Where President Edwin J. Barclay Died and Was Buried?


Mr. Editor:

I read with keen interest a letter captioned “Where President Edwin J. Barclay Died and was Buried: published in the May 7, 2014 edition of the Daily Observer written by Doris Grimes in which she (Mrs. Grimes differed with Rev. Emmanuel Bowier about where President Barclay died and was buried.

I wholeheartedly appreciate Mrs. Grimes’ clarification which asserts that President Barclay was air-lifted to the Du-Side Medical Center for medical treatment where he died on Nov. 6 1955. However, I have a qualm with Mrs. Grimes for referring to Rev. Bowier as so-called historian.

According to Mrs. Grimes’ letter, Rev. Bowier writes that “former President Barclay and former President William V.S. Tubman had a feud where Barclay was accused by the Tubman government of plotting against the state. As a result, Barclay was arrested and sent to prison where he remained, fell ill and died.

Rev. Bowier might have erred in informing the public about death of President Barclay, but Mrs. Grimes must realize that the absence of modern libraries and research centers makes researching in Liberia as difficult as searching for a black cup in the dark.

Anyway, I think Liberians and the world are grateful to Mrs. Grimes for this correction.



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