiding organization is true.

      Mr. True Nationalist has provided evidence that your claims are fraudulent misrepresentations.

      We expect you to prove him wrong, and not bore us with “record” on the ancestry of the King family. You argument about the legislator CDB King from Nimba who was executed was not Mrs.KIng-Akereleś father,and her grand father or great-grand father was blabla bla, are irrelevant; since these people were either her uncles or grand fathers.

      Prove Mr. True Nationalist wrong that the ACDL was not what is seen here in his evidence debunking your claims.

  12. Posted at 12:21 PM EST on Sunday, July 5, 2020


    Since some claim that these “elitist” descendants of “settlers” were supporters of “ACDL/NPFL” who “destroyed our country”, let’s take a look at some of Weah’s appointees from this group.

    MILTON GBEHZONGAR FINDLEY — Son of Joseph Patrick Henry Findley Sr. and Gertrude McGill-Findley. His mom was from the famous settler family of the 19th century. They were involved in trade and politics. Type “McGill Family” in Wikipedia to commence researching some of the McGills.

    Findley currently serves as Foreign Minister.


    EMMANUEL SHAW II — son of Emmanuel Shaw Sr. (a Sierra Leonean creole) and Eugenia Cooper Shaw. He chaired a special TWP committee established in 1979 to review socio-political issues and provide a way forward, in the aftermath of the April 14, 1979 riot.

    Like my dad, he was a Stephen Tolbert protégé (who held senior position in Mesurado Group of Companies).

    He is currently serving as one of President Weah’s advisers.


    CHARLES BRIGHT — a member of the Bright family. Members of this family are linked to a Sierra Leonean creole named William Oliver Davis-Bright Sr., who emigrated to Liberia in the late 1800s. They eventually dropped the hyphen and commenced using the ‘Bright’ last name.

    Think Oliver Bright (Tolbert’s former Justice Minister), Cyril Bright (Tolbert’s former Agriculture Minister, executed on April 22, 1980), Clavender Bright-Parker, Mai Bright-Urey, Richard Bright, Robert I.E. Bright, etc.

    Prior to the civil war, Charles Bright was a businessman. Ran a company called Bright’s Farm. Joined INPFL around 1990. Left and joined NPFL in the early 1990s. Used to represent NPFL in discussions with IGNU and was criticized once was appearing at the Legislature in military attire. [ It was in one of the newspapers]. Served as one of Taylor’s Finance Ministers in the late 1990s.
    He is Weah’s Economic Advisor.


    • Posted at 12:28 PM EST on Sunday, July 5, 2020

      JEANINE COOPER – recently-appointed Agriculture Minister. Her mom was Millie Buchanan, a grandniece of President C.D.B. King’s. Yep, she’s related to Olubanke King-Ayelere, subject of this discussion thread.

      #1. On her father’s side, she is the daughter of Julius Cooper

      #2. She is the granddaughter of John L. Cooper

      #3. She is the great-granddaughter of Randolph Cassius Cooper

      #4. She is the [2xGreat]-granddaughter of Randolph Cooper (1832-75), a Liberian-born, U.S.-trained medical doctor

      #5. She is the [3xGreat]-granddaughter of Reide Cooper (1808-66), first commander of Liberia’s Navy, close colleague of President JJ Roberts’.

      Yep. “Elitist” Cousin Jeanine. [DISCLOSURE: I am also a descendent of Reide Cooper and Dr. Randolph Cooper.]


      ARCHIE BERNARD — I believe in saving the best for last. Hon. Bernard is the son of the late Tommy Bernard (former Director of Police) and Danlette Tucker.

      #1. Danlette Tucker was the daughter of Danlette Johnson (aka ‘Big Danlette’).

      #2. Danlette Johnson was the daughter of Gabriel Moore Johnson (who served as Mayor of Monrovia, a century ago)

      #3. Gabriel Moore Johnson was the son of President Hilary Richard Wright Johnson

      #4. President Hilary Wright Johnson was the son of Elijah Johnson, one of Liberia’s earliest settlers

      #5. Elijah Johnson was the military leader, veteran of the US War of 1812, who organized the settler militia to defend against attacks from indigenous folks in the 1820s. He served as President Pro Temp, Liberian Senate in the late 1840s.


      When taken together, we see that President Weah has recruited descendants of prominent settlers to serve in strategic roles in his administration. I wonder why would Weah be calling on the same people who are supposed to be alleged supporters of “ACDL/NPFL” who allegedly “destroyed our country”?

      Is Weah an “elitist”? Is he trying to join the settler class? Maybe, we should commence calling him “Cousin Gbekugbeh”. Hopefully, we might convince him to start wearing suits more often. Who knows? We just might see him in tailcoat with a top hat.

      Yep. I can already see us jamming to the tone of that song “We are Family” by Sister Sledge.

      Cousin Renford, Cousin Milton, Cousin Emmanuel, Cousin Jeanine, Cousin Archie, Cousin Olubanke, and future Cousin Gbekugbeh.


      • Renford Walsh, as I retorted supra: just shut-up. You are now fighting shame (with your silly crap about “cousin this, cousin that”), after been caught red-handed blatantly lying as you foolishly believed there would be no evidence to strip naked you and your filthy lies.

        Look, YOU LIAR, get this at the back and front of your head: henceforth, NEVER AGAIN ever attempt to lie on this site! For I True Nationalist, SHALL SWIFTLY expose you and your lies, as I have done this time! So, let this be A WARNING!

    • Mr. Renford Walsh, you want us to believe what Mr. True Nationalist have said about you that you are a liar. Prevent us from believing you are a liar by disproving Mr. True Nationalist wrong.

      You wrote a whole epistle claiming that “the ACDL was not a cabal plotting to destroy Liberia”. That “The ACDL also established a ‘Refugee Fund’ to provide relief to refugees.”

      But from what we have seen here from the very ACDL, the ACDL was “a cabal which plotted to destroy Liberia”; and it was never “also established a ‘Refugee Fund’ to provide relief to refugees” as you have claimed here.

      All these childish and defeatist rants from you about the Kingś ancestry and now “elitist” descendants of “settlers” in government; as if these are not Liberians who have rights to work in any government in Liberia, only proves you are one of those who come here to lie. You are a liar and a joker. I am done with you.

  13. Mrs. King-Akerele’s letter is very elitist! She gives the impression that she’s experienced, exposed and educated. So therefore instead of speaking respectfully “to” the government in an intellectual manner, King speaks “over” the government. Example, King-Akerele makes a snide remark by saying, “and we wonder why Liberia is behind other African brothers and sisters”. The direct implication of that phrase is loud and clear. In other words, because of inexperience, the present government of Weah (and not the governments in which she served) the country of Liberia is being left behind.

    The immediate follow-up questions are as follows: ….. when Mrs. King-Akerele served in the government of Liberia under Johnson-Sirleaf, was Liberia on a par with our “African brothers and sisters”? Or during her cloudy service with other governments before the coming of Johnson-Sirleaf, was Liberia economically or politically ahead of “our African brothers and sisters”? Far from the truth! Liberia has been lagging far behind many of “our African brothers and sisters” when her ancestors lead Liberia without a foresight! The truth of the matter is that had the King dynasty done some creative things, Liberia would have been in a better today “ahead of our African brothers and sisters.

    There’s no doubt that King-Akerele’s letter is very raw, short on intellectualism, non-patriotic and ultimately elitist. Liberians will not hooded with tricks.

    • Mr. Hney, it cannot be described better than yours when describing Mrs. Olu-Banke King Akereleś rudeness, deception, hypocrisy, and stupidity, here. And the fool dare delude her silly self that she is educated. Who has worked at the UN in the past and does not know how this very Olu-Banke use to sell herself at the UN to keep her stay and work with the organization?

      The fool only got that job at the Commerce Ministry and the Foreign Ministry as a reward for her been one of Ellenś foot soldiers, and because just as someone pointed out here, because Ellen never wanted any competent person heading the Foreign Ministry. And this is why when Ellen got ready to kick her out, she Ellen just “pushed her through the door.”

      Put this in perspective: Besides those two political appointments in governments, all the vain clown has to come brag about is “Chair of Board” of some insignificant association/center. And then instead of trying to go back to school or do away with rudeness and hypocrisy, she must remind the nation of the savagery and satanic personalities of her wicked and savage father, uncle , and criminal grandfather!

      Here is an incompetent woman and an opportunist who disgraced herself at the UN and want to come and disparage a whole country and mislead some via her stupid rants about “Liberian being behind”, when her satanic and wicked father, uncle, and grandfather were there living on human blood through ritualistic killings and selling their fellow human beings.

      JUST AS YOU UNDERSCORED and as we quote you …”when Mrs. King-Akerele served in the government of Elle Johnson-Sirleaf, and with other governments prior to Ellen Johnson-Sirleafś was Liberia on a par with our “African brothers and sisters”? HELL NO!

      Or “during her cloudy service with other governments before the coming of Johnson-Sirleaf, was Liberia economically or politically ahead of “our African brothers and sisters”? HELL NO!!!

      But because she has not been given a job to “milk the state” as she did when she was dashed with the Commerce Ministry for her criminal and satanic involvement in the massive killing of the innocent, and because the government is not headed by her savage father, uncle or beastly grandfather, or of settler remnants in each and ever sector of the nation as was in the past, she must display her idiocy and rudeness!

  14. Posted at 1:31 PM EST on Sunday, July 5, 2020

    Its important for readers to follow the discussion thread carefully and note timelines. It’s also particularly important for participants in this discussion to post REPLIES in the correct locations so that readers can link the comments of reference. That’s much better than jumping around the thread in a futile attempt to deceive people.

    I will place my trust in the readers that they are much smarter and capable of discerning who is using facts versus distorted interpretation.

    For the benefit of the public, I will review a few issues, provide a time reference, and even an online link.

    #1. Earlier today [ at 9:52 AM EST, 1:52 PM Liberian time], I referred to an April, 1990 document of the ACDL that listed its members, most of whom were persons of indigenous descent, not “settlers” as some have erroneously claimed.

    #2. In that same discussion thread, I described the ACDL as a group “…focused on restoring constitutional rule to Liberia…”

    #3. In the paragraph that followed, I listed the name of the U.S.-based law firm used by the ACDL, for the purpose of filing 501(c) (3) status.

    #4. I also asserted that the ACDL established a “Refugee Fund”.

    I did so to argue that the ACDL was not some kind of cabal seeking to destroy Liberia. A cabal would not place its Board members names on a letterhead. It would not have engaged a U.S-based law firm for pursuit of nefarious purposes.

    I thought this was clear. Sadly, I am compelled to clarify and provide proof, which is available on the internet for all to see. So, let’s examine the April,1990 document of reference and compare with what I wrote earlier today.


  15. Posted at 1:35 PM EST on Sunday, July 5, 2020

    I urge readers to please do the following:

    #1. In GOOGLE, type “Harry Greaves’ letter on ACDL fundraising “

    #2. In the very first result of that GOOGLE search, one MAY note a PDF file from a website with domain name “globeafrique”. Click on that to see the April 9, 1990 letter which is identical to my source.

    #3. As you read the Greaves letter, you MAY note the following except in paragraph 4:

    “…..Over the course of the past few years, we have been striving for the replacement of the present military dictatorship with a genuine democratic government, grounded in the Liberian Constitution and legitimized through free and fair elections…”

    #4. As you read further to paragraph 7 of the letter, you MAY note the following:

    “…If you wish to make a separate contribution to the fund we have established for providing relief to the refugees, make your check/money order payable to ‘ACDL/Refugee Fund’…..“

    #5. In paragraph 8 of that letter, you may also note the following:

    “…. Our attorneys, Messrs. Lichtman, Trister, Singer & Ross, have applied for tax-exempt status for ACDL under S.301(c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code, when approved, will be retroactive to December 1988… “


  16. Posted at 1:40 PM EST on Sunday, July 5, 2020

    RENFORD’S NOTE: Now, the questions that should matter to persons reading this thread are:

    #1. Does paragraph 4 of the letter not prove my point that the ACDL was “focused on restoring constitutional rule to Liberia … “?

    #2. Does paragraph 7 of the letter not prove my point that there was a “Refugee Fund” ?

    #3. Does paragraph 8 of the letter not prove my point that the ACDL retained a law firm to apply for tax-exempt status?

    #4. Isn’t it interesting that those who criticize the ACDL have, over the years, refrained from mentioning the “Refugee Fund” and the use of a U.S.-based law firm?

    If you’ve taken the time off to read my comments, click on the PDF link, and verify what I posted, then what am I lying about?

    It’s not complicated!!!!


  17. Another correction: please substitute led for lead. Example, ……..when her ancestors led Liberia. Shouldn’t be lead, the present tense, but rather led…pt.

  18. Posted at 8:38 PM EST on Sunday, July 5, 2020

    I am getting the impression that some of Weah’s supporters are misreading innocuous comments and suggestions as they sit on a warpath.

    Take a look at the comment posted at 4:34 PM Liberian time earlier today.
    Hon. Ayelere was branded again as an “elitist”. She was also accused of making a “snide remark” about the Weah administration when she compared Weah’s failure to tap into Dougbeh Nyan’s expertise unlike other African countries who are embracing their compatriots .

    The writer cites, as an example, Hon. Ayelere’s question which reads:
    “….and we wonder why Liberia is behind other African Brothers and sisters?…”

    Now, let’s see what Hon. Ayelere wrote in PARAGRAPH 8 of her open letter

    #1. “….Dr. Nyan has volunteered to develop Liberia’s COVID-19 testing kits to address this critical need.”

    #2. “….With shortages of COVID-19 testing kits in the region, the governments of Senegal and Ghana have supported their scientists in developing testing kits…”

    #3. “….While Liberia has yet to heed Dr. Nyan’s patriotic offer, Rwanda, has since declared interest and working with him to eventually produce testing kits for COVID-19 and other infections…. “

    #4. “….We sincerely hope that this is not a case where a prophet may not be welcomed in his own home!…. “

    #5. “….And we wonder why Liberia is behind other African Brothers and Sisters?….”


  19. RENFORD’S NOTES: I urge readers to please verify all of the above by re-visiting PARAGRAPH 8 of Hon. Ayelere’s open letter.

    Please tell me what is wrong and “elitist” about her comments.

    #1. Is it not conventional wisdom that Liberia is far behind some other African countries, regardless of COVID-19?

    #2. Were we not far behind during previous administrations long before Weah became President?

    #3. Is it not obvious that the Weah administration hasn’t embraced one of its own (Nyan), who is an infectious disease specialist?


  20. Renford,
    On a number of occasions, you have misspelled the name of the lady you defend. In order to show that you are a genuine defender, it will make sense if you could write her name correctly next time or always. Second, you can tell yourself to look up the word elitist! Once you do that, it will give you an idea of why the word “elitist” was used in first place.

    What is so laughable about your defense of King-Akerele is that while you’re critical of the opinions of others, you do not want your idol to be criticized. You just can’t have it both ways. In other words, if you do not think King-Akerele deserves to be questioned or criticized, then do not question the motivations of King-Akerele’s commenters.

    I see no hatred here! In any case, the fact that a majority of the commenters are resentful of King-Akerele’s letter means that she’s done something that’s beyond repugnant. She’s critical of the present government of Liberia. (Let’s grant it to her temporarily because she has a right to express herself). However, what’s being said by the commenters is that when King-Akerele worked in the government of Liberia just a few years ago, she did a lousy job. She is not a positive role model. King-Akerele has no track record of accomplishment. In that sense, her observation is a complete joke.

  21. From reading him all the time, it’s clear that that Mr. Renford Wlash is a descendant of slave masters.
    He always wants people to think everything that comes from him is biblical and so we should accept and live with it. And sadly, everything he stands for is segregationist and racist.
    But I will want him to understand that we are living in the 21st century. Our generation is not that of our parents’ and grandparents’.

    Know that Liberia will NEVER again retrogress, after this mundane rulership. The time of slavery and servitude is OVER and GONE, brother!

    • Petarus, he IS NOT (and does not qualify to be) the descendant of slave masters. According to his own confession, he IS A DESCENDANT of slaves!

  22. Posted at 9:25 PM EST on Monday, July 6, 2020


    #1. I acknowledge the error associated with the misspelling of Hon. Akelere’s name. Apparently, I repeatedly mis-spelt it as “Ayelere”.

    #2. I do not have an idol. I worship only God. I don’t worship athletes, politicians, etc. So, Hon. Akelere could never be my idol. I don’t know her and I doubt if she knows me.

    #3. I’m not opposed to people criticizing Hon. Akelere. What I tried to point out was the fact that she re-iterated Mae-Gene Best’s suggestions and added some of hers [Hon. Akelere’s].

    #4. I also corrected the erroneous perception that her dad was Charles D.B. King II [ one of the 13 men executed in 1980]. Her dad was Charles T.O. King II, son of President Charles D.B. King, who was son of C.T.O. King Sr ( the King patriarch from Sierra Leone).

    #5. A careful review of Hon. Akelere’s comments may reveal that she has a balanced approach. I too do the same. I am neither for nor against the Weah administration. Sometimes, I agree on some issues. Other times, I disagree.

    #6. I am not associated with any Liberian political party or independent candidate. I’ve been neutral since November 1992 .I won’t support any party or candidate in the 2020 senatorial elections neither will I support any entity in the 2023 elections.


  23. Posted at 9:48 PM EST on Monday, July 6, 2020

    #7. My heritage is mixed and not limited to settlers alone.

    #8. One of my maternal great-grandmothers was bassa but I do not know her name [ just how Cllr. Nwabudike doesn’t know his gola maternal great-grandmother’s name].

    #9. The rest of my maternal family is Americo-Liberian, dating as far back as 1825. My [5xGreat]-Grandparents [ the Williamses] arrived in Liberia on March 13, 1825 with their 9 kids and co-founded Caldwell on November 14, 1825.

    #10. Other branches of my family arrived at various times on March 24, 1829[ Coopers]; January 20, 1833 [ Dennises]; January 27, 1834 [ Delnotte]; October 18, 1834[Burns]; January 18, 1835[Hances]; April 1, 1839[Diggses]; and June 10, 1865[Taylors of Barbados]

    #11. Since my association with Americo-Liberians spans eight (8) generations of 195 years, 3 months, 23 days and counting, it should be natural that I would defend them sometimes when they are falsely accused. At other times, I condemn them.

    #12. My paternal family is associated with Sierra Leone. The earliest settlement was in 1819. My dad arrived in Liberia on December 19, 1959. This is why I am quite familiar with Liberia’s ‘Aliens & Naturalization’ laws, which I often referred to a fortnight ago in discussion relating to Cllr. Nwabudike.

    [CONTINUES WITH PART 2 of 3(addendum) ]

  24. Posted at 9:51 PM on Monday, July 6, 2020

    #13. The last time I checked, descendants of settlers, from Liberia and Sierra Leone, wake up in the morning like everyone else. We attend to personal hygiene, have breakfast, and proceed to work. We pay taxes and are just another group of black Africans in the USA and elsewhere. We shall all perish and be judged by the Lord someday.

    #14. My mother’s hometown is dirt-poor Edina, Liberia. It’s been underdeveloped for almost 2 centuries. It has suffered from neglect, desolation, and derision. Yet, I love it and cherish it more than my hometown Paynesville. I prefer to build a home there. Certainly, no so-called “elitist” person would proffer such information and retain such sentiment.

    #15. Since it is probably obvious that I am a genealogist, I have, for several years , retained interest in the family histories of other prominent indgenous Liberians like Samuel Doe, Moses Blah, George Manneh Weah, Enoch Dogolea, Thomas Quiwonkpa, Cletus Wotorson, Patrick Seyon, Alhaji Kromah, George Boley, Brownie Samukai Jr., and many more.

    #16. I have also been interested in finding the descendants of chiefs like Juah Nimley [ Patrick Seyon], King Momolu Sao [ Alhaji Kromah], Bob Grey, King Bromley, King Peter, etc.

    #17. I have also stated on numerous occasions, that we should name facilities after people like Thomas Quiwonkpa, Juah Nimley, H. B. Fahnbulleh Sr., and many more indigenous persons.

    #18. These are not the sentiments of someone hell-bent on restoring the old order. That’s someone who wants to “dilute” the pre-domination of Americo-Liberian heritage in Liberian history.

    #19. It’s important for people using the internet to refrain from judging others based on ethnic affiliation and preconceived notions about the “settlers”. It’s more prudent to pause and try to understand others before passing hasty judgment.



  25. Mr. Renford Walsh,
    Mrs. King-Akerele may have quoted someone. However, neither you nor I or any informed reader can prove with absolute certainty that the contested King-Akerele statement was a quote. Remember, on most occasions, a quote is followed by quotation marks.

    In another development in which King-Akerele blatantly chides Weah, she states, “we understand that he (meaning Dr.Nyan), has indicated his availability, even voluntarily…) The foregoing King-Akerele statement is half-baked because it belittles Weah’s significance. Does she know beyond doubt whether Nyan and Weah’s medical authorities are at odds?

    Finally, what can King-Akerele point to as a major patriotic achievement when she served in the Ministry of Commerce? The UN? Foreign Affairs?

  26. In 1930, the League of Nations published the Committee’s report, known as the “Christy Report”. This report
    implicated many government officials in the King’s government, including President King and Vice President Allen Yancy.

    The report found:

    1.”In order to suppress the native, prevent him from realizing his powers and limitations and prevent him from asserting himself in any way whatever, for the benefit of the dominant and colonizing race, although originally the same African stock as themselves, a policy of gross intimidation and suppression has for years been systematically fostered and encouraged, and is the key word of the Government native policy;” and that, “…

    2.Vice President Yancy [of Liberia] and other high officials of the Liberian Government, as well as county superintendents and district commissioners, have given their sanction for compulsory recruitment of labor for road construction, for shipment abroad and other work, by the aid and assistance of the Liberian Frontier Force; and have condoned the utilization of this force for purposes of physical compulsion on road construction for the intimidation of villagers, for the humiliation and degradation of chiefs, of captured natives to the coast, there guarding them till the time of shipment [to Fernando Po and Sao Tome.]”[4]Subsequently, King and Vice-President Yancy, along with other implicated leaders, resigned.

    If Mrs. wants to really criticize our government, let her first begin by criticizing that of her grand-father’s who, according to the Christy Report, suppressed and “colonized” the aborigines” although of the same African stock as themselves , ” with a policy of gross intimidation and suppression that subsequently led to King’s disgraceful resignation.

    If Mrs. Olu-Banke King AKerele is truly sincere, let the “former Foreign Minister” begin her blind sighted criticism of President Weah’s government by first “removing the log from her eyes” to see the wicked works of her own grand-father who suppressed our people when he served as President and through pressure from the International community had to disgracefully resign his post as President of Liberia.

  27. Posted at 12:00 Noon EST on Tuesday, July 7, 2020

    #1. It is a good thing that I’ve started numbering my paragraphs for easy reference. I never said Hon. Akelere quoted someone. Rather, I wrote , in paragraph #2(above) that Hon.Akelere “re-iterated” what Mae-Gene said.

    #2. The link to Mae-Gene Best’s original article is embedded in paragraph #1 of Hon. Akelere’s commentary. It is there in blue font for all to see. It should be easy to compare the two.

    #3. Hon. Akelere did not “belittle Weah’s significance” when she pointed out that Dr. Nyan’s offer has been rebuffed. It’s common knowledge that Dr. Nyan has offered his expertise and commented on the COVID-19 issues associated with Liberia. However, his comments have focused largely on educating the public.

    #4. Anyone who isn’t lazy and bothers to GOOGLE “ Dougbeh Nyan” may note the following results :

    a. July 24, 2017 —- ‘Dr. Nyan Wins African Special Innovation Prize’
    b. June 7 2018 —- ‘Dr. Dougbeh Nyan among Top 50 African Innovators’
    c. June 25, 2018 — ‘Rwanda to Support Invention of Liberian Scientist, Dr. Dougbeh-Chris Nyan’
    d. Oct 1, 2018 — ‘US Patent Issued to Liberian Scientist for Multiplex Infectious Disease test’
    So, there is a preponderance of evidence of Dr. Nyan’s qualification.


  28. Posted at 12:06 PM EST on Tuesday, July 7, 2020

    #5. Anyone who isn’t lazy and also bothers to GOOGLE “ Dougbeh Nyan” may note the following results on his facebook page:

    a. August 2, 2016 – Dr. Chris Nyan Makes Available Scientific Invention to GOL, MRU, ECOWAS’ – as reported by the ‘Daily Observer’

    b. May 11, 2020 – Dr. Nyan participated in a webcast for ‘PANDEMIC AWARENESS’ in the interest of Bomi, Gbarpolu, Cape Mount, Margibi, Bassa, and Montserrado

    c. May 18, 2020 – Dr. Nyan was guest in a webcast hosted by Liberian-based Spoon FM/TV 107.5 — I watched it and it is still available for viewing

    d. June 22, 2020 – ‘US$30M Food Feeding Program Misplace’ — he advocated for spending on COVID-19 kits

    There are other reports but I think the above should suffice.

    It appears obvious from both of my paragraphs #4 and #5 [ of today] that Dr. Nyan has always been willing to help Liberians. Whether it is the Sirleaf administration or the Weah administration or the ordinary people, he has been there.

    It is also obvious that other West African countries, Rwanda, and the AU are all willing to embrace Dr. Nyan’s expertise. Yet, somehow the GOL is shunning one of its own.

    Was Hon. Akelere wrong? I think not. She spoke the truth. Anything about her past performance at Commerce and Foreign Affairs is irrelevant.


  29. Brother Renford Walsh is like a lone Ranger who has entered into a village of friendly giants. Walsh has a message of his own to deliver, but the friendly giants don’t take him seriously. First, the giants are 7-footers who weigh anywhere from 350- 450 pounds. Does a person’s size matter? Yap! You bet. A person’s size matters.

    Question: Do the friendly giants have any intention to mistreat brother Walsh! Nope. The friendly giants feel that brother Walsh’s message (and King-Akerele) whom he defends relentlessly is unappetizing. So what should be the next course of action for brother Walsh! Should he get out of town or make amends with the friendly giants! Brother Walsh has the answer. Let him decide. Brother Walsh seems to be a responsible lone Ranger. But his defense of King-Akerele is unsellable.

    In unison the giants shout…..
    “King and her ancestors (starting from the notorious Charles D B. King) were un-Liberian. King-Akerele must either shut up or put up”

  30. Mr. Hney, Mr. Gotombo, and others, you people still have time for that “thing” – THAT CONFUSED PATHOLOGICAL LIAR who has chosen to be AN UNSOLICITED JANITORIAL RAG for Olu-Banke King-Akerele whose grandfather was driven from power as a common criminal, wicked savage, and a replica and personification of the devil.

  31. Posted at 11:26 PM EST on Tuesday, July 7, 2020

    PART 1 OF 3

    If we’re going to digress from the discussion on the COVID-19 crisis and talk about Charles D. B. King and the Fernando Po issues, then it’s necessary for us to go farther back in history and discuss Grebo aggression. So, let’s discuss the War of 1875 between the Grebos and Americo-Liberians.

    The Americo-Liberians had purchased property from the Grebos as far back as February 13, 1834 and commenced the settlement of Harper on February 22, 1834.

    Four (4) decades later, some Grebo chiefs formed a confederation, demanded the return of majority of the land purchased, and attempted secession from Liberia.

    Here is a timelime of initial events as narrated by Henry Wesley Dennis II, Secretary of Treasury in a series of letters, along with additional accounts of the conflict by Episcopalian cleric [ later Bishop S. D. Ferguson , written in brackets [ ]


    August 17, 1875 : Letters from the Maryland County superintendent and others arrived at Monrovia with information that “…all the tribes from the river Cavalla, on the south of Fishtown, on the north of Cape Palmas, including the Cape Palmas natives, had combined to make war on the settlers, and to exterminate them. “

    August 18, 1875: Acting President Anthony Gardner convened a cabinet meeting and sought advice from “General Yates, Colonel Sherman, and Lieutenant Colonel Williams…”. He revealed that an attack was imminent.

    August 29, 1875: Another letter arrived from Harper, Maryland revealing that Greboes were amassing troops for attacks.

    August 30, 1875: Acting President Gardner convened a meeting of citizens and a resolution was reached to raise “…an armed force of several men…” to defend Harper.


  32. Posted at 11:30 PM EST on Tuesday, July 7, 2020

    PART 2 OF 3

    September 2, 1875: Gardner departed Monrovia for Grand Bassa to raise additional troops.

    September 8, 1875: [ Hostilities commenced when the Grebos attacked Hoffman Station]

    September 10, 1875 [ The Greboes attacked Philadelphia, Maryland County]

    September 11, 1875: [ Jacksonville and Harper were attacked]. Meanwhile, the Government dispatched a schooner with 84 volunteers with arms and ammunition

    September 13, 1875: Another 280 men, called the ‘Newport Volunteers’, led by Secretary of State James E. Moore, were dispatched to Harper, Maryland County. Two of Dennis’ sons, James B. Dennis II and Henry Wesley Dennis III, were included.

    It was also revealed that the Grebos had been stockpiling weapons ( including artillery) for sometime, acquired from some British dealers.

    September 14, 1875: The Government deployed 500 troops to the battle theater. Shortly thereafter, another 400 troops arrived.

    September 16, 1875: Acting President Gardner returned to Monrovia to prepare for a trip to Harper, Maryland

    September 18, 1875: A letter arrived from harper revealing that casualties on both sides.

    October 10, 1875: 900 Government troops launched a counterattack on the Greboes.

    It was also revealed that other seacoast indigenous ethnic troops had rejoiced over the initial defeat of the Americo-Liberians.


  33. Posted at 11:32 PM on Tuesday, July 7, 2020

    PART 3 OF 3

    November 3, 1875: A letter written on that date revealed that Greboes were arriving from all directions to attack the Americo-Liberians but the Government Commanding -General [ later revealed to be one Gen. Crayton] had ordered a retreat while he cowardly fled the battlefield.

    Subsequently, Col. Reginald Sherman was tasked to re-organize the GOL Army
    It was also revealed that an Egyptian named Selim Aga who had tried to help the wounded was murdered by a Grebo chief. He was beheaded.

    Also, Rev. Henson Moulton, who was a Judge of the Quarterly Court, was found murdered. He too had been beheaded with decapitation of his hands and legs.

    November 24, 1875: The Greboes attacked Jacksonville again after Government troops had captured it.

    November 28, 1875: The Greboes attacked Tubmantown again.

    December 8, 1875: Another attack on Tubmantown was launched.

    February 3, 1876: A United States ship, USS Alaska, arrived at Monrovia

    February 12, 1876: The USS Alaska departed for cape Palmas and arrived the next day.

    February 26, 1876: After peace negotiations, a peace treaty was supposedly signed.


  34. POSTED AT 11:52 PM EST on Tuesday, July 7, 2020


    So, there you have it. The Greboes from that part of the country were not the only ones victimized via the Fernando Po crisis.

    We see clearly from the August 17, 1875 letter of reference above that the Greboes were planning to “exterminate” Americo-Liberians in that part of the country.

    Those Americo-Liberians included my ancestors: James B. Dennis Sr, my [3xGreat]-Grandfather and his family. I gathered from other sources that they had to flee to Monrovia.

    The Henry W. Dennis II referred to in the text was his brother. The James Dennis II and Henry W. Dennis III who were dispatched for battle on September 13, 1875 were the sons of Henry II.

    That James B.Dennis II ( named after his Uncle) eventually resettled in Careysburg and rose to become Commander of the Liberian Army in the early 1900s. These are my people who were under threat.

    We see also how vicious the Greboes were to the extent of murdering people and decapitating them.

    But that’s not our priority at this time.

    We’ve got a COVID-19 crisis. That’s what interests me the most. That’s what interests Hon. Olubanke King-Akelere the most. Evidently, we have our priorities in order unlike the members of Gbekugbeh’s cyber praetorian guard.

    As for the other comment posted above [ at 5:19 PM Liberian time today] in reference to so-called “giant” who are supposed to be 7-footers and 300-450 pounds, that’s just an ego massage.

    This is part of the problem with the CDC. They refer to themselves as “Mighty”. They’re quick to interpret even innocuous comments by people like Abdoulaye Dukuly, Olubanke King-Akelere , and me as attacks on them.

    Well, they shall find out that they’ve met their match.

    For every Adolf Hitler/German Wehrmacht deluding themselves of might and supremacy, running roughshod all over Europe, there is a Winston Churchill/RAF who will kick their butts in the ‘Battle of Britain’.

    Come and try me!!!!

  35. Mr. Ranford Walsh, you are still young and know little or nothing about how our people were suppressed and brutally colonized by Americo Liberians especially President C.D. B King and his Vice President Yancy who both collected $40.oo per head from the Spanish for every aborigine laborer sent to Fernando Po from the Liberian shores.

    You talk about war??? “Mr. Winston Churchill,” we do not care to know about your “Battle of Britain”. All we know that the natives are great in numbers and any attempt by you to bring your “Battle of Britain’ to Monrovia or Liberia for that matter, you and your forces will be completely annihilated and vaporized by our well trained tribal forces the likes of which you have never seen.

  36. POSTED AT 8:58 PM EST on Wednesday, July 8, 2020

    I’ll keep this one relatively short and simple.

    #1. The rigged elections of 1927 and the Fernando Po scandal of 1929-30 occurred over 90 years ago. There is hardly anyone alive who can claim to “remember” the events of that period of Liberia’s history.

    #2. One would have to be around 100 years old to claim memory of such events. Is there a late 90s/ possible centenarian posting comments here about President King and the Fernando Po issue?

    #3. The last time I checked, I am in my early 50s. My [ Saturday, July 4, 2020 7:28 PM EST ] comment earlier about Dougbeh Nyan sitting in an Organic Chemistry class with me and several of Liberia’s high-profile doctors back in 1988 should have provided a clue about my age range.

    #4. President King served from January,1920 – December, 1930. That’s 10 years and 11 months. Lots of things occurred beyond the events of the late 1920s. We should not judge him only by those events.

    #5. President King was the first settler president to select an indigenous person – a Grebo named Henry Too Wesley – to become Vice President. The next indigenous Vice President did not arrive for another 5 decades when Tolbert selected Bennie Warner in 1977.

    #6. President King was the leader who took Liberia’s finances from red to black. I’ve seen budget surpluses instead of the usual deficits of his predecessors.

    #7. President King was the leader whose tenure ushered in the Booker Washington Institute (BWI).

    #8. President King advocated for the removal of the capital city inland. He wanted to integrate Americo-Liberians with indigenous people.


    My reference to Winston Churchill and the ‘Battle of Britain’ was not a literal allusion to a future war in Liberia. Rather, I used an analogy from World War II current and future events in cyberspace, right in this ‘Daily Observer’ discussion platform.

    I’ve had a long history of reducing many things to simple analogies. I can discuss Christianity and link it to Mathematics, Quantum Physics, and many more.

    I can borrow from a war that occurred decades or centuries ago to tackle obstreperous people in cyberspace. It could be from the Anglo-American ‘War of 1812’ or the ‘Battle of Stalingrad’.

    It’s a gift I’ve harnessed for decades.

  37. Don´t be naive! Or do not indulge into any fantasy that others are naive as you! C.D.B King chose Henry Too Wesley because TWP and its tyranny would never want a Grebo to become President in the case of he Kingś death, impeachment, or incapability to remain president, as required and authorized by the Liberian Constitution.

    Hence, he KIng been aware that he being an emigrant from Sierra Leone was actually hated or detested by the Congor settlers or slave descendants in Liberia.

    So he CDB King chose a Grebo Henry Too Wesley to be his VP since such choice would prevent both the Cape Palmas slave descendants groups and the Monrovia, etc. slave descendant groups (who would never ever wanted a native to be president) from ever seeking his CDB Kingś impeachment, death or related factor which would remove him C.D.B.King from power.

  38. Mr. Publisher,

    In recent days, I cannot post my comments. Every time I write a rebuttal, the “server” becomes disabled.

    • 1. Refresh the page and rewrite; or
      2. Just restart your computer; or
      3. To totally resolve the problem, clean up some downloads on your computer and restart it.
      This problem used to happen to me until an IT guy proposed this solution.

    • Learning a lot from history here man!
      I hope Renford Walsh can come back with a rebuttal to True Nationalist’s.
      Also, I would like Renford Walsh to provide references of source documents of his claim on this blog, because I have started “somehow” admiring CDB King from Walsh’s recitals.

      • Petarus! You better MAKE YOUR OWN RESEARCH BEFORE “admiring” whoever, or especially this idiot of a liar, who is bent on the silly intent of disseminating LIES!!!

        Is this not the same IDIOT OF A LIAR who said “the ACDL was not a cabal plotting to destroy Liberia. They were focused on restoring constitutional rule to Liberia.” And that “the ACDL was focused on providing relief to refugees”?

        But for us to quickly find out from the ACDL itself that it (ACDL) was the launching pad for the Liberian civil war which (through the letter of the ACDL treasurer Harry A. Greaves) called for the financial support for ACDLŚ Charles Taylor’s National Patriotic Front brutal civil war”!

        Petarus, is this not the very IDIOT OF A LIAR who lied here that: Olu-Bankeś grandfather President Charles D.B. King was born in 1875 in Liberia, WHEN the truth in both public records in Sierra Leone and Liberia, and public international records at the UN is that CDB King was born in Sierra Leone, emigrated to Liberia and assimilated into the settler community with which he had an identical so called ethnicity and religion amid their way of life of ritualistic killings for political power? That is the very IDIOT OF A LIAR!!

        Your better don´t listen to that IDIOT OF A LIAR LYING that:

        (1) “CDB KING advocated removal of the capital city inland to cater to the interests of everyone [settler and indigenous], and,

        (2) “he CDB King also ran a balanced budget for much of the 1920s; and the criminal CDB Kingś legacy should not be limited to the political scandals of 1927 and 1930”? WHEN

        (3) The fact and truth are that Olu-Bankeś father CDB King was a criminal, who as President, was selling native Liberians in his business of slave trading, for which an international commission found him CDB King guilty and forced his ass to resign for his sole proprietorship in selling his fellow human beings to Fernado Po and to other parts of the world.

        You see the fool and idiot of a liar deceiving his stupid self and referring to CDB Kingś satanic and criminally barbaric slave trading enterprise as: “political scandals of 1927 and 1930”.


        AGAIN, Petarus! You better MAKE YOUR OWN RESEARCH BEFORE “admiring” ANYTHING from this idiot of a liar, who is bent on the silly intent of disseminating LIES!!!

  39. Mr. Hney, it happens to me also. But as a solution, I paste — save my comment and then re-log in again to the site, Once that is done, I go on the comment column and paste my comment and then send. And it goes! I did it minutes ago and have to do such for days now.

  40. Thank you, True Nationalist.
    But do me a favor Sir, let go of vulgar languages in your exchanges. You sound interesting sometimes, but I cannot really stand your use of vituperations! Be a different CDCian,

    Mr. Walsh, look forward to reading from you!

    • Petarus, with regards to your nonsensical rant about “”different CDCian:” whatever such rubbish may mean.

      There is a doctrine of international law we conceptualize as THE DOCTRINE OF ACCEPTANCE OR ASSUMPTION OF THE RISK- volenti non fit injuria- “no injury is done to a willing person.”

      So, Petarus, the gross and disgusting idiocy which, on a daily basis, emanate from the ignorance and the toddler-hood mentality of especially, you and your likes, we encounter, we prefer to generally ignore; just how we may ignore any cost on our person or reputation when a given measure of reprisal from us, or on our part, becomes unavoidable.

  41. Thanks very much for your suggestion, honorable Dolo. I thought I was being sidelined because of my background as a Marylander.

    But before I hang up, let me ask this question:
    Has the genuine patriot, Mr. True Nationalist told you that he is a bonafide member of the CDC party?

  42. Grand Frère Hney,

    Just read through the lines of True Nationalist to know to which political party he belongs. All CDCians have a common trait; from the youngest to the oldest of them.

  43. Okay, thanks Mr. Nationalist! I would have drifted away in oblivion had you and honorable Dolo, (the ANC operative) not told me what to do.

  44. Mr. Hney, that is the bizarre, though, laughable, but actually disgusting, mentality of some in human affairs. I really find it difficult to understand how or why will an adult participating in an intellectual forum just jump to conclusion simply because the otherś (in this case, THE TRUE NATIONALISTŚ) opposing view or divergent opinion, REFLECTS TRUTH KNOWING NO BARRIER!!!

    Look, Mr. Dolo, I am not a member of any political party or coalition in Liberia or anywhere in the world. You deceive yourself and your likes that because we are not one of those whose thinking is shaped and influenced by the ideological indoctrination or psychological control of these dishonest journalists and power-seeking hypocrites in Liberia, we must be a member of the incumbent/ruling party!

    And Mr. Dolo, to be perfectly honest with you, we are not surprised nor disappointed regarding your galloping to conclusion here.

    For here you are concurrently galloping to conclusion by such assertion from you Petarus: “I have started “somehow” admiring CDB King from Walsh’s recitals”; when;

    (1) from all rational and empirical extrapolations, it has long been overwhelmingly evidenced and proven beyond all or any reasonable doubt that:

    (2) the Sierra Leonean born CDB King was the worst president Liberia ever had with a heartless administration which sold native Liberians into slavery for which he was adjudicated as a barbaric, savage, and satanic guilty criminal publicly and internationally disgraced and driven from power. And that:

    (3) this idiot of a liar Renford Walsh has simply chosen to be Olu-Bankeś JANITORIAL RAG because:

    (4) he Renford is the “son of a Sierra Leonean immigrant who emigrated from Sierra Leone to Liberia in 1959” – if this date is not even another lie from this idiot of a liar!

  45. True Nationalist,

    The Daily Observer is not the only news outlet in Liberia. But from my analyses and eyewitness accounts, I prefer giving credence to the Daily Observer until proven otherwise. So, I do not understand what you mean by ideological indoctrination or psychological control of dishonest journalism if my analytical thinking faculty is astute.

    As a good CDCian, you reach conclusion without logical premise. Why do you think I have been convinced by Mr. Renford Walsh? Or do you want me to use vituperations before you know I oppose him?
    Know that I did not reach any conclusions neither did I acquiesce to anything Mr. Renford Walsh said. He is yet to come back and convince me with the references I demanded. By saying, “I have started “somehow” admiring CDB King from Walsh’s recitals”, with somehow in a quotation mark, doesn’t interpret any form of gullibility or compliance with what had been said.

    Liberia is not the expand of verdure land created by God. Liberia is you and me. What becomes of the land is what you and I make of it.
    If we intellectually confront our problems and suggest creative solutions in our diversities, Liberia will be a beautiful place for mankind.
    But if we continue to confront each other through violence, vulgar words or vituperative expressions, we would continue to live in a vain and bitter land where hatred will continue to flourish, and poverty stagnate forevermore.

    You guys yearn to get back your country, from whom? I do not know, please tell me!
    The people who had been ruling in the past are also Liberians, but WICKED and shortsighted Liberians. Let’s entrust the leadership of our country to Liberians with great heart, moral probity and intellectual riches.
    Again, Liberia would become what we want it to be based on what you and I think of it. I think Weah is the worst choice for Liberia at this time.

    Long live Liberia!

    • Look Petarus, you are just simply very stupid and ignorant! If we were you with that primitive and illiterate mentality “to get back country” would we not be one of you zombies blindly supporting those who, besides not knowing the difference (or pretending not to know the difference) between automatic naturalization and naturalization by petition, are furtively trying to deny a fellow negro (Nwabudike) of his Liberian citizenship even when the Supreme Court has judged in his favor as sanctioned by Liberiaś statutory and constitutional laws???

      You can sit your silly and ignorant self there behind a key board having your thinking shaped by news papers and some idiot of a liar and rant such stupidity while remaining a zombie for that immature 17th century political lying mentality who foolishly believes that;

      (1) ascending to power is not via majority “ballot box opinion” but rather as his days at the Coca Cola factory where;

      (2) his faggy homo sexual backside determined his stay and promotion in such environment.

      As for your concern that you “do not know what we mean” by ideological indoctrination or psychological control of dishonest journalism, or of power-seeking hypocrites, of course, you cannot easily know such nor naturally understand such! For such is above and beyond your primitive silly, and ignorant psyche!

      • Vain verbosity!

        If you went to the USA and wanted to become a citizen of that country, there would be a anormal procedure to follow to becoming citizen.
        Nwabudike’s procedure was fraudulent, as publicly exhibited by the hearings within the senate. So, what are you ranting about, sensible fool?

        When did the Supreme court rule in his favor? Submit the Court’s rulings here for public service, sensible braggart!

        In the Western world, especially in a multinational like Cocoa Cola, you climb the echelons in society based on excellence and hard work. If you think all those who have excelled did so through filthy means, wake up from your slumber, sensible racoon!

        It seems you guys have begun profusely sweating since it would be impossible to steal any elections. If that’s why you are lamenting in losing the Nigerian fraudster, you better console yourself tonight with a crate of beer because your days in power are numbered, sensible zombie!

        Don’t be refractory to positive change, it will come in Liberia, come what may. Liberia is not doomed and will NEVER be.
        All we yearn to do is to live like other countries striving to make headways in improving the livelihood of a society devastated by stupidity and barbarism.

        Have a nice weekend, sensible CDCian monkey!

        • You are really an insane strayed dog insanely believing people like us are part of your insanity and obsession with your ANC stupidity; hence anyone who is not part of your ANC is a CDCian.

          Look you little dog, while it is true If we were a CDCian though we would not be as silly and clowning as you display around here, we would (for propaganda purposes) take into account the need for popularity, more membership and public image-making of the party and coalition and not be focused on intellectualism and or the truth of matters, nor be harshly blunt in nearly all cases!

          In short, we would be as a strayed dog like you begging others to join your ANC or being obsessed with such stupidity you display around here.

          But this absent-mindedness, naivety, or seemingly inherent idiocy on your part is not surprising; taking into account the fact you do not even know your “mentor”- that smelly and abominable fag widely detested and was treated with disdain by decent people he worked with, and even with decent people he works with to this day; because of his smelly character of been a fag. Read for yourself this news story from the West African News Agency:

          Breaking News
          Cummings Gay Foundation Receives 100,000 USD To Promote Gay Activities In Liberia!

          Liberia has an anti-LGBT laws that frame same-sex conduct as a misdemeanor punishable by up to one year in prison. In a recent interview with Liberian Confidential, Mr Alexander B Cummings Jr who is the chairman of the foundation has defended the LGBT community in Liberia. “I heard Senator Taylor say gays should not be legalized and that they should be prosecuted. I feel bad about it because everyone has rights. People don’t just come up with that kind of life. It’s something you are born with…. If I love a boy, it’s nature, not a crime. History teaches us that the erosion of anyone’s or any group’s basic rights means our own rights are in jeopardy. That’s why ordinary Liberians should care. If we stand by and allow others to be harassed and persecuted for being born the way they are, then our silence is complicity,” he added.

          And this is one of the primary reasons (taking our culture into account) we personally detest that fool – on-top of his nature and character of been a political neophyte and A LIAR!

          MORE ON THE WAY!

          • Déjà entendu !

            We heard this propaganda in the 2016 elections. We investigated thorough and it came out to be a rubbish.
            Continue your propaganda campaign, ANC will still win, and bigly too.

  46. Messrs Dolo & True Nationalist,
    Let’s move on. The stakes are too high for the back and forth. Both of you have the right temperament on some important issues. But in terms of dealing with one another, you attack needlessly. You told me what to do in order to get my comments posted. I am proud of you. I thank you very much because you took your time to tell me what to do. So now, listen to me. The ball is rolling in your court. Let’s move on like gentlemen!

  47. Posted at 10:22 PM on Friday, July 10, 2020

    Ummm. I don’t do “rebuttal” to any mendacious nut.

    The mere fact that someone can twist my comments around and attach quotes to distorted comments of mine tells me that we’re dealing with a psychopath.

    The mere fact that the individual is roaming the internet cursing anyone perceived as a CDC opponent says a lot. I try not to dignify uncouth people. I did a lot of that in the past on Africaonline and CCL forums. I’ve got better things to do these days.


    Regarding sources of reference about information posted earlier this week, the following are useful :

    #1. Info on Henry Too Wesley and Bennie Warner can be found in ‘Historical Dictionary of Liberia’ by D. Elwood Dunn et al . There are two editions. One was co-authored with the late Svend Holsoe. The other was co-authored with Amos Beyan and Carl Patrick Burrowes.

    #2. In the particular case about Bennie Warner, Dunn et al explained that Warner’s ancestor — I think it was his father — was called Charlie Zeonbartie, a bassa man. Zeonbartie was apparently raised by a lady named Beck Warner, granddaughter of the late President Daniel B. Warner.

    #3. The reference to CDB King’s desire to move the capital inland comes from one of his inauguration addresses. I can’t recall which one [ 1920 or 1924 or 1928]. I read it a long time ago.

    #4. There is a compilation of inaugural addresses by Joseph Saye Guannu covering the period 1848 – 1976. I believe it was published in 1980 with the following title —-
    ‘The Inaugural addresses of the Presidents of Liberia: From Joseph Jenkins Roberts to William Richard Tolbert, Jr., 1848 to 1976’

    #5.I wish Guannu, or someone else, could publish a second edition because we’re talking over four(4) decades here. Lots have occurred.

    • You little Walsh, you just shut-up your extremely satanic lying mouth you little idiot of a liar! You must be running mad to refer to others as “mendacious”; when that is precisely what you are – an untruthful, dishonest, fictitious, lying and smelly dung contaminating this forum with such a mental disorder and satanic behaviour.

      Stripping naked you and your deliberate lies and your fraudulent intentional representations is not and can never be whatever you deceptively want to frame such, nor are such appropriate actions disciplining you the “twisting or distorting your comments.”

      Nor can such reactions be the result of you or anyone been an opponent of the CDC or any political party or coalition.

      Your lies are not debunked by only one individual here. Your lies are stripped naked by several individuals! Only fools like you and your ancestral slave descendants believe there should not be opponents in politics.

      YOU must be suffering from alzheimer disease, or you are just a chronic pathological liar, and a silly one at that, to come and lie about the war crimes of the NPFL/ACDL and Charles DB King the disgraced criminal.

  48. Dear Mr. Walsh,

    Thank you for the references. I have just downloaded some of the materials and will take my time to peruse them before getting back to you. They are indeed great references for some of us to dissect the contributions and ills of our past rulers before embarking on the new dawn that lies ahead.

    However, from cursory knowledge of my country from the Joseph Saye Guannu’s history textbooks and from oral accounts passed on to me by my grandfather and father, I hold the founding fathers of Liberia in VERY low esteem; they but Tolbert do not deserve to be revered or celebrated or be boastful of.

    According to history, the first group of settlers was disembarked on Sherbro Island in 1821 and the second on Mesurado in 1823. Liberia obtained its independence in 1847 when the most powerful weapons then, the cannon et rifles, were proudly exhibited to the rest of the world to prove that Liberia was a new member of the Council of Nations. The first president, Joseph Jenkins Roberts and other prominent Liberians then were highly educated and wealthy businesspeople, some of whom possessed even ships and were indulged in trades with Europe and the Americas.

    Also, according to regional history, the first European conquest and occupation of territories began in 1891 with the French, the Germans, the British and the Portuguese resulting into the establishment of nation states in West, Central and Southern Africa.

    Between 1847 and 1891, why couldn’t your ancestors, who you are boastful of to have proudly founded Liberia,
    – Be humanitarians enough to open to the indigenous people and educate them with the perspective of establishing a prosperous nation to cater to all and abolish any form of servitude and dehumanization of the black race? In so doing, most of our people scattered all around the world now suffering from racist attacks could have found a place back home where they belong to enjoy real peace, love and harmony. They instead became slave masters too! The other day, I called you a slave master, but some people could not decorticate what I meant.
    – Be ambitious enough to have ventured into the hinterland to explore other parts of Africa, unite them under one government that could have been commanded from Monrovia? In so doing, there would NEVER have been the Ivory Coast, Ghana, Guinea, Sierra Leone, Mali, etc. today but maybe ONLY the Republic of Liberia with Monrovia as capital city to refer to black Africa. Instead, they planned and built central Monrovia in accordance with their size (with the presidency, university, cemetery and all administrative buildings at their size and in the heart of the city) while Sinkor was intended for foreign businessmen and diplomats and their farms outside Monrovia are today considered their villages (Arthington, Caldwell, etc.).
    – Be creative, with their doctorate and master’s degrees, to have built a strong African economy and military to be competitive with the rest of the world today? Instead, Ghanaians, Nigerians, Ivorians, and other African countries are today teaching us governance, politics and the sciences. Why? Why? Why?…………

    You see, there is NO need to celebrate the Kings, the Roberts, etc. If I were elected president of Liberia, I would scrap all those days set aside to celebrate their birthdays, this or that day in their honor.

    However, there is a time for everything. We need to put the past behind us, unite as one people, learn from the past to build a better tomorrow for ourselves and generations unborn under a LEADERSHIP of moral probity that can uphold merit and reward hard work. We need to accep
    t and be apologetic of our forebears’ shortcomings and forge ahead in total humiliation, mutual respect and patriotic resolve to uplifting Liberia to make it a better place for all, irrespective of the color of your skin, origin and religious affiliation.

    Let’s not make room for the RULERSHIP we currently have in Liberia. It could have been avoided were the past really forgotten, hatchets buried, and true unity reached.

    I pray that the points I made here be understood by all as I intend!

  49. Posted at 8:45 PM EST on Saturday, July 11, 2020

    There are lots of perceptions about settlers which are wholly incorrect. I can’t address all but I will try to tackle some.

    #1.European colonization of Africa did not commence in 1891. For starters, the Brits took over the Sierra Leonean colony in 1807 from its black founders who were veterans of the American War of Independence. Sierra Leone had been founded as far back as 1787.

    #2. The French, Germans, and Brits had already spread their tentacles all around Africa long prior to 1891. The French also struggled to control territory northward of currentday Liberia. They were resisted by Samori Toure [ great-grand father of Sekou Toure]. They eventually defeated him.

    #3. The European colonists decided to divide Africa in 1885. There is the famous – or infamous- ‘Berlin Conference on Africa’ — held in 1885 which settled the issue of control.

    #4. Liberia, which was not a participant in that conference, was “awarded” much of the territory formerly known as the hinterland, which constitutes most of Liberia’s northern counties.

    #5. When Liberia established colonies between 1822 and 1839, they were separate and non-contiguous. Travel between coastal territories occurred by sea since areas between were still controlled by tribesmen.

    #6. The settlers often expanded their territories as rewards for assisting one tribal group against another during inter-tribal wars. Doing so made them bite more than they could chew. If they could barely take care of themselves, imagine taking care of far more people.

    #7. For much of Liberia’s early history, the settlers could barely manage their finances. That left little room for spending on others. For example, Liberia College, precursor to the University of Liberia, was closed for five(5) years in the early 1900s. I doubt that the settlers were so mean to shut down a college intended for their own kids. They just could not afford it.

    #8. As far back as 1869, a law was passed entitled —- “ An Act to improve the Educational Condition of the Aborigines”. Unfortunately, implementation was difficult. I haven’t seen the exact text. I’ve only read a reference to it.

    #9. As I shall point out in the near future [ within the next 24 – 48 hours], CDB King did a lot for Liberia more than he has been given credit. Over the next several days, I shall commence submitting info about King that may cause many to re-think how they regard him.


  50. Renford,
    Guess what? A majority of the commenters who operate on this page do not give a hoot about anything you have to say about Charles DB King. It is of no consequence whether King gave money to the poor or whether he danced with the wolves. So don’t hurt your head Renford. If he did any good, it certainly was a big bluff. I hope the ungentleman confessed his transgressions before the Lord before his time. Look Renford, the bottom line for King is that he was one of the worst presidents in the history of Liberia.

  51. Mr. Walsh,

    I am not a historian and I don’t think I have the time to consult some historical facts now, but I know that the Atlantic slave trade started in the 16th century.
    Before then, Africa had had major empires like GAO, Ghana, Mali, Benin, etc.
    The jostle and occupation of African started in the late 19th century when your ancestors, the founders of Liberia, had already declared the independence of Liberia with the most weapons at that time.

    Let’s first get this clear, the period between the European’s discovery and exploitation of Africa is quite different from the period of the establishment and governance of territories by the Europeans of the African continent.

    If the settlers had been ambitious enough, the Berlin Conference of 1885 would NEVER had taken place my brother.
    The settlers refused to explore Africa, they decided to stay where they were disembarked. The only time they ventured out was to also enslave our people to work on their farms or use them as infantry force to subdue other indigenous people.
    Look, the sins they committed cannot be recounted by me but God in heaven.

    What can you really tell us about Charles D. B. King for which Liberia can be proud of today, brother?
    From history, the president who brought some positive change to the indigenous people is called William V. S. Tolbert Jr. Maybe the next one, who did not really have the time to rule, was E. J. Roye. If I am wrong, rewrite our history then and tell us what King did.

    The slaves were made to build cities, towns, roads, bridges, make farms and undertake household chores in the Americas. Why couldn’t they emulate those development projects in Mesurado and the hinterland of black Africa?
    They had the same powerful weapons the Europeans had used to subdue our people, they had ships like the Europeans, they were educated like the Europeans, why did they sit there and allow the Berlin Conference to have taken place first of all, and behind their backs too? Selfishness!

    The problems of Africa today stemmed from those selfish settlers from the Americas, and by extension Liberia underdevelopment.
    But we will overcome and bring real fixes!

  52. Same old Renford Walsh, from AfricaOnline to the Coalition of Concerned Liberians-CCL, nothing has changed. In addition to his penchant for mundane or trifling details, this chap is a Google wiz. Add the two attributes and he presents as some smart dude. But disable Google for one month and Renford will disappear for one month from the face of this earth. That’s all there is to this other “ai.” Nothing but ai.

  53. Posted at 8:34 PM EST on Sunday, July 12, 2020

    It’s important again for me to re-emphasize that I am not here to defend CDB King or Americo-Liberians. Do not pursue this campaign of trying to box me into a corner with a pitchfork. You will not succeed.

    My approach to Liberian PUBLIC POLICY issues is one of deliberation, like a U.S. Supreme Court Justice.

    Do not assume that my conservative views and preference for Republicans means that I will agree with them on everything.

    Do not assume that my ties to Americo-Liberians means that I will shoot down everything about Samuel Doe and other indigenous Liberian presidents while defending and praising Americo-Liberians.

    And when we discuss issues relating to the Weah era, do not assume that I am pro-Weah/CDC or anti-Weah/CDC. I am neutral and I will be neutral in 2023 and thereafter.

    So, this whole exercise about CDB king is an attempt to get Liberians to STOP CHERRYPICKING. Don’t just think about rigged 1927 elections and 1929 Fernando Po crisis.

    Look beyond a single issue. Focus on the policy sectors like Agriculture; Commerce; Communications; Defense; Education; Energy; Environment; Family Services (Gender, Child, Youth, Elderly); Finance; Foreign Affairs; Healthcare; Housing; Interior; Justice; Labor; Natural Resources; Public Safety; Science & Technology; Transportation.

    Do the same thing with other presidents.

    I will post information about one of the aforementioned policy sectors, as it relates to the CDB king administration, within the next few hours.

  54. Renford,
    You seem to have experienced an epiphany. A few days ago, you came out swinging for King-Akerele like a lone Ranger. Sadly, you lost that battle with overwhelming condemnation. In defense of yourself, you claimed that your sincere independent thoughts were taken out of context. On a related issue, you couldn’t be convinced about the fact that CDB King was an evil man who brought disgrace to himself and his country. Your recent stance is not too provocative. You will be closely watched Renford. Should in case you behave like that once again, “the people” will back at you.


  55. Posted at 9:48 AM EST on Tuesday, July 14, 2020

    PART 1 OF 3

    What epiphany !!!There is none.

    My policy of analyzing issues one policy at a time has been consistent for over two (2) decades.

    To bolster my point, I refer all readers, to two (2) commentaries of mine submitted back in 1998 and 1999, respectively.


    The first article (of 1998) is captioned: “A Brief Analysis of Tolbert’s Administration 1971-80”.

    I posted it on Africaonline’s forum sometime in 1998. The owner of Liberian Connection, Ciata Victor, was a participant. So, she asked [and received] my permission for re-publication on her website.

    The article covers two parts: THE POSITIVES —– Foreign Policy, Education, Agriculture, Commerce, Public Works, Health, Political Tolerance, and Public Administration.

    Then, there is the second part: THE NEGATIVES —Nepotism and Conflict of Interest.


    • Posted at 11:16 AM EST on Tuesday, July 14, 2020

      As for the other silly talk about how I will be “…closely watched…”, that’s just another case of ego massage.

      I’ve used the internet for over two (2) decades. I’ve had people

      #1. Threaten me with assault and battery for my political views

      #2. Fantasize about how I would be castrated and my testicles used for soccer playing

      #3. Hack my emails multiple times

      #4. Threaten me with arrest [ a Liberian-American federal law enforcement officer]

      #5. Defame my reputation in all sorts of ways

      #6. Create false accounts with my name [ online impersonation]

      I also remember taking an openly pro-IGNU stance in late 1990 while residing in Taylor’s territory [ in Lamco Camp Buchanan].

      I used to participate in regular debates with pro-NPFL folks while armed soldiers witnessed the discourse. Some used to go there purposely to watch me and the other Monrovia young adults participate in debates.

      And all of this were occurring at a time when some NPFL people used to say : “If you say you nah like Ghankay, we will treat you like a dog !!!! ”

      Some of the civilians nicknamed me “Amos Sawyer’s son”.

      So, when I see cowards hiding behind false names writing rubbish in the Daily Observer forum, all I can do is laugh.

      They refer to themselves as the “mighty” CDC so its not surprising that they will delude themselves. It’s summer time. Cyber masturbation season is in full swing.


  56. Posted at 9:54 AM EST on July 14, 2020

    PART 2 OF 3

    The second one (of 1999) is captioned: “A Look at the Samuel Doe Regime – Were There Positive Developments? “ . The publication date is February 2, 1999.

    The article, which is still visible online, covers comments on: Foreign Affairs, Public Finance, Justice and Civil Rights, Defense and National Security, Postal Affairs, Agriculture, Commerce, Education, Infrastructure Development, National Unity and Reconciliation, and Labor. I skipped Healthcare and noted that there was hardly any information.

    Anyone who bothers to read would note that I gave Samuel Doe some good marks in the area of education to the extent of pointing out that literacy rose under Doe by 25 % ( from 15 % in 1980 to 40% in 1989) unlike the mere 6 % rise in the preceding 18 years under both Tubman and Tolbert combined.


    To find the link to the William R. Tolbert Jr. article, simply GOOGLE the terms “Renford walsh William R. Tolbert”.—— It will generate a result with caption “ History The Tolbert Era” . When you click on it, look to the left of the tlcafrica website and you’ll find it.


    To find the link to the Samuel K. Doe article, simply GOOGLE the terms “Samuel Doe – Were There Positive Developments? “ — It will take you to a GOOGLE GROUP and you may note the posting date of February 2, 1999.

    This article too needs to be updated.


  57. Posted at 3:06 PM EST on Tuesday, July 14, 2020


    After much delay, I shall finally commence posting information about the CDB king era. I shall start with TRANSPORTATION and list activities in chronological order.

    As you scroll through the list, you would note that CDB King was the first president to construct roads for AUTOMOBILES linking Monrovia to the rest of the country, as well as linking county capitals to interior towns.

    I place emphasis on the word AUTOMOBILE because I’ve seen ‘African Repository’ publications of the 1800s referring to road linking Monrovia to Careysburg. But that was for wagons. The King era commenced after Henry Ford and others started producing autos.

    So, you shall see references to road construction linking:

    1. Western Montserado to Eastern Montserado

    2. Montserado to Bong and Nimba via margibi County
    3. The capital cities of Cape Mount and Maryland to their respective regions.

    4. Montserado to current day Gbarpolu County.

    5. Bassa County to current da River Cess.

    6. Maintenance of roads within Greater Monrovia ( Monrovia, Congo town, Paynesville)

    Throughout the chronology, you shall see the year activities commenced as well as page references of my source — “The Annual Messages of the Presidents of Liberia 1848-2020…” —- by D. Elwood Dunn.

    You may also verify the information by doing a simple GOOGLE search on the terms “Annual Address Liberia Legislature”.
    So, here it comes —–


    • Posted at 3:10 PM EST on Tuesday, July 14, 2020

      1922: Water street, Monrovia, paved (“macadamized”) — [P.619]
      1924: Completed Careysburg – White Plains road; —-[p.657]

      Link between Monrovia – Careysburg by automobile—–[p.657]

      Monrovia-Sanniquellie road construction in progress; —–[p.657]

      Brewerville-Boporu road in progress; Harper- Gbodobo road completed —— [p.657]
      1925: Repairs and improvements on road passing through “…..Old Congotown, Paynesville, Fendall-Louisiana, Johnsonville, and Robertsville to White Plains…” —- [p.685]

      1925: Work in progress on Monrovia-Sanniquellie road passing through kakata, Weala, Zeinzue, Suakoko, Narma — [p.685]

      1925: Work on Brewerville – Belle Yalla road commenced —- [p.686]

      1925: Harper – Webbo road commenced; had reached Gbologbo by 1925 —- [p.686]

      1925: Bluebar-Putu road commenced in Sinoe —- [p.686]

      1925: Sahweloh to Tewoh sections road commenced in Cape Mount —–[p.686]

      1925: Preliminary clearings for Monrovia to Marshall road commenced —- [P.686]

      1926: Steel ferry boat purchased to link White Plains to Millsburg, Plans to obtain another link from Southern end of Bushrod Island to Northern end and Brewerville — [p.701]

      1927: At water street, an alley running from the Customs House to the Woermann Wharf was widened to a 30-foot street. “…..Concrete gutters, sidewalks, and water drainage…” were also built. Water street extended to the Lynch Street area. —- [p.731]

      1928: Superintendent of Sinoe County has pursued extension of road from Greenville to [Butaw]. —[p.755]

      Cape Mount road commenced from “…Konneh Section…” to Bendu near Lake Shepherd. — [p.755]

      1929: Setbacks in Monrovia-Kakata road. Maintenance problems on Brewerville-Suehn , Millsburg-Suehn, and Monrovia-White Plains roads due to inadequate labor supply. — [p.779]

      Progress in construction of Buchanan-Gio, Buchanan-Timbo, Harper-Webbo, and Bendu-Konneh roads. —[p.779]


  58. Posted at 3:42 PM on Tuesday, July 14, 2020


    So, for those who are still thinking – what is the point of all this?
    I say, it matters because every president since CDB King has had to tackle the automobile roads issue.

    It’s obvious that the focus was on linking the capital cities to interior areas.

    But when it comes to linking River Cess, Sinoe, Grand Kru, and Maryland on a coastal road, only Weah has made that his focus, possibly building on plans drawn by the Gyude Moore tenure at Public Works.

    So, technically, he is correct when he says he wants to accomplish something that hasn’t been done since 1847.

    Also, the planned pavement of road passing through Gbarpolu and possibly as far as Lofa County is also a Weah focus. There has been a road for years but I don’t think it’s ever been paved. And it’s not currently in good condition.

    So, if I were a CDC supporter, I would not spend time tearing down CDB King. Rather, I would stress that Weah is building on efforts COMMENCED by CDB King and continued by other presidents during the last 100 years.


  59. Laughable!

    Mr. Walsh, I am not a child. I am almost 50, and I am not illiterate too (I know how to read and write).

    Let me give you some achievements of the current Ivorian government for which anyone can be proud to show to explain her/his support:

    – Electricity : Before assuming power, the country was electrified at 55%, today, it is at 80%. All villages with at least 500 human beings (not ONLY Americo-Liberians) are electrified to date;
    – Healthcare: 10 new general hospitals (in towns in the hinterland), 22 new regional teaching hospitals, 78 general hospitals renovated, and 233 rural and urban medical centers renovated;
    – Road Infrastructure: 22 new bridges constructed (not in the settlements alone), 545 km of newly paved interurban roads, 115 km of newly paved highways and 245 km of roadways.

    This is just a gist of what the outgoing Ivorian government can boast of as achievements. Are you telling me King constructed roads to the South Eastern or to Rivercess or to Lofa or to Yekepa that no one can drive on during this time of the year?
    Look stop your pleasantry!

    If constructing tracks is what you consider roads, then you need to wake up from your slumber.
    By the way, how old are you? Where you born in the 20s or 30s? if yes, I understand why you are defending a public whoreson.

    You see, Liberians have forgiven those people. We need to forge ahead united with a new vision contrary to our past rulers. Prepare your children and talk them into coming back soon because a new Liberia will be birthed.

    But please, don’t come back to tell me anything about any of those useless rulers of Liberia!

  60. I’ll keep this one very relatively simple.

    #1. At 3:06 PM EST today [ 7:06 PM Liberian time ] , I wrote — “ ….CDB King was the first president to construct roads for AUTOMOBILES linking Monrovia to the rest of the country, as well as linking county capitals to interior towns….”

    #2. At 3:42 PM EST today [ 7:42 PM Liberian time], I wrote —- “…every president since CDB King has had to tackle the automobile roads issue….”

    #3. At the same 3:42 PM EST posting, I also wrote —-
    “…when it comes to linking River Cess, Sinoe, Grand Kru, and Maryland on a coastal road, only Weah has made that his focus…”

    #4The key words to emphasize are: AUTOMOBILES, COMMENCED, and TACKLE.

    #5. I am not posting to compare Liberia with other countries.

    #6. I am not posting to heap praises on CDB king. Nope.

    #7. I am not posting to MEASURE the competence of King & other past presidents with the incumbent president or any presidential aspirant.

    #8. Rather, I have launched a discussion on the entire King administration, beyond the much-discussed 1927 elections and Fernando Po crisis.

    #9. So, I commenced with TRANSPORTATION and posted information that CDB King COMMENCED the construction of roads for AUTOMOBILES.

    #10. The use of the word “TACKLE” demonstrates that road construction has always been a problem whether it is King, EJ Barclay, Tubman, Tolbert, Doe, Taylor, Sirleaf, or Weah. It will also be a problem for Weah’s successor.

    #11. AGAIN, I am simply here is point out that lots of things occurred during the CDB King era beyond the 1927 elections and 1930 Fernando Po crisis.

    #12. The Fernando Po issue was a LABOR issue. What about other policy sectors like TRANSPORTATION, COMMUNICATIONS, ENERGY, etc.? Shouldn’t we all be interested in what occurred?

    #13. If I chose to assess Weah’s administration , I would do the same regarding various policy sectors.

    #14. If I chose to assess opponents of the Weah administration, I would do the same regarding various policy sectors.

    #15. If Cummings or another person became president, I would do the same- regarding various policy sectors.

    #16. I hope I am finally clear on my objective here.

  61. Renford,
    You seem to be telling the readers and your critics that there’s good and bad in every leader. I can deal with that for just a few seconds. On the whole, the negatives of CDB King, outweigh any good he may have done. For instance, King wanted roads to be constructed not because of economic reasons but rather for the enslavement of the poor uneducated natives. There’s ample evidence that can be presented to validate my claim. Instead of buildings schools and hospitals, King aligned himself with a noted Harvard University medical professor named Pearson Strong. King forced the natives to tote Strong in a hammock throughout Liberia. In the states, Strong infected black people with cholera. Many of Strong’s laboratory animals (black people) died. And yet, King did business with Strong!

  62. Wow,

    This particular site makes for such good reading. I was fascinated with the information put forth here. But like Mr. True Nationalist advice, I will do my own research and not take everything at face value.

    Interesting read, though.

  63. Joe, thank you for your comment. Like you, I encourage all young Liberians to take up time and read about our history.
    The individual this Renford Walsh is supporting here was one of the notorious and heinous human creatures to have ever presided over Liberia. From being a former slave, he meted even worst plagues, hardships and sufferings on the indigenous people than the white men did to our people in the Americas. If you are not a Christian, you may take on any King’s offspring after reading about the whoredom he unleashed on our people.

    Mr. Walsh,
    I am not comparing Liberia to other countries, but I am only pointing out what we mean by development in other countries.
    Automobiles can move on tracks, Sir.
    Any project is well planned; it means it is conceived (blueprint), with estimated cost, duration of realization and benefits (economic and social).
    True, King COMMENCED, TACKLED, etc. What are the results for even YOU today? There are still no paved roads to the South Eastern Region, Lofa, Nimba and within all the counties in Liberia.

    The Ivory Coast was independent just in 1960, and Liberia in 1847 (difference of 113 years) yet in every sector and economic fabric of the Ivory Coast, there is a system and national roadmap. When a leader comes to power, he is presented with all of them and based on the pressing needs at hand, he may decide to embark on what he finds expedient for the time.

    Look at your country Liberia, ruled by your forbears for almost 2 centuries, what plan do you have in any sector or fabric of Liberia?
    None! “NO NOTHING”! Our cities are not planned, no electricity grid, no water and sewage infrastructures and policies, your forebears didn’t care that telecommunications were good for the country asses like us, ……………..

    Stop saying things that would anger some people, please!

  64. The full name of the Harvard University doctor that I referenced in my piece above is:
    Richard Pearson Strong.

    Google Strong’s full name and you will see for yourself who this monster was. Don’t be surprised. As wicked as Strong was, CDB King did business with him. Now folks, King had known about the atrocities of Dr. Strong. But still, King was not bothered. What King did amounts to what we call “black on black crime”.

    I am galled by Renford Walsh’s continued belief that the good side of CDB King must be exposed. There aren’t any positives found anywhere in CDB King. None whatsoever!

  65. Posted at 10:32 PM EST on Wednesday, July 15, 2020 [ Thursday, July 16, 2020 2:32 AM Liberian Time]

    PART 1 of 3

    Today, we continue the discussion about the CDB King administration. The policy area is COMMUNICATIONS.

    As readers shall note, the results were mixed. There were inadequate post office buildings but there were positive developments in domestic and international communications. Readers should pay particular attention to the period commencing from 1925 onward.



    1919 – 20: Inadequate post offices in Grand Bassa, which appeared to be in a dilapidated condition. Another post office in Harper, Maryland comprised of two (2) rented rooms which were inadequate for handling mail.—[ p.576]

    1920 -21: Recommended establishment of post offices at Clay Ashland, Millsburg, Virginia, White Plains [ p.587]

    1923: Free mail delivery established in Monrovia — [p.631]

    1925: Monrovia post office moved from home of late Postmaster Fuller to its own building. Offices in Bassa, Sinoe, and Maryland were in poor state —– [p.680]

    1925: Erection of telephone lines in coastal counties commenced linking “…Cape Mount to Monrovia and, between Monrovia to Cape Palmas…” Running of wires from Monrovia to Bassa commenced under the supervision of Didho Twe —— [pp. 688-689]

    1925: Another line connecting Monrovia to White Plains, extending to Careysburg, had commenced —- [p.689]

    1926: Referred to the reopening of “International Money Order Relations” between Liberia and the United States which would expand commercial relations between the two countries. —- [p.709]


  66. Posted at 10:35 PM EST on Wednesday, July 15, 2020 [ Thursday, July 16, 2020 2:35 AM EST]

    PART 2 OF 3

    1927: Announced the British Government’s plan to re-establish a money order service with Liberia —- [p.724]

    1927: Lamented the difficulties associated with deploying communication lines in coastal counties (See 1925 above). Disclosed these facts as reasons why GOL pursued radio communications as a substitute. — [p.729]

    1927: Radio communications established between Liberia and the USA on August 8, with assistance from a U.S. radio communication expert Thomas Caleb. Liberia made history as the first country in West Africa to achieve this feat. —- [pp.729-730]

    Radio communications between Monrovia and other coastal locations like Buchanan and Harper established. — [p.730]

    A radio station was established in Harper and the first message sent from that station to the president of Liberia occurred on August 17, 1927. —- [p.731]

    Expressed plans to operate additional radio stations in Grand Bassa and Cape Mount the following year. —– [p.731]

    Installation of radio station in Monrovia made it possible for citizens to “….to receive music, speeches, baseball score and other news from New York most every evening….” — [p.731]


    1928: Announced that “Domestic Money Order” service in Grand Bassa and Maryland, with plans to establish same in Sinoe.

    Announced that materials for construction of radio communication stations in Grand Bassa and Sinoe were available and expected stations to commence operating by end of the year. —- [p.749]


  67. Posted at 10:40 PM EST on Wednesday, July 15, 2020 [Thursday, July 16, 2020 2:40 AM Liberian Time]

    PART 3 OF 3


    One of the benefits of road construction is the opportunity to facilitate communication. By opening roads between Monrovia and rural Montserado on one hand and Monrovia and coastal counties on the other, the King administration erected telephone lines in 1925.

    As readers may have noted, the person responsible for overseeing the project was Didhwo Tweh, an indigenous (kru) person, who certainly wasn’t participating in a campaign “…for the enslavement of the poor uneducated natives…” as one CDC supporter/CDB King critic has claimed

    It is common practice, even in developed countries, to open roads first, followed by erection of utility poles, to carry electric and telephone lines. Considering that Liberia was a poor, underdeveloped country [ and still is], it should not be overstated that King was ushering a new era in Liberian history.

    The establishment of a radio communication station in Monrovia created opportunities for faster communications between Monrovia and other parts of Liberia and the rest of the world.

    The fact that Liberia was also the first west African country to establish a transatlantic link with the USA before advanced European colonial countries (operating in Africa) placed us in a positive light.

    As we review these developments 100 years later and are tempted to shrug them off as mediocre, we should never forget to consider what life was, for those before us. In an age of smart phones, text messages and internet, radio communication is a stone-age era technology.

    But if we pause for a moment and reflect on what others experienced at the time, when cable was used and letters traveled by ship for several weeks, we could begin to understand why CDB King took another step that was likely applauded by others in his generation. The challenge remains for us to build upon his shoulders 100 years later.


    RENFORD’S NOTE: 2,021 views AND 93 postings prior to this three-part submission. More submissions about CDB King administration are forthcoming in other POLICY SECTORS.

  68. Renford Walsh continues to unleash a barrage of information on CDB King, the most fraudulent president who ruled Liberia with an iron hand. But irrespective of how Walsh tries to defend a corrupt reprobate, the undeniable truth remains unhidden.

    I was born in Maryland county. My dad was born in 1925. I am sorry that my dad is not alive today because I would have asked if he had heard whether there was ever a radio station built in Maryland county circa 1927 by CDB King. During my youth, I was never told neither have I heard or listened to a radio station that CDB King had built in Maryland. Never! However, growing up in the county of Maryland during the 1970s, there was a radio station in the county. Not the 1920s radio station that we have been informed about by our very own Renford Walsh. Anyway, knowing about CDB King’s fraudulent activities, I am not surprised to hear that he built a radio station in the county of Maryland.

    The 1927 Liberian Election:
    According to information gathered from google, King rigged that particular election. Example, 15,000 people should have voted in that election because there were only 15,000 eligible voters in the whole country. But, when the votes were tallied, King the notorious potentate, claimed to have won by 234,000 votes. How on earth could something like that happen? However, the net result of the rigged 1927 election made the ungentleman to have been mentioned in the Guinness Book.

    Population of Liberia during the 1920s:

    I do my readers a disservice by providing a rough estimate without doing a research. I estimate that during the 1920s, there were approximately 500,000-1,000,000 Liberian inhabitants. Looking at this logically, the number could have been higher had CDB King not sent thousands of native Liberians (not Americo-Liberians) to Fernando Po. Google informs us that the very natives whom King had sent to Equitorial Guinea had worked hard in terms of performing their forced labor duties. Unfortunately, some Liberian natives died in the underground tunnels and never returned to their country of birth. (The natives’ blood rests on King’s head. Oh, the Almighty God will confront King on judgement day.) When the time came for the poor natives to get their pay, King received their money on their behalf. And so the nagging question remains. If CDB King were laying the groundwork for economic development as we have been led to believe by Mr. Walsh,

    1. Why did Liberia have only 15,000 eligible voters?

    2. Why didn’t King build one hospital or a high school in Nimba, Grand Gedeh, Loffa and elsewhere in Liberia during his presidency? And

    3. Why did King engage in slavereoy by sending the natives (not the Americo-Liberians) to Equitorial Guinea?

    Which is more civilized?
    A. King enslaved the natives of Liberia.

    B. King built post offices in certain parts of his country, not all over the country.

    The whole world of CDB King was corrupt! King’s evil outweighs any good he may have attempted!


  69. Uncle Hney,

    Your father and my late father have the same birth year. I hope I can get some other details on him.

    You need to ignore Mr. Walsh’s rants. He’s well informed about the evil deeds of CDB King but I think he’d had a vision in which he might have seen CDB King in a situation of total infernality and so he would like to portray some positive images for Liberians to pronounce forgiveness.
    If that’s the case Mr. Walsh, tell the Liberian people what the guy really did to the country. It’s intriguing to find someone saying any positive about that iniquitous and blood thirsty individual.

    Let’s assume all that you have advanced is true, why can’t the present generation see vestiges of those beautiful fairy tales?

    Look, don’t think you are convincing anyone here. Talk about someone else for Liberians to listen to you.

  70. Hon. Dolo,
    You are mighty right. I will not respond to Walsh anytime soon. I do not want him to be left with the impression that his fairy tales (as you rightly said it) are convincing.

    Hang in there buddy.

  71. Posted at 7:27 PM EST on Thursday, July 16, 2020 [ 11:27 PM Liberian Time]

    PART 1 OF 3

    Today, we proceed to discuss CDB KING’s ENERGY POLICY. It appears that his administration may have been the first to electrify Monrovia. Let’s examine the timeline and proceed to the follow-up discussion


    1925: Plans to electrify entire Monrovia City up to New Kru Town commenced with negotiations between GOL and Westing Electric Company of USA —- [p.689]


    1927: Erection of a Government-owned and operated power plant successful “….at the foot of Lynch Street…”. Two generators of 37.5 KVA each, deployed to ensure continuous power if one (1) fails. Provided some specifications about the generators used. —- [p.731]

    Concrete utility poles were constructed for use at “…Lynch, Ashmun and Broad Streets to carry the telephone, power lines, streetlights and transformers for house lighting…” —– [p.731]

    Concrete poles were expected to have “….height above the ground, of thirty feet each…” Each pole also cost “…. a little less than seven dollars …” —– [p.731]

    Streetlights were expected to be “…gas filled lights of 500 watts each….”—-[p.731]

    Streetlights were expected to be switched on in January,1928 on the night of the presidential inauguration. — [p.731]


  72. Posted at 7:29 PM EST on Thursday, July 16, 2020 [ 11:29 PM Liberian Time]


    CDB King’s 1925 address to the Legislature occurred on December 16, 1925. That’s when he announced that negotiations had commenced with an American company, most likely Westinghouse [ not Westing, as the book seems to indicate].

    His subsequent address to the Legislature describing the kind of poles, expected power output, and the expected launch date occurred on December 22, 1927.

    Unfortunately, GOOGLE declined to scan pages 732 and 733 of the book so it remains unclear whether the implementation schedule was fulfilled. These missing pages constituted parts of his October 18, 1928 annual address to the Legislature.

    What is important to note is that COMMENCEMENT OF THE ELECTRIFICATION of Monrovia with 37.5 KVA generator with another held in reserve meant that power output was probably 30 KW (at 1 KVA = 0.8 KW). At 500 watts per pole, that meant that 80 streetlights were expected to be lit.

    His other annual addresses, at least the ones scanned by GOOGLE, failed to state when private homes were electrified.

    The absence of population information also makes it difficult to determine the impact.

    It is worth pointing out that six (6) decades later, Liberia’s public electricity output [ by LEC] was only 150 MW, the same amount distributed by the mining concessions combined. [ Source: Africa: South of the Sahara, published by the Taylor Francis Group]

    At an estimated 1990 population of 2.5 million, Liberia actually required 2,500 MW = 2.5 million KW for residential purposes. That’s not even considering industrial purposes.

    At an estimated 2020 population of about 4.8 million, we now need 4,800 MW for residential purposes. We are far from reaching that goal.


  73. Posted at 7:47 PM EST on Thursday, July 16, 2020 [ 11:47 PM Liberian Time]

    PART 3 OF 3

    I encourage everyone, skeptics and silent consumers of information alike, to please, please, take the time off to verify what I’ve been posting since Tuesday.

    The book has the title — “The Annual Messages of the Presidents of Liberia 1848-2010: State of the Nation Addresses to the National Legislature” by D. Elwood Dunn

    I checked Amazon for a copy of the set to purchase but it’s out of print.
    I do know that the set comes in three (3) volumes because I browsed through prior to the COVID-19 crisis at the Ohio State University Thompson Library.

    In an era of libraries shut down, I have been accessing parts of the book online based on GOOGLE’s selective scans [ which is why some pages like 732 and 733 are missing].

    To view the same material I am using, do the following:

    #1. GOOGLE the terms “Annual Address Liberia Legislature”.

    #2. On the “results” page, scroll down to the link that reads “The Annual Messages of the Presidents of Liberia ….”

    #3. Click on that link to take you to the text.

    #4. The CDB King addresses covering an 11-year period are found in pages 570 – 805.

    #5. Pay close attention to the page references I cite during my submissions on Transportation, Communications, Energy, etc.


    One last thing. My reference to radio communications yesterday was related to two-way radio communications, not the ordinary radio we listen to at home [ e.g. ELBC, ELWA, VOA, BBC].

    I was referring to radio communications where John Doe in Monrovia, Liberia calls up James Q. Public in Harper, Maryland or New York, NY and says: “Hi, this is John Doe. James, can you hear me? “

    And James may probably reply “Yes, John. I can hear you.”
    Please use the page references provided in my submissions for verification.


  74. Posted at 7:54 PM EST on Thursday, July 16, 2020 [ 11:54 PM Liberian Time]

    ADDENDUM : I just caught a minor error above. The number of street lights that would have been served by 30 KW generator (at 500 W per street light) would have been 60.

    I erred by writing 80 earlier. Please ignore the minor error and focus on the message.


  75. This is an excerpt of a US Congressional report of C.D.B. King from Wikipedia. It is for the reading pleasure of oblivious Renford Walsh. I hope he can finally wake up to reality and come back in the real world.

    The report found:

    1. “In order to suppress the native, prevent him from realizing his powers and limitations and prevent him from asserting himself in any way whatever, for the benefit of the dominant and colonizing race, although originally the same African stock as themselves, a policy of gross intimidation and suppression has for years been systematically fostered and encouraged, and is the key word of the Government native policy;” and
    2. that, “…Vice President Yancy [of Liberia] and other high officials of the Liberian Government, as well as county superintendents and district commissioners, have given their sanction for compulsory recruitment of labor for road construction, for shipment abroad and other work, by the aid and assistance of the Liberian Frontier Force; and have condoned the utilization of this force for purposes of physical compulsion on road construction for the intimidation of villagers, for the humiliation and degradation of chiefs, of captured natives to the coast, there guarding them till the time of shipment [to Fernando Po and Sao Tome.]”[4]

    Subsequently, King and Vice-President Yancy, along with other implicated leaders, resigned.

  76. Posted at 4:15 PM EST on Sunday, July 19, 2020 [ 8:15 PM Liberian Time]

    Let’ try another method for the benefit of the Anglo-Linguistically Challenged Elements (ALICE) among us.

    If I were reviewing the Charles Taylor era, I would group many of his policies and events under various policy sectors as follows:
    #1. COMMERCE — The Strategic Commodities Act was passed. Some raised suspicions about Taylor’s motives but two decades later, I still haven’t seen any repeal.

    I would also note the amendments of the business laws of Liberia and replacement by more modern corporate laws in 2002.

    #2. EDUCATION — I would point out the enactment of a law that required 25 % of the budget for education even though it qualifies as a good example of what Americans call “unfunded mandate”.

    I would point out the rise in literacy to 54 % by the late 1990s. However, I would review the statistics on enrollment, enrollment ratios, student-teacher ratio, and note the low dollar-pupil ratio as a result of the low revenue / expenditure base of the late 1990s

    #3. FAMILY SERVICES — I would note the establishment of the Gender Ministry to advance the interests of women who generally constitute about half of the population.

    However, I would also note that his personal philandering lifestyle which included taking a second wife and telling first Lady Jewel Taylor publicly to go and find other women for him, ran contrary to his professed concern for women’s rights.


  77. Posted at 4:24 PM EST on Sunday, July 19, 2020 [ 8:24 PM Liberian Time]

    PART 2 OF 4

    #4. FINANCE —-I would note the balance budgets of the late 1990s and the stabilization of the currency ratio [ at 40:1]. I would note the enactment of the Revenue Code of Liberia Act of 2000.

    However, I would point out the skepticism of the revenue figures when one considers the repayment of a war-era US$20 million loan to Muammar Gaddafi without stating the terms of the loan and the source of revenue to make the payment.

    I would also note that even his very own NPP legislators raised concerns and summoned his Finance Minister Nat Barnes for explanations.

    #5. JUSTICE – I would note the human rights abuses, the politically-motivated murder of Sam Dokie and family members, the creation of a hostile political climate to the extent that several prominent figures [Amos Sawyer, Ellen Sirleaf, Commany Wesseh, etc.] ran into exile.

    I could remind others about the intimidation of court officers by Momoh Gebah who carted them off to the Executive Mansion for a “conversation” during the TRADEVCO Bank case.

    I would also dig into statistical information like the number of criminal cases successfully prosecuted, the duration of pre-trial detention, among others.


    And all I’ve posted above is just a scratch of the surface. I haven’t even reviewed his annual addresses to the Legislature.

    I haven’t even begun discussing other policy sectors like AGRICULTURE, DEFENSE, ENERGY, ENVIRONMENT, FOREIGN AFFAIRS, HEALTHCARE, INTERIOR, TRANSPORTATION, etc.

    Now, let’s see how the others may proceed.


  78. Posted at 4:29 PM EST on Sunday, July 19, 2020 [8:29 PM Liberian Time]

    PART 3 OF 4

    If I commenced my discussion with anything other than human rights or other JUSTICE -related issues, they might proceed to lecture me about the human rights abuses during the NPFL period and after Taylor’s election.

    They might discuss personal stories about who was killed, who was raped, tortured, and disemboweled.

    They might post deeply sentimental issues about how they were hungry, survived on “Borbor John”( whatever the hell that is), the long stroll on Kakata Highway in summer 1990, the mom suffering in the refugee camp, among others.

    They might copy and paste information from the Truth & Reconciliation Commission, the Special Court for Sierra Leone, and much more.

    Hey, I know all of that. I get it!!!! I too am a war survivor and every August, I reflect on traumatic events from 30 years ago.

    And for anyone who isn’t aware [ or needs a reminder], I have paternal ties to Sierra Leone and my paternal aunts died during the 1999 Freetown battle involving the RUF (which was supported by Taylor).

    Again, I get it!!! You’re preaching to the choir.

    So, all I’m saying. Let’s discuss the other issues.


  79. Posted at 4:35 PM EST on Sunday, July 19, 2020 [8:35 PM Liberian Time]

    PART 4 OF 4

    The Taylor administration was not all about JUSTICE alone. There were other issues relating to COMMERCE, EDUCATION, FAMILY SERVICES, FINANCE, etc.

    And that’s the same thing I’m trying to do here with the CDB King era. There’s more to CDB King than the 1927 elections and Fernando Po Crisis.

    I refuse to limit my assessment of his entire 10-year, 11-month administration to the last 3-year, 7-month period alone.

    I refuse to limit the discussion to LABOR issues (INCLUDING human trafficking) alone.

    Rather, I prefer to discuss other POLICY sectors first, call attention to other facts that may not be widely known AND/OR acknowledged, and then climax the discussion with LABOR.

    As of last week, I had discussed TRANSPORTATION, COMMUNICATIONS, and ENERGY. The sequence was no accident. And I am not proceeding alphabetically.

    Tomorrow, I will post information on another policy sector.

    Those who prefer to discuss only FERNANDO PO should stroll to the back of the class and shut up. Or they could simply exit the building.

    It’s not complicated!!


  80. Thanks for your educative address to the Anglo-Linguistically Challenged Elements (ALICE) among you. I hope they will learn and concur with you.

    However, some of us do not still understand the points you are getting across or how you want us to rewrite history about a sociopath. Well, we must ask to understand some underlying facts:

    From 1847 to present, what can Liberia boasts of in policy sectors like Commerce, Family Services, Justice, Finance, Labor, Education, Infrastructure, etc. as compared to other tiny regional countries like Togo, the Gambia, Guinea Bissau, etc. which obtained independence in at most 60 years ago?
    Aren’t’ you ashamed to speak good of those human horrors in the life of Africa?
    Do you think if they were humane enough Africa could have been lagging at this time compared to the rest of the world?
    They were a disgrace to the black race, man! Stop spewing obscenities lest they arouse the anger of the people of Africa.
    Go and teach your English somewhere else, maybe on planet mars, to be understood but the dullest of us refute ignominy!

  81. Posted at 12:09 PM EST on Tuesday, July 21, 2020

    PART 1 OF 4

    Today, we’ll discuss President CDB King’s EDUCATION POLICY. We’ll present the facts, the timeline, and the page references [ e.g. p.576] of our source “The Annual Messages of the Presidents of Liberia 1848-2010: State of the Nation Addresses to the National Legislature” by D. Elwood Dunn. After that, there will be a follow-up discussion.

    1920: 23 schools, 1,048 pupils; average attendance of 873—-[ p.576]

    Opened schools in indigenous settlements of Maryland County: Rocktown, Philadelphia, and Kinikady

    1921: Reorganized Board of Education — [p.588]

    1923: Public schools: Increased from 23 in 1921 to 46 in 1923; # of teachers – from 28 to 46; Enrollment – 694 to 2704 —– [p.636]

    1924 – Montserrado County teachers institute convened —- [p.659]

    1924 – Public schools established in the interior –

    — Northwestern Area: Kolahun, Foya, Zunta, Voinjama;

    — Eastern Area: Sanniquellie, Narma, Butolu, Barnya

    — Cape Mount: Tallah, Gbesseh, Jundu

    — Marshall Territory: Marshall, Schiefflin

    — Grand Bassa: Edina, Fortsville, Buchanan (Upper and Lower), Gorcon, New Series, Whenzon, River Cess Territory

    — Sinoe: Greenville, Fishtown, Lexington, Louisiana, Butaw, Bassa Town, Bluntsville

    — Maryland: Harper, Kunor, Cavalla, King Budu’s Town, Ashtonville, Gedebo

    The establishment of numerous schools around the country, especially in areas populated by indigenous Liberians, was done “… in fulfillment of 1869 Act entitled “An Act to improve the Educational Condition of the Aborigines…”- [p.660]

    1924 — # of schools catering to “aborigines” jumped from 2 (in 1920) to 22 (in 1924) and # of pupils jumped from 45 to 754 in the same period ——- [p.661]


  82. Posted at 12:13 PM EST on Tuesday, July 21, 2020

    PART 2 OF 4

    1925: Public schools established at Kolahun, Foya, Voinjama, Zinta, Narma, Gbarnga, Sanniquellie, and Butulu, etc. had levels of enrollment varying from 1st to 4th grade, 1st to 5th, and 1st to 7th grades— [p.688]


    1926: Enrollment increased from 8,186 to 9,563 over the 1925-26 period — [p.706]

    1926: Lamented the low enrollment ratio of entire country. Only 9,563 children enrolled in school out of 250,000 school age children. Those enrolled represented total of public, missionary, and private school kids. Expressed desire to see schools that include vocational training in addition to literacy. —- [p.706]

    1926: Announced the acquisition of a building at the corner of Broad & Mechlin Streets for use of the Department of Public Instruction (precursor to Education Ministry). Building expected to include a “…Reading Room and Public Library…” by the next year. Expressed the hope that it would be expanded to the ”…principal cities in the Leeward Counties…”—– [p.707]

    1926: Raised the issue of inadequate salaries of “…Professors and Teachers…” at Liberia College. Called for complete re-organization. Proposed readjustment “… with a view to its final expansion into a University to be known as The Liberian West African University…” —- [p.707]

    1926: Expressed desire that the proposed University would produce “…Theologians, Physicians, Lawyers, Scientists, Economists, and Educators, not only for Liberia but for other parts of West Africa…” —- [p.707]

    1926: Provided statistics of student-faculty ratio of 128 students taught by 16 faculty. —- [p.707]


  83. Posted at 12:22 PM EST on Tuesday, July 21, 2020

    PART 3 OF 4

    1927: Announced the expected arrival of books from the USA for use by a public library which would be opened in January,1928. Disclosed that the “…Library and Reading Room…” would serve as the “…nucleus of a National Museum…” —- [p.727]

    Announced the preparation of textbooks for use in Liberia “…which would be more suitable and adoptable to local conditions and national ideals…” than the ones in use as of 1927. —- [p.727]

    The books included 1st to 4th primer readers, 1stArithmetic book, Geography, Physiology, and a Teacher’s Manual. —- [p.727]


    1928: Recommendation from the Superintendent of Public Instruction for an Educational Adviser to the Superintendent of Public Instruction. Development of Bassa High School. Continued development of “…night and afternoon schools for working boys and girls…”. — [p.751]

    Recommendation from the Superintendent of Public Instruction for establishment of Teachers’ Institutes in coastal counties. Free education for public school students. —— [p.751]


    1929: Number of public schools increased from 59 (in 1928) to 63(in 1929). Total pupil enrollment increased [ public, private, etc.] from 8,913 to 10,250, respectively. — [p.776]

    Announced plans to move Liberia College out of Monrovia. Reported on groundbreaking ceremonies for BWI on 1,000 acres on March 17, 1929, which was attended by the President, cabinet members, the Legislature, the Chief Justice, the chiefs attending the Kakata conference, and others. —-[p.777]


  84. Posted at 12:32 PM EST on Tuesday, July 21, 2020

    PART 4 OF 4


    #1. As I’ve demonstrated in Part 1 of 4 above, President CDB King was the first president to establish public schools in the interior of Liberia. This occurred to FINALLY IMPLEMENT an 1869 Act passed by the Legislature specifically for that purpose.

    #2. This large-scale construction of schools in the interior occurred during his first term at the same time automobile road links to the interior were established between 1920 and 1924. [ See my posting of Tuesday, July 14, 2020 at 3:10 PM EST (7:10 Liberian time)].

    #3. This also occurred prior to the establishment of communication links between Monrovia and other county capitals (during his second term). [ See my postings of Wednesday, July 22, 2020 at 10:32 PM and 10:35 PM]

    #4. We can also see that even though enrollment in PUBLIC SCHOOLS quadrupled between 1921 and 1923, the student/teacher ratio in 1921 was about 33 students per teacher. However, after increase in enrollment, the ratio became an unsatisfactory 58.7 students per teacher.

    #5. We can also see a ratio of 1 teacher per school, which leaves opens the question how authorities handled situations like teacher absence due to illness, dismissal, resignation, etc.

    #6.We can also see that even President King admitted that the large increase in OVERALL EDUCATION (public, private, etc.) still fell far short of the requirements because only 3.83 % of school-age children were enrolled by 1926 [ 9,563 out of 250,000 children].

    #7. In part 2, we note his 1926 vision for transforming Liberia College into a University which finally bore fruit in 1951 during the Tubman administration.

    #8. We can also see that Liberia College’s student-faculty ratio of 8-to-1 (128 students per 16 faculty) resembled the same favorable ratio of the University of Liberia in 1987 [ about 3,500 students per 400 faculty). Compare those to today’s ratio of 56.7 students per faculty [ 18,753 students per 331 faculty, according to Wikipedia].

    #9. We can also see his 1926 goals of establishing a national museum, public libraries (first in Monrovia and then other counties), as well as curriculum restructuring (in 1927).

    #10. In part 3 of 4, we can see that the seeds for establishment of teachers training institutes (like current-day’s KRTII, ZRTTI, etc.) Bassa High School, as well as night and afternoon schools for working folks were laid in 1928 (during this 3rd and last time , after the controversial elections of 1927).

    #11. We can also see that the much-acclaimed BWI, whose alumni include the Daily Observer’s Kenneth Best, was established in 1929. That was a fulfillment of his wish, back in 1926, that education should be expanded by including courses in VOCATIONAL EDUCATION.

    #12. Yet, some would love for us to restrict the discussion of his entire administration to the events of Fernando Po. Since I have refused to do their bidding, they are claiming FALSELY that I am here to defend CDB King.

    #13. We’ll leave it to the public, especially the readers of the Daily Observer, to judge who is contributing to knowledge and who is a cyber heckler hell-bent on suppressing/ ignoring historical information.


  85. Posted at 7:22 PM EST on Thursday, July 23, 2020

    “ALICE in [cycle-land] “. Going around in cycle.

    No matter what kind of spin is given, nothing can change the facts:

    #1. Liberia was never colonized and didn’t receive the pre-independence “seed” funding that others like Cote D’Ivoire can boast of. Also, I did not come here to debate Liberia vs. other African countries. I came here to discuss POLICY ISSUES relating to the CDB King administration.

    #2. Liberia was a development-disabled country for much of its evolution from independence to the 20th century.

    #3. As I’ve demonstrated, President Charles D. B. King did a lot of good things for Liberia. Consequently, any assessment of his entire administration should not be limited to the 1927 elections and the subsequent Fernando Po scandal.

    #4. It’s obvious that many of the people who came to beat up on him, his granddaughter, and me in this thread don’t have their facts in order.

    #5. We saw false claims that Olubanke King-Akelere was the daughter of Charles DB King II (the former House Rep member executed on April 22, 1980) when the reality is, her dad was Charles T.O. King II.

    #6. We saw silly assertions that she was automatically an ACDL /NPFL supporter and the same rubbish was used to tag me for daring to defend her.

    #7. We saw one Mendacious Nut 2.0 [ not the same Mendacious Nut of Africaonline’s defunct forum] come here to fire volleys at me like Germans firing V2 rockets at Britain. Yet, I stood my ground.

    #8. We saw another CDC supporter, with ties to Maryland County, submit an asinine point that CDB King’s opening of roads was for the purpose of acquiring slaves. Days later, he hasn’t been able to explain how a person like Didhwo Tweh was put in charge of erecting communications lines in the interior (which followed the road opening). One wonders whether D. Tweh was a “Mr. Charlie”, working on behalf of “slave master” CDB King.

    #9. And as if that’s not enough, we have seen that CDB King was the first president to open PUBLIC schools in interior regions of Liberia. It’s all there—places we now call Lofa, Nimba, etc. got public schools.

    #10. So, there you have it. “They came, saw, and [faltered]”. With a stiff upper lip (like Winston Churchill) and chin tilted upward (like C. Cecil Dennis Jr.), we held our ground and sent the lot packing. Well, almost the entire lot because the cyber “Luftwaffe” has left but one straggling U-boat remains. We QUADRUPLE dare them to return!!! We have more POLICY DATA on the CDB King administration in our arsenal. Try me !!!!!

  86. POSTED AT 12:49 AM EST on Thursday, September 17, 2020

    I am dredging this thread for the benefit of HNEY.

    Apparently, he can’t seem to recall telling Petarus Dolo that I was posting “fairy tales” about Charles DB king’s administration.

    Well, all I ask is that readers scroll above and see his remarks of JULY 16, 2020 at 5:13 PM Liberian time.

    You should all be able to confirm that on JULY 16, 2020, Petarus Dolo posted a comment at 5:03 PM Liberian time, followed by Hney, at 5:13 PM Liberian time.

    I subsequently posted comment at 11:26 PM Liberian time about CDB king’s ENERGY policy.

    One good thing I love about the Daily Observer is the inability of a person to edit comments.

    We’ll find out very soon which one of us has a credibility problem.


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