Rep. Munah Pelham Youngblood Must not Instigate Conflict between Nimba and Grand Gedeh


Mr. Editor,

Please permit me to use your letter space to acknowledge Montserrado District #9 Representative, Munah Pelham Youngblood of her inconsistent and naïve analysis about the conviction of the 13 Liberians for Mercenary activities in neighboring La Côte d’Ivoire.  In her ambiguous and ignorant view, she firstly underscored that because 12 of the convicts are from Grand Gedeh and one is from Nimba, so the issue is about Nimba and Grand Gedeh.  She also said “Their sons are to languish behind bars for many years.” What makes this a Nimba- Grand Gedeh problem?  Shouldn’t they languish behind bar if they commit crime against the state or at the international level?  Where Charles Taylor is today, and for what reason is he there?  Is this Center for Disease Control (CDC) framed in Liberia as Congress for Democratic Change lawmaker claiming that because one Nimbaian is among 12 Grand Gedeans makes the conviction questionable and unfair? 

The youthful and hedonistic lawmaker also pleaded that if there were insufficient evidence to acquit the first five persons, the same should go with the 13.  What if there were sufficient evidence to convict the 13, shouldn’t they be convicted?  Is this lawmaker showing sympathy for the Liberians or instigating conflict between Nimba and Grand Gedeh? 

Well, let Representative Youngblood know that the conviction of these 13 Liberians is a legal matter and the only place it can be solved is the Supreme Court and not by insinuation or sentimentalizing it to stir conflict.  It is purely a legal matter and she is not even a Sociology student or a student.  If she wants to speak as a lawmaker, she can push a bill prohibiting the Liberian Judicial System from prosecuting its citizens for crimes committed in another land.


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