Leymah’s Letter to Mama Liberia


Dear Mama Liberia,

This is your daughter Leymah. I decided to write this note to you today to express my heartfelt gratitude for all that you have done for me and my brothers and sisters.

I recently realized that I have not been as appreciative and loving as I should be. You have given me and my brothers and sisters your best, and all we have done in return is complain about how much hardship and suffering we are enduring.

A few days ago, I sat in the company of some individuals who are supposed to be our cousins (West Africans). I was extremely heartbroken as I sat and listened and argued as they described my Mama Liberia. They called you a failure, with failed children; they called you a mother who is endowed with so much wealth but with no intellectual ability to transform the wealth for your children’s good. As for your children, they described us as party-goers, headless, visionless souls who are doomed. You see Mama Liberia; I defended you. I tried to defend my brothers and sisters, especially the ones that you have entrusted with managing our homes and assets, but my voice was drowning in the sea of allegations that were being levied against you and all of us.

I was sad, angry, disappointed, and left in a state of “what the hell just happened”? I had to admit that the truth hurts, oh yes it hurts!

I know for a fact, Mama Liberia, that you are wealthy, but that you do not have the intellectual ability to transform the wealth for the good of your children is not true. What I know for a fact is you are a patient and loving mother.

You have given your children the chance to manage your wealth with the hope that they will ensure their brothers and sisters, the ones without power would be catered for, but what you see repeatedly is how your trusted children mismanage and take all for themselves.

You have tried the ones educated in the best schools outside of the land yet they failed; you have tried the ones educated at home, they failed; you have even tried the ones who promised to take care of the powerless ones because they were born powerless, they have also failed.

You watched sadly as your trusted children use the wealth to abuse the powerless ones, your young sons become their errand boys, whilst your young underage daughters are abused and used for peanuts daily.

Education and healthcare are the least of their worries, they have transported their children to the finest schools in other lands and can afford to fly out to the best hospitals when they sneeze. Justice is not a word in the vocabulary of your trusted children. They are callous, careless, and reckless in their lifestyles and their utterances. Their attitudes have made you the laughing stock of your peers in the sub-region and region.

Mama Liberia, I know, as a caring mother, you wonder where did you go wrong in the nurturing and care of your children. To say you are weak will be doing you a disservice. I repeatedly have read and seen how you discipline and revoke all the stolen wealth from your trusted children, but somehow, there seems to be no learning system. Trusted children repeatedly make the same mistakes as their  predecessors.

Mama Liberia, I want to use this letter to apologize for all that my brothers and sisters and I have done in recent years.

I want to assure you that I will always speak up for you. I will use all I have in my capacity to help educate and mentor the next generation of transformative leaders.

Mama Liberia, I believe in you, and I know that you will stand tall again amongst your peers. I firmly believe a day is coming, and that day is not so far that your wealth will benefit all of your children and not just some of your children. In a few years, your children will be proud to say I am a child, a descendant, and an ally of Mama Liberia.

Mama Liberia, sweet Mama Liberia, know today and always that I remain loyal to you.

Happy Pre-Birthday, and thank you for never giving up on your children.

Love always,

Leymah, A Blessed Daughter of Yours.


  1. Look, Leymah, President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf was absolutely right to “slap you” with the truth that you Leymah Gbowee “should follow or get out of the way.” And she was right. This nonsense you have put out here proves the “poor woman” – our own fellow woman right!

    And I am telling you here that whenever you have nothing sensible to share (as is the case here), you should just go find place to sit down.

    As someone who benefited financially and gained some form of notice just for stripping yourself butt-naked, it is shameful on your part that you have chosen to clown people with such boredom.

    • Fatou, it is because of women like you that we are suffering. Leymah stripped so you could live and write this nonsense. it is better than selling yourself to the president in exchange for a few dollars. Leymah is now universally respected and knows what the international community is saying about the failure that is now Liberia. Heroes around the world have stripped, burned themselves and died for love of country. Sudanese women stripped and a warlord was brought down. So keep writing your nonsense. Leymah fought for that right when you were hiding under your man’s bed.

      • Marsennoh Kobalee (actually Leymah Gbowee), we will not waste our time with an emptiness like you a stripper for selfish political ambition. Go and check at UNITAR and you will see that you are far far far below our level both academically, intellectually, and professionally, and will always be; no matter the amount of time you choose to strip yourself as a professional stripper.

        Only mediocre Liberians and or those Liberians who do not know how and why when cash-stripped entities as the Nobel Committee, etc. have to justify funding for their upkeep by using specific situations (eg. war/peace), and in most cases end up with insignificant “things” as you.

        Can you compare yourself with people like Wangari Muta Maathai, or Tawakkol Abdel-Salam Khalid Karman, etc. etc., ..all of whom also received awards from the Nobel Committee? No! You can´t! WHY? Because they are more useful to their people and far far educated than you a mere claimed to be useless social worker who unlike others who are champions of womenś rights, human rights, children rights, farmers rights, widows protection, journalists rights etc. . All your people get from you are these stupid elementary pretenses.

        For example: Far before Wangari Muta Maathai received the award, she went to school and earned her BSc in Biology Benedictine College..USA, MSc in Biological Sciences..University of Pitsburg, USA, and finally her Ph.D in Veterinary Anatomy from the University of Kenya. She founded the Global Belt Movement an NGO focused on womenś rights and planting trees. She even got elected to Parliament. The same withTawakkol Abdel-Salam Khalid Karman of Yemen..a highly young educated Yemeni woman who has and continue to fight for womenś rights and human rights in her country and in her region!

        All your people get from you are these NONSENSICAL RANTS no different from what a 6th grade student would share with the public. What did you do for the poor 90 year old widow when her rights were been trampled on for by an Associate Justice of the Supreme Court? NOTHING! BY YOU STRIPPING YOUR BUTTS NAKED, DID THAT STOP THE WAR? NO! IN FACT, THE COUNTRY WENT TO WAR AGAIN, AGAIN, AND AGAIN? And this is why Ellen told you to “follow or get out of the way.”

        For when it comes to you, all you can boast of is some social work certificate at UN workshop or stripping naked; HAVING NO TIME FOR WOMENŚ RIGHTS IN YOUR COUNTRY, NO TIME FOR OTHER HUMAN RIGHTS, NO TIME FOR JOURNALISTŚ RIGHTS, NOTHING, NOTHING, NOTHING!

  2. Wow!
    Thank you Leymah!
    However, know that the resolve for the true and patriotic children of Mama Liberia to once again make the country to shine is irreversible.
    We have read your prayers, underscored your aspirations and heard your pleas. But know that Liberia is not doomed.
    What we are currently witnessing in Liberia are the gestations, agitations and convulsions from the remnants of mundanity, insipidity, ineptitude, ignorance and violence.
    Beware, a normal and prosperous Liberia is on its way. However tumultuous the journey may be, there is light at the end of the tunnel.

    Liberia is not doomed, Leymah! Liberia still bears in her womb children of dignity, of probity and of decency who uphold merit, reward hard work and champion integrity.

  3. Fatou is hate position and no position. Women always hate women who are doing well. Leymah is running a course in one of the most prestigious universities in the world, has a Master’s degree, is now one of the trustee of the prestigious Carnegie Foundation. So I see how jealousy eats you everyday. As for the international world, she can strip but she is honored. You can keep your clothes on and nobody will give you a second look. She has placed Liberia on the map and deserves the thousands of dollars they pay her to speak. Carry on in your hut and leave the woman alone.

    • Moses, before you start vouching for Lymah Gbowee, you should first evaluate what she may be disseminating. Are the poor in Sierra Leone better of than the poor in Liberia? NO.

      Are the streets in Sierra Leone better than the streets in Liberia? NO!

      Are the poor in Nigeria an oil exporting giant of OPEC, better than the poor in Sierra Leone, Liberia, Ivory Coast, Senegal, and other West African countries whose nationals Leymah Gbowee claims she sat in and prompted this rubbish from her which I can even argue in court is a cheap disinformation, as I have proven here regarding the poor in ECOWAS nations? NO!

      When it comes to the structure of employments in ECOWAS countries or West Africa regarding % percentage by total in areas as agriculture, industry, services, are there post war torn countries and others better than Liberia? NO! I bet Leymah Gbowee and those on whose behalf she decided to write this uselessness to proffer evidence here!

      Fatou is very right! And I am indeed very proud of her! This is the position Liberian women and Liberian men should take! Or else the likes of Leymah Gbowee and that other vain one Olu-Banke, together with the rest of their fellow opportunists, will continue to take the Liberian people for granted. Thank you Fatou!

      • Kou Gontee:
        Are the poor in Nigeria an oil exporting giant of OPEC, better than the poor in Sierra Leone, Liberia, Ivory Coast, Senegal, and other West African countries whose nationals Leymah Gbowee claims she sat in and prompted this rubbish from her which I can even argue in court is a cheap disinformation, as I have proven here regarding the poor in ECOWAS nations? NO!

        WRONG Kou!
        You can NEVER compare the level of poverty in Liberia and Sierra Leone to the Ivory Coast and Senegal. These countries have electricity and pipe borne water in nearly every village, interconnected by good road networks, the people have access to the internet with decent basic infrastructure (healthcare centers, administrative buildings, schools, etc.)
        As for Nigeria, I agree that there are some communities that are even poorer than any Liberian community.
        We need to pray for Nigeria. Though it’s a giant in West Africa, the human index gap in the country is very wide among some communities (like some slums in Lagos).

        Kou Gontee:
        When it comes to the structure of employments in ECOWAS countries or West Africa regarding % percentage by total in areas as agriculture, industry, services, are there post war torn countries and others better than Liberia? NO! I bet Leymah Gbowee and those on whose behalf she decided to write this uselessness to proffer evidence here!

        WRONG Kou!
        The Gambia, a country which depends on groundnuts, livestock and tourism has a far better economy than Liberia.
        Know that our country Liberia is placed in a special group in the world’s rating. We are placed in the group of Least Developed; Low Income Country.
        None of the country you listed above is within that group.

        It is shameful Kou! You claim to have worked with the UN Systems, yet you make such abominable assertions on a blog like Daily Observer. You are misleading your people, making them to be complacent and accept the status quo we find ourselves. NO KOU!

        Our country Liberia is a hell hole: with Ellen, a handful of state development projects were initiated but on the whole, no uniformed system, no development patterns, “NO NOTHING, KOU, NO NOTHING AT ALL KOU”!

        You mislead CDCians with your comments!

        • If you, naivety, gullibility, idiocy and ignorance, personified, delude yourself that I, of all people, would ever squander my time with you on such matters; when you have absolutely no idea what the international poverty line entails; for which you spew such rubbish as “internet and buildings”, just realize later that you were or are day-dreaming.

          • Madam Gontee, you chose right not to waste your time. That is,

            (1) if it is convincingly clear that the writer of the letter, from all extrapolations, can be seen not to have some amount of knowledge or intellectual capital regarding the identical structural position of the poor across the globe (especially in Africa), of course,

            (2) a person as Petarus Dolo will naturally or obviously not be able to perceive or understand that poverty stricken populations are no better than their counterparts elsewhere; even if one does not take into account the proof of the “international poverty line”, if we may please quote you.

            And this is why a grade school mentality as Petarus knowing not that the centre in the periphery only serves as a transmission belt(eg.as commercial firms, trading companies) for value(eg.raw materials) forwarded to Centre nations with such transactions having no positive impact in altering the position of the poor in the very Gambia, or even in another given West African country, will (in this context) laughably mention such 4th grade student thinking as”The Gambia, a country which depends on groundnuts, livestock and tourism has a far better economy than Liberia.”

            Hence, you “hear” the typical grade school mentality (Petarus Dolo) ranting such rubbish as “administrative buildings”, “internet” etc. etc.; as if such can, or has ever altered the structural positions of the poor especially in the very Gambia etc. etc he mentions; or say Mali, Niger, etc. other West African poor who are of course the majority.

            A typical grade school mentality! If his elementary school studentś argument (Gambiaś, etc.economy), made any sense, why would the young populations of these countries risk and gamble their lives with smugglers and open wreaked canoes, etc. to escape poverty? Or why would the vast gap between the poor and the rich in these countries, and even in the world in totality, keep expanding???!!!

  4. Thanks ever so much and thanks a million times for your tireless concerns and unconditional love towards Mama Liberia. This is well penned… keep your hard work in loving our beloved Mama Liberia.

  5. Google’s definition of the word POVERTY
    1. The state of being extremely poor
    2. The state of being inferior in quality or insufficient in amount

    The World Bank’s definition of POVERTY
    The World Bank defines poverty in absolute terms. The bank defines extreme poverty as living on less than US$1.90 per day. (PPP), and moderate poverty as less than $3.10 a day. It has been estimated that in 2008, 1.4 billion people had consumption levels below US$1.25 a day and 2.7 billion lived on less than $2 a day.

    The Bank continues:
    The proportion of the developing world’s population living in extreme economic poverty has fallen from 28 percent in 1990 to 21 percent in 2001. Much of the improvement has occurred in East and South Asia. IN SUB-SAHARAN AFRICA GDP/CAPITA SHRANK WITH 14 PERCENT, AND EXTREME POVERTY INCREASED FROM 41 PERCENT IN 1981 TO 46 PERCENT IN 2001. Other regions have seen little or no change. In the early 1990s the transition economies of Europe and Central Asia experienced a sharp drop in income. Poverty rates rose to 6 percent at the end of the decade before beginning to recede.[10] There are criticisms of these measurements

    The Gambians live on $1.90 per day per capita (PPP), while Liberians live on LESS than $1 per day per capita (beyond classification in the world).
    So, can Kou and True Nationalist tell me from what indicators they are measuring their level of poverty between the Gambia and Liberia?

    True, I am naïve, I am an idiot but NOT ignorant. I know how to interpret economic data. If infrastructural development is not an indicator to determine the livelihood of a people, then tell me why we admire the USA, Europe, etc.?

    True, nationals of the Gambia, Senegal, Mali, etc. are among the many migrants risking their lives in the deserts and the seas to travel to Europe for a better life, but know that they always look back to cater to their people and eventually return to develop their countries. The current president of the Gambia was once a security guard in London, just because he wanted to do something positive back home. He returned to Gambia and became a successful businessman before becoming president; developmental mindset!

    Liberians, many of us, are sick to the bone. We steal from our country to invest in the western world. The typical smart Liberian will diligently work, save all his income and pack off for the USA, neglecting his village, extended families and friends.
    And when they get there, instead of them shutting their mouths in our business back home, they keep running it stupidly.

    How can we understand people who consider themselves to be intellectuals, but yet do not know how to distinguish the different levels of poverty in a society?
    Poverty stricken population in Europe can NEVER be compared to those of the Ivory Coast and Ghana, and poverty-stricken populations from the latter countries can also NEVER be compared to Liberia where our people in the villages are still drinking from mangrove swamps.

    True, I have a grade school mentality, but I think my understanding and perception of the livelihood of Liberians declass those of our stupid college graduates who continue to keep their own people in dire circumstances.

    I pray and hope that the Liberian people would vote the grade school mentality of Petarus Dolo in 2023 for the country asses and idiots to think out of the “Liberian box” to start sustainable development for our motherland.

    Greetings, college graduates and sensible people!


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