Rethink the NRC’s Strategies, MOE


Mr. Editor:

Quite honestly, there is not a single time that I walk and pass by the Ministry of Education without reading the street banner installed on the fence of the Ministry which reads “National Reading Campaign (NRC), and one question always lingers in my mind as I do so, it is: “Why is the planners and organizers of the NRC failing to solicit the participation of the broad spectrum of the Liberian society for this all important reading program?”

I stand to be corrected in asserting that many literate Liberians – not to mention illiterate Liberians – are totally uninformed about the NRC. This is sufficient reason to make critics of this campaign to draw the conclusion that the NRC, like many other programs in Liberia, was organized particularly to justify donor’s funding.

Please, please for the sake of the millions of illiterate Liberians, let the planners and organizers of the NRC of the Ministry Of Education begin to rethink their implementation strategies to ensure that this reading program succeeds.

Worth mentioning is that leaflets and brochures underscoring the importance of the NRC, and detailing its implementation strategies must disseminated nationwide.

Remember, isolating the larger society from the NRC is doing more harm than good.


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