Redeemers, Not Warlords!


Dear Editor,

Please permit me space in your popular newspaper to express my views on issues of national concern.

My first concern has to do with people that continue to refer to those who redeemed Liberians from a tyrannical government led by Master Sergeant Samuel K. Doe, and turned politician as ‘WARLORDS.’ Why refer to the freedom fighters and our redeemers as warlords?

I am quite sure that these people do not know the difference between redeemers and warlords; and so, let me educate them a bit.

Can anyone tell me why President William R. Tolbert, then sitting President and Chairman of OAU (now AU), was killed and overthrown? What was the tangible reason given by the coup makers led by the late Doe, then Master Sergeant of the disbanded Armed Forces of Liberia at the time?

Well, the late President Tolbert was killed and overthrown according to the People’s Redemption Council (PRC), because of rampant corruption. A charge President Tolbert and 13 of his officials were executed for.

The question is, was Tolbert really corrupt? If the answer is yes, was he the only corrupt government official, and also the 13 officials of his regime? Where were the country’s rights activists, who now use the word WARLORDS to describe our redeemers when a sitting president was killed?

It is my belief that President Tolbert was killed and overthrown because he was the head of a corrupt party, the True Whig Party (TWP). That is my belief.

The silence of the so-called “BIG POWERS” and the activists indicates that they were in agreement with the coup makers when a sitting president was killed. This meant that they approved and welcomed the mayhem in the wake of the coup.

Now when President Doe, a native Liberian, came to power through violence, corruption became the order of the day, coupled with secret killings of his own native folks.

I was then a commissioned military officer (captain), who witnessed many secret killings. Major Perry Biaplu; Captain Arthur Quiah; 1/Lt. Nyan Zarwolo; and M/Sgt. Mohammed Sirleaf were all secretly executed by President Doe’s death squad leader, Colonel Alfred Manyea.

Where were the rights activists? Where were the activists when 13 enlisted men of the army were falsely accused of a coup plot and secretly executed? Among those killed were: Staff/Sergeant Lee Jessy; Pvt. Kalokalea Duo; John Moore; and Robert Kessely.

I am sure that the activists were not born when Maj./Gen. Thomas Weh Sehn, Harry Johnson, Nelson Toe and others, all PRC members, were secretly executed, while still undergoing court trials.

I again ask: where were the activists?

To those so-called activists, it was the rampant secret executions that prompted the revolution, which was started by comrade, General Thomas G. Quiwonkpah ( the late) in 1985, when he entered Liberia on November 12, 1985, along with comrade Major Joseph Biah (late) and others to rescue the country from Doe’s brutal regime.

Just as the US commandos went on a rescue mission to rescue their citizens from Iran and the mission failed when their plane crashed, the same happened on November 12, 1985 when Gen. Quiwonkpah came to rescue Liberians, and the mission failed. And so there is nothing called Quiwonkpah’s invasion, rather General Quiwonkpah’s failed rescue mission, ok?

Where were the rights groups when people who did not know anything about General Quiwonkpah’s rescue mission were hunted and secretly killed in their numbers? Those that are bragging and boldly talking and enjoying a fine time today were all in exile monitoring all that was taking place back home. I say, shame on them!

Because of the rampant secret killings coupled with marginalization and nepotism, the country’s redeemers and their financiers that were brave and remained on the ground decided to come to the citizens’ rescue, while the so-called rights activists were eating their Uncle Ben’s rice elsewhere. Now they are here dictating to the voters as to whom they should vote for. What a shame!

The rights activists, having run away from the repressive and suppressive regimes, have returned after the country’s redeemers and their financiers had rescued the nation; and they have nothing to offer, except to refer to our former freedom fighters and redeemers as WARLORDS. I say, they are redeemers and not warlords!

Let the activists give Liberians the chance to choose anyone of their choice and not be dictated to. It’s up to any individual to vote for either someone who ran away from the secret killing, repressive and suppressive regime, or for a redeemer who rescued him/her.

We are not fools here in our own country. We know who rescued Liberians and who all ran away from the secret killings-regime and left us in danger.

To conclude, let me proudly tell those rights activists that the financiers of our war and those that staged the war to quench the secret killings in our country are called Redeemers, not Warlords.

Hence, let the voters decide who to vote for in October.

Those that prefer to vote for people that ran away from the secret killings and a repressive regime, that is their choice; and those that prefer to vote for the people that stood by them and redeemed them, that is also their choice.

Long live the Redeemers!

AFL Retired Colonel J. Zoyakhkernah Duo

Cell: 0888199894/0777709044


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