We Must Do Everything to Upkeep the Peace


Fellow Liberians:
To ensure the improvement of our people’s wellbeing both physically and spiritually, we the leadership of the Christian body add our voices to the present condition that we all face today in the nation which is contributing to the economic depression and the lack of employment in our society today.

We want to speak out to what is unfolding around us in which we believe that, when the market women and business communities are affected, the Church is affected directly or indirectly because they are the direct supplier of commodities that are needed for the homes, churches, offices, the streets and even the strangers that live among us.

Therefore, we raise our concern by calling on the three branches of government, most especially our law makers, to use the power vested in them as our representatives to use their oversight to stabilize the high inflation on commodities and the U.S. dollars against the indigenous Liberian dollars.

We ask the three branches of government to promote and sustain the public trust and confidence by protecting the concept of human rights for all with respect to the plight of the people.

Having said this, we must now agree that the peace we enjoy today was not kept by politicians, peace keepers or the branches of Government alone; instead it was the work of all Liberians and the tireless prayer of the church.

In this regard, we the leaders in spiritual authority over this country say to you that no man is a champion in the ring or on the field of play, instead they are champions based on their daily routine.

In this light, we must do everything to upkeep the peace we have enjoyed for the past eleven years (11) and, to keep that peace, we must now allow ourselves a smooth transition to our voting rights to register on our minds that when the people are disenchanted, they will not register to vote or give respect to their leaders.

We pray the three branches of government through this medium to allow the will of the people because the will of the people is the will of God.

We think that our founding fathers were not wrong when they wrote into our constitution (Article 1) “All power are in the hands of the people”.

Thank and bless God as we pledge our allegiance to uphold the flag of this nation, Liberia, for freedom and justice for all. Amen.

Veteran Evangelist Rev. Israel P. Russ III
Chairperson, Holistic Evangelical Voice of Pastors and Church Leaders (HEVPCL), and President African Missionary Foundation (AMF)


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